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  • Title: Perception of the Nature of Thought
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    • nowhere today in the external world. In primeval ages the Saturn
    • activities which pulsate through the world. We can still, as it were,
    • of that world-conception which must be employed for the laws of the
    • be seen when we confront a man in the physical world.
    • in the physical world, we have the physical body as coming from the
    • withdrawn from the external activity of the world, this too is not
    • though not in the external world. In the outer world it acts only, so
    • portion somewhere in the world? This too withdraws from sense
    • World-conceptions of the Greek Thinkers”. This lasted from 800
    • have called “the World-conception of the Middle Ages”,
    • that Thales believed that the world originated out of water,
    • perceive. They looked out into the world, as it were, and perceived
    • world reveals to them a thought-work; that is the essential character
    • world was brought to the highest pitch of perfection by the Greek
    • world but which grips man's inmost being. This impulse came
    • external world. If you go through all the systems of thought of the
    • outside. Was it possible that the objective external world had
    • in the world outside? Giordano Bruno, and Leibniz create the monad
    • man as monad exist at the same time as a reality in the outer world?
    • harmony with external world existence. Man feels isolated, abandoned
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  • Title: Lecture: Brunetto Latini
    Matching lines:
    • spiritual worlds. That which can then be experienced, more or
    • less consciously in spiritual worlds, true Art carries down
    • to knowledge of the world must necessarily lead through
    • the world externally, here in the physical world we have
    • horizon of this world; there we have everything that is
    • world. Therefore he must pass through this, the document of
    • the spiritual world to be opened to him sooner or later, as
    • — that the entry to the spiritual world takes place by
    • degrees. Then we grow slowly into the spiritual world.
    • Nevertheless, very, very frequently it happens that the world
    • world, often goes hand-in-hand with what becomes the
    • starting-point for an entry into the spiritual world.
    • saw no longer the ordinary world of the physical plane around
    • normally confronts the physical world. He came to
    • consciousness over against quite another world than that
    • hearing. You perceive an altogether complicated world, of
    • doubt, will say: ‘Maybe, but this world of the eyes and
    • the ears will not impress me greatly. The world of the
    • world of the eyes and ears is very small. I should be gazing
    • into a minute world.’
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  • Title: Meditation and Concentration
    Matching lines:
    • enter into direct union with the spiritual worlds.
    • with the spiritual worlds is broken in ordinary life and
    • enter into relationship with the world, and in the sleeping
    • spiritual worlds, in which we indeed are.
    • lead man into the spiritual world. We must be clear about
    • the unity which surrounds us in the ordinary world, does not
    • exist in the same way in the spiritual world. I have already
    • unity of the world? How they only find satisfaction when they
    • of fact, the external world meets us most eminently as a
    • seeking the unitary principle of the world.
    • which he could explain all the phenomena in the world. He was
    • satisfactory view of the world in five minutes. I need hardly
    • ‘Knowledge of the Higher Worlds’:
    • spiritual world, we are really led into a threefold
    • the threshold of the spiritual world, nothing is left which
    • feel, as soon as the threshold of the spiritual world is
    • into three worlds. And we must not lose sight of the fact
    • experience of three worlds. In reality, we already belong to
    • three worlds through the whole formation of our physical
    • body. I might say that the co-operation of three worlds,
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  • Title: Problem of Death: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • the foundation and support of the physical world, but that
    • bearings in the supersensible world, when the first sally
    • the physical world — with the senses — we look
    • the journey through the worlds when the date of Death has
    • things in the world. There, in the depths of our being,
    • “I”, we have a whole world of emotions, a whole
    • world of feelings, of impulses of will; but what we form in
    • the soul. Just as it is true that the external world
    • world of truth and not in a world of Maya; you will also
    • existing between the human being and the world.
    • the world who are called gossips, chatterboxes. If we ask
    • every activity in the external world.
    • in the world.’ We have the feeling that out there in
    • the world our own thoughts are living. If the thoughts are
    • really living in the world, if they are actually present
    • the world. Inasmuch as it is living in our own etheric
    • thoughts are living in the world, when we can have the
    • the world, then our astral body — to the best of our
    • ourselves that is living in the outside world. This is the
    • recognition, all seeking for authority in the world. At the
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  • Title: Problem of Death: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • which have gone over into the spiritual world but which
    • less in the spiritual world than in the physical world
    • in the spiritual world. So that we may say: forces of the
    • into the spiritual world and, as they have not been used
    • life on the Earth, are used in the spiritual world and
    • remain in the elementary world. (The etheric body itself is
    • dissolved within the elementary world.) In the elementary
    • world they form a real source and reservoir of force. This
    • way, upon the connection between the physical world and the
    • spiritual world.
    • physical world is connected with the spiritual world, and
    • that the spiritual world is behind the physical world.
    • There is variety and differentiation in the spiritual world
    • which lies behind the physical world. Art that is born of
    • the elementary world.
    • etheric bodies have been given over to the elementary world
    • flow into the spiritual world in which the soul is always
    • world that is like a picture of this karma. We have to do
    • connection with the spiritual world too; but there they are
    • for the physical world are inadequate and imperfect when
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  • Title: Problem of Death: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • world which is quite different for him from what is often
    • physical world and we must, as it were, adjust our relation
    • forth from us in the world of the mind and senses. This
    • mode of expressing oneself about the spiritual world, its
    • this spiritual world and a letting oneself be bestowed upon
    • something to expression in the outer physical world, but
    • the method here in the world of the mind and senses. One of
    • relation to the spiritual world, is a certain mobility of
    • supersensible world and lives therein, as is the case with
    • world, and what one signifies to the world, if one has this
    • rightly in the spiritual world or for bringing anything at
    • all to us, the connection of the world with our own person,
    • is for the spiritual world the most devoid of importance.
    • worth to the world, if need be, and so forth — less
    • the spiritual world must pay attention to such connections.
    • “Know thyself and live in peace with the world
    • “Live in peace with the world.”
    • the world if one desires to make concepts about this life
    • moment of birth. In the spiritual world in the time between
    • to stand correctly in the spiritual world. Here in the
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