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  • Title: Toward Imagination: Lecture 1: The Immortality of the I
    Matching lines:
    • materialism only if we have the good will to kindle the flames of the
    • on this planet. Innumerable treaties, attempts of every kind, bear
    • every kind of subject, and much of his writing is very good. He says
    • the progress of mankind. That is the sort of thing you could often hear
    • the Englishman Galton who had studied people with the kind of inner
    • As is customary in England, Galton had collected all kinds of
    • because it dawned on him that expressionism is based on this kind of
    • which is really a kind of expressionism. After all, now he has advanced
    • our generation accept and believe theories of this kind is a sign
    • all kinds of objections against the evolution of human beings from the
    • the inner Pentecost seriously, to kindle the light in the soul, and
  • Title: Toward Imagination: Lecture 2: Blood and Nerves
    Matching lines:
    • are two totally different kinds of substance in our physical being.
    • two fundamentally different kinds of substance in us: the blood substance,
    • these two kinds of substance are inwardly very different from each other.
    • with the head, but allow every one of its utterances to kindle our enthusiasm
    • to kindle our enthusiasm so that it can live in us. Our abstract thinking
    • Their works provide a completely different kind of nourishment
    • thinking we will all have to develop. You will also find all kinds of
    • them to piano music. He loved these detective novels, the kind of trashy
  • Title: Toward Imagination: Lecture 3: The Twelve Human Senses
    Matching lines:
    • outer expression or manifestation in all kinds of more or less occult
    • speaks kindly to you, you are supposed to interpret it! Can this be
    • The kind words spoken to us have a direct
    • innocence. But wasn't there perhaps a kind of second innocence,
    • of a higher kind, which he now wanted to join by all means, just
    • kind of changing sides, of any contradictions to what we did in the
    • evidence. Well, life's funny like that; due to the kindness of one of
    • Hartmann, who was just then holding a kind of congress.
  • Title: Toward Imagination: Lecture 4: The Human Organism Through the Incarnations
    Matching lines:
    • sense, is a kind of killing or destruction of living substance, of living
    • it to some kind of influence, for instance, the influence of light,
    • of this kind occurs when we live in a way that demands too much of our
    • in your skull, for the shape of your skull is determined by what kind
    • But, of course, people will do nothing of the kind. After all, they
    • if we take things really seriously, if we have the right kind of reverence
    • and then came to a kind of mysticism. In other words, this is a serious
    • like Hermann Bahr's Franz, had gone through all kinds of developments
    • kind. You only need to remember certain events that happened here in
    • shows what kinds of associations between ideas are formed and what kinds
  • Title: Toward Imagination: Lecture 5: Balance in Life
    Matching lines:
    • least not the kind of historical truth that will help us in life. Although
    • all kinds of facts with the intention to speak about the true spiritual
    • to apply the same tmth. That is really a kind of luciferic exaggeration,
    • but it is what people prefer these days. They want to have a kind of
    • Errors of this kind occur very frequently
    • to be a new kind of religion. Rather it wants to provide the tools for
  • Title: Toward Imagination: Lecture 6: The Feeling For Truth
    Matching lines:
    • kinds of things, and Oskar Simony examined these matters scientifically.
    • women wearing the kind of clothing I had to design for the performance
    • of the very worst kind imaginable, quite apart from its point of view.
  • Title: Toward Imagination: Lecture 7: Toward Imagination
    Matching lines:
    • sense organs into us. We do not speak superficially of some vague kind
    • Suppose we had some kind of structure artistically built up out of layers
    • all of these arranged artistically into some kind of a structure. Now
    • are happy about all kinds of things. They are up one minute and down
    • us in Asia who tell us all kinds of great things; however, when we come
    • This friend was kind enough to get us a taxicab, and when he returned
    • not widely known. This happened all of a sudden, kindled by some of
    • was very little control over this. However, this kind of thing had to
    • about theosophy and say all kinds of things, and, of course, they feel
    • commits an unkind deed against another, people do not write to the one
    • he should show some kindness and that it would be very unloving not
    • souls, in a kind of meditation, what we have talked about and reflect
  • Title: Lecture IV: WHITSUN: A Symbol of the Immortality of the Ego
    Matching lines:
    • than would have been the case in earlier years. For mankind is passing
    • of the human soul in order that mankind may go forward to better days.
    • three festivals, for the difference in the kind of experiences
    • mankind in general through the descent to the earth of the Being who
    • materialism will only be possible if men have the will to kindle the

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