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  • Title: Toward Imagination: Lecture 1: The Immortality of the I
    Matching lines:
    • well, he did not become a fervent Berliner; he couldn't stand that,
    • so he never became an ardent Berliner. But then he went to Paris where
    • an ardent Berliner. Then he went back and gradually discovered Austria.
    • top to the bottom, red lines across them, and then perhaps something
    • dignity by insisting that we have evolved in a straight line from lower
  • Title: Toward Imagination: Lecture 2: Blood and Nerves
    Matching lines:
    • line we read of our anthroposophical science, is an entering into a
  • Title: Toward Imagination: Lecture 3: The Twelve Human Senses
    Matching lines:
    • An Outline Of Occult Science.
    • we see that people nowadays are inclined to turn their sympathy to those
    • Continuing along the lines of Goethe, I wanted to create in that lecture
  • Title: Toward Imagination: Lecture 4: The Human Organism Through the Incarnations
    Matching lines:
    • appeared in several of a person's ancestors also emerge when the line
    • Obviously, anyone coming from a certain line
    • thinking has gone so far off the track, it cannot discipline itself
  • Title: Toward Imagination: Lecture 5: Balance in Life
    Matching lines:
    • lined up side by side. Instead, he saw events as significant for the
    • situation. In the old folk wisdom, which is now on the decline, we can
    • who are not inclined to spirituality can make do without a world view.
    • line, a thin spiderweb, so to speak, separates misunderstanding from
  • Title: Toward Imagination: Lecture 6: The Feeling For Truth
    Matching lines:
    • of the lines, their relationship to each other, and in their meaning.
    • has seven lines. The structure of the poem is such that what the seven
    • lines express represents the laws of the movements of the seven planets.
    • the seven lines is repeated in each stanza corresponds to the laws determining
    • the meaning of the twelve stanzas of seven lines each. The laws of the
    • cosmos are meant to prevail in these twelve verses of seven lines.
    • stanza that the fourth line expresses a certain position of Mars in
    • regard to Capricorn. The meaning of this line must be such that if you
    • were woken up from sleep and heard only this one line from the Capricorn
    • stanza, this Mars line, you would be able, after having developed a
    • feeling for this, to say this line is the Mars line of the Capricorn
    • stanza. In the same way, all the other lines have their meaning. Thus,
    • so much as a line in a newspaper. We must take newspapers as part of
    • examples, and you have no idea how little people are generally inclined
  • Title: Toward Imagination: Lecture 7: Toward Imagination
    Matching lines:
    • our cosmic edifice. Therefore, simply continuing along the lines of
    • the handwriting; you could describe the lines, loops, and crossbars;
    • follows along the lines of the natural sciences, I do not think you
    • conditions of life on Atlantis. Continuing along the lines of my book
    • from the front lines of the battlefield, where he has since returned.
    • more and more between the lines, so to speak, if we want to grasp correctly
    • at a certain moment. Its development did not proceed in a straight line,
    • our teaching — swallows it hook, line, and sinker, as the saying
    • An Outline Of Occult Science
    • line, a certain direction, so to speak. Sometimes it is indeed extremely
    • difficult, but also necessary, to take a hard line in a certain direction.
  • Title: Lecture IV: WHITSUN: A Symbol of the Immortality of the Ego
    Matching lines:
    • years about the gradual darkening and decline of man's forces, you

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