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  • Title: Toward Imagination: Lecture 1: The Immortality of the I
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    • part of nature. At the same time, because Christmas celebrates the birth
    • often pointed out. Our life is the way it is only because we are able
    • necessary to point out the things we talked about because people should
    • for this terrible tragedy, it is because throughout all of Europe,
    • not difficult for me to speak about Bahr because I have known him since
    • of himself that he has been an impressionist all his life, because he
    • because it dawned on him that expressionism is based on this kind of
    • nature is not needed because the artist captures on canvas what he or
    • a position on what is most elementary. I have to mention this because
    • science without education. Yet Bahr is living proof of this because
    • for the newspapers; let's not talk about how journalists develop because
    • naturally, because this novel was written only just recently.
    • universe to do the rotating? This question is usually not asked because
    • the animals because we cannot know more than the animals know. He is
  • Title: Toward Imagination: Lecture 2: Blood and Nerves
    Matching lines:
    • but it cannot be influenced directly and mechanically because it was
    • originally a living substance and is now dead because we as earth beings
    • for life in the heavens, in the extraterrestrial realm, but because
    • because the nervous system that belongs to our outer senses is the expression
    • in the cosmos, but it is dead in us because it has entered the earthly
    • Our blood substance is quite different because
    • earthly nature. Strangely enough, our blood is alive only because it
    • because it has been transplanted onto the earth. Death — as you
    • Thus, be cause our nervous system lost its life in its descent into the
    • earthly sphere, we carry an ahrimanic element in us. And because our blood
    • element in us. Ahriman can exist in us because our nervous system is
    • dead, and because our blood is alive, Lucifer can live in us. Now you
    • by anatomy and physiology. However, because it lives in us, it participates
    • Why then do we talk about atoms? Because we have in us our nervous system
    • our nervous system because we are living on earth, what has been replaced
    • our soul, because it did not permeate our body at the beginning of our
    • not get well again because he was undernourished. This man wrote one
    • tree trunk, you will find it is not a reality at all because it cannot
    • tree trunk, a “true unreality,” because what it appears
    • comparisons and analogies in this book because I did not work with abstract,
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  • Title: Toward Imagination: Lecture 3: The Twelve Human Senses
    Matching lines:
    • out of somebody's arbitrary impulses, but because it is needed in these
    • now, because the previous ways are obsolete. Granted, they will continue
    • is organized according to the number twelve because the human being
    • something causes us pain or hurts us. Then the sense of life tells us
    • it because it also remains in the night of consciousness. Infants have
    • for us because they will then be spiritualized. At the same time, the
    • understood the first two-thirds of it, but not the last third because
    • himself because his very mysticism led him to want to die to the world.
    • be spread, about our cause.
  • Title: Toward Imagination: Lecture 4: The Human Organism Through the Incarnations
    Matching lines:
    • connected with our death. It is only because our astral body gradually
    • much ego activity harms us. This is easy to understand because ego activity
    • it can never be the whole truth or be exhaustive, because it is a fact
    • themselves because they insist on generalizing where they ought to individualize.
    • because they probably had completely different experiences in their
    • because the Greeks still had something within them. We know the Greeks
    • himself. Yes, indeed, the ancient Greeks could do more than we because
    • drawings of people, because Japanese artists, more so than others, paint
    • This is because the Japanese have retained
    • into outer knowledge. For the most part this is not because it is especially
    • age, and spiritual scientists have to take it into account because it
    • water because the comparison to a doll does not work: dolls are at least
    • Only when we have a feeling that a leaf is not a reality because it
    • are really extraordinarily revealing because
    • always be detrimental to our cause if things are taken only superficially.
    • like that. Nothing is as damaging to our cause as being mistaken for
    • time, and gradually a seriousness toward our cause has developed as
    • of our cause with one or another striving that does it the most damage,
  • Title: Toward Imagination: Lecture 5: Balance in Life
    Matching lines:
    • scale does not come to rest in a straight horizontal position just because
    • it is a beam, but only because equal weights hang down from it on both
    • our world. The world exists neither because of a state of rest nor because
    • of nothingness, but because of the balance created by the possibility
    • time through the law of cause and effect — at least that's what
    • about the issue of history because if I had discussed certain facts
    • because those are just the ones they consider the least important. But
    • awake because he or she has seen beautiful, great, noble, and sublime
    • I have to say this because it is part of
    • to true poetry because there is much too much verse around, and poetry
    • himself Alfred Kerr, because his real name was Kempner, a name that
    • only because they are too slow. The larynx makes its gestures so quickly
    • because what is at stake when we speak about these things is the overall
    • occultist is cautious in these matters because here only a very fine
    • must continue because warfare is the natural condition of humanity.
    • of Golgotha? They do not understand it because they cannot understand
  • Title: Toward Imagination: Lecture 6: The Feeling For Truth
    Matching lines:
    • science and also because it has the task to intervene in our cultural
    • be the greater because he was such a good painter and had been able
    • seen! When people cannot see it because it is hung in a poorly lit place,
    • wrote about them, who have taken to copying old masters because they
    • same article was officially disclaimed and corrected because the article
    • of science because he had too few footnotes. Who nowadays can see that
    • of Christianity because the Mystery of Golgotha will not be understood.
  • Title: Toward Imagination: Lecture 7: Toward Imagination
    Matching lines:
    • We speak about this correspondence because
    • nobody can imagine it. But let's suppose because the pictures are painted
    • by describing the shape of the letters, but because something spiritual
    • what they should. This confuses people because they cannot grasp what
    • because they have kept features from earlier times, you find that to
    • because she showed special talents. On leaving school, she married a
    • because they can feel very quickly what the others feel by way of so-called
    • of them because they do not have the gift I have just described. They
    • the next, while other people call them stupid because, to their minds,
    • Still, people are unmusical because in the previous incarnation they
    • this is all terrible because it violates what I have emphasized, namely,
    • because I had said in a lecture one should cultivate self-knowledge
    • — that because we can see the Christ Mystery in our spiritual
    • Europeans, precisely because they are developing their I, must leave
    • a man because I have children who are no good? They all know me, or
    • our cause really takes quite some inner strength. It is a pity that
    • had always been connected with the most intimate aspects of our cause
    • now be discharged because Dr. Steiner gave such and such advice. The
    • was already known earlier simply because of calculations. I referred
    • complain about this refutation because I myself had always said spiritual
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  • Title: Lecture IV: WHITSUN: A Symbol of the Immortality of the Ego
    Matching lines:
    • and powers of nature. But because the birth of which Spiritual Science
    • because we are able to die in the way we do. But this is bound up with

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