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  • Title: Perception of the Nature of Thought
    Matching lines:
    • uncover the forces which at that time worked upon our physical body.
    • you are aware that there was an active co-operation at that time
    • to our own time, contains laws which have nothing to do with the
    • were personalities in ancient Roman times are present again today.
    • outside space and time. When we observe human life as a whole
    • to the time of John Scotus Erigena. Then came a third period which I
    • the forth period up to our own time; we are just in this period.
    • difference, for instance, between the thought life of our own time
    • times. The Greek thinker does not draw up thoughts from the depths of
    • from Christ and hence this period of philosophy lasts up to the time
    • philosophers of the second period up to the time of Scotus Erigena
    • have been a complete nonsense, because at that time thoughts were
    • man as monad exist at the same time as a reality in the outer world?
    • we go back to the perception of thoughts which prevailed in the time
    • general. And for the first time since the 16th century we
    • development, philosophical thought since the time of ancient Greece,
    • laws, but Sun laws! The laws which at that time held sway between the
    • up to our present time; the Sun-evolution lies within it. This gives
    • the Sun-evolution, who neglected at that time to go through the
    • during the Sun time can use man's philosophical evolution in
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  • Title: Lecture: Brunetto Latini
    Matching lines:
    • according to the conditions of his time, which we, in the
    • any rate was known to that time. They knew that man, to reach
    • absolutely living in that time: the recognition that the path
    • the present time. At the very beginning of his book on the
    • imagine ourselves living in the time of the thirteenth,
    • thought was slowly entering. In later times, men spoke
    • our time were to approach him — a learned professor of
    • absurd! ... A famous thinker of our time writes a
    • times, when the Initiates tried in another way to come near
    • for some time past has described as spiritual or
    • gradually. We know that there was in ancient times the normal
    • understood in its fullness in the course of time. What man
    • Books, he, with an army many times stronger, went forth from
    • all human wisdom of which one could partake at that time, but
    • forward the evolution of the world, determining for that time
    • forces that worked into the feeling of man at a time when
    • aura of the Earth, at the time when the outer forces of the
    • some time in her life she had undergone an experience similar
    • this time which is so favourable to Initiation. She underwent
    • time in which the spiritual forces weave and work most
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  • Title: Meditation and Concentration
    Matching lines:
    • time we were able to meet together here, we put forward
    • time: that all spiritual-scientific observation is won by
    • time for such talks. But people who are thus possessed by
    • this Unity-Demon, which is at the same time a kind of
    • lifted out, and is at the same time, joined to the forces of
    • and this can be a result of spiritual science in our time,
    • when for a long, long time he has taken the trouble to
    • aware of this general experience for a long time, and has
    • living at a time, in which humanity must prepare gradually to
    • expressed it grotesquely at the time by saying, if we became
    • living at a time when man is called to do this: to perceive
    • time to think of death, and hence, no need for immortality;
    • precious time on unworthy objects, but to apply it to the
    • than that the time is ripe for us to raise ourselves to the
    • spiritual science has not penetrated the culture of our time,
    • Century; One must say: It is as if laid down afore time in
    • the thoughts of him who denied them because — the time
    • had come ‘The time has come’: this saying from
  • Title: Problem of Death: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • At this time
    • together for a long time and that through the strange
    • seduction which Lucifer is able to exercise all the time
    • men — and in recent times young ladies too —
    • sometimes find it exceedingly pleasant to see their
    • but at the same time you will realise how little, how very
    • soul actually knew something about this, but the time was
    • for a time. During this period the narrator of the story
    • Paris and how he tried for a time to live alone; how he
    • himself in the meantime — he gets the other to make
    • looked at me a long time and left the room. I followed to
    • took up my time so completely that everyone will
    • beautiful creature of whom, however, I thought from time
    • to time. One day I received a packet from Paris. It had
  • Title: Problem of Death: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • after a comparatively short time, the etheric body frees
    • would have been able, for a long time yet, to maintain a
    • incarnation ... this will happen at some time in the future.
    • some time, what ought to have come about but has not.
    • life the human being is bound to time and space, and indeed
    • to those forms of time and space which are at our disposal
    • ordinary three-dimensional space and one-dimensional time,
    • three-dimensional space and one-dimensional time with its
    • past, present and future. We can speak of time and space in
    • time in the physical world, the past is ... well, the past.
    • Gate of Death we can look from a later point of time at an
    • earlier point of time. It is just as if, from a later
    • maintained because human beings are living in a time of
    • time ago in America. on their journey in Europe they meet a
    • mentioned. The whole of the present time is described in
    • some time and in her last dream Arthur appears to her. It
    • time. With the feeling that he had spoken for the last
    • time, that the dreadful darkness would again hide the
    • Time that is presented to our physical outlook as
    • and life of this soul is revealed in that the first time
  • Title: Problem of Death: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • time I too was born. A correct deduction.
    • moment of birth. In the spiritual world in the time between
    • first time to one's consciousness. There it stands although
    • various people. We were at that time a very small circle.
    • means so unusual in times lying not so very far behind us.
    • people in earlier times which do not lie so far behind us
    • precisely as the strongest force. Times will come in human
    • modern times expressed his holy terror of the spiritual
    • have come to such a pass at the present time that people
    • periods of time flow together.)
    • the last time to the friend in the visible world and then

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