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  • Title: Toward Imagination: Lecture 1: The Immortality of the I
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    • extent, by children and by people who have remained childlike in their
    • it is taken as merely symbolic. People would then realize that the celebration
    • again when people decide to work at understanding such spiritual things.
    • of these events. In certain circles people are already beginning to
    • feel that. And I would add that particularly people who are close to
    • how difficult it is for people to find what is right in this area of
    • necessary for the spiritual, people will realize that it is important
    • to celebrate and not neglect the inner Pentecost in our soul. Some people
    • necessary to point out the things we talked about because people should
    • In fact, here and there other people also realize what is essential
    • to make possible a peaceful coexistence of people and nations. For
    • witness to this. People believed that by struggling for a constitution
    • that happened during the migration of peoples. Senegalese kill our
    • are rehabilitated and the most harmless people languish and die
    • very characteristic of the difficulties people have nowadays in finding
    • understand what people like Hermann Bahr mean by impressionism. Consider
    • he became an enthusiastic disciple of Maurice Barrès and people
    • stopping. He is fond of the people of Danzig and claims that when he
    • that does not happen in any other German town. Well, the people of Danzig
    • and began to be an impressionist, people were far from delighted with
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  • Title: Toward Imagination: Lecture 2: Blood and Nerves
    Matching lines:
    • at all; at most it is an easy philosophy for lazy people. All those
    • and listed the human senses. Usually people distinguish only five senses,
    • many people see no difference between anthroposophy and ordinary science.
    • And only people so shortsighted as to fear these revelations can want
    • In our age people have difficulties finding
    • And this truth applies not only to philosophers ut also to other people
    • when people tried to approach the spirit, although not yet with the
    • prove too difficult for people, even though it was written as simply
    • effect, whether it will enter into people's souls. It is a book everyone
    • have done a great deal for the life of their soul. Several people have
    • for the soul than the writings people so often turn to in their sincere
    • again and again sincerely seeking people reach for this or that book
    • and more lively and urgent in recent times. Yet, most people only reach
    • people here in Europe thought they needed American-English nourishment
    • to nourish people's souls. In the book I mentioned and also in the booklet
    • We can certainly hand this booklet to people who are not part of our
    • People will have to penetrate more and more
    • We have to realize, however, how far people
    • are from unbiased acceptance of these things. These days people have
    • sort of attitude prevailing with many people today, and it is growing
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  • Title: Toward Imagination: Lecture 3: The Twelve Human Senses
    Matching lines:
    • science. We can only wish with all our soul that more and more people
    • little other people speak about the spiritual side of his life; in fact,
    • loss the German people and all humanity have experienced on the physical
    • to people in a new way, as we have been trying to do for many years
    • people almost in the light of consciousness, though not quite; it is
    • very few people will be satisfied with the soul impression of taste
    • not the case. People want to eat again what tasted good to them and
    • so much knowing about our own I, but meeting other people who reveal
    • people can go wrong in our time in this matter of the senses. Eduard
    • with the other people around us means living with their souls. We live
    • people are only symbolic and inferred from their utterances. But there
    • And that is what people find so difficult
    • turn all people away from the outer life and lead them to the inner.
    • these things, to penetrate them. Someday people will perceive the contrast
    • is really one of the urgently seeking people of the present age? Interestingly
    • why Franz did not come to us. In his quest for people who are striving
    • for him, had seen the sights, and associated with notable people
    • such a groping and fumbling in our time. People like Bahr reach their
    • That is what most people believe, that Goethe
    • what we may call the core of spiritual life common to all people. This
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  • Title: Toward Imagination: Lecture 4: The Human Organism Through the Incarnations
    Matching lines:
    • it works to expel the sickness upward. That is why many people and even
    • suffering from consumption.” For indeed people who suffer from
    • do other people. Now, Botticelli has painted a most beautiful and wonderful
    • things can arise. There are people who, especially according to their
    • In connection with such pronouncements, people never study what really
    • they did and did not proceed with the usual logic people so love to
    • You know, of course, how brilliantly people
    • of ancestors culminates in a genius. People think this is highly logical.
    • But, of course, people will do nothing of the kind. After all, they
    • of other people of genius this can also generally not be proved. When
    • people have no idea how wonderfully the mysteries of cosmic evolution
    • how we differ from the people of the fourth post- Atlantean epoch. People
    • keen perception, particularly in the sculptures, revealing things people
    • which some people have half a mind to reinstate in this day and age.
    • turn into Greeks, you can take my word for it; but people just love
    • Strictly speaking, people nowadays are unable
    • attention to snapshots of people walking on the street you can find
    • drawings of people, because Japanese artists, more so than others, paint
    • to the representation of people walking.
    • due to the fact that people resist it. What is described in my book
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  • Title: Toward Imagination: Lecture 5: Balance in Life
    Matching lines:
    • Again and again we have to caution people
    • people who say they want a scale, but don't want to put weights on either
    • Now there are philosophers, or people dealing
    • primarily in the way people view history. How do they view history?
    • people think. What happens immediately after one event is taken as its
    • consequence, and people try to explain the latter on the basis of what
    • preceded it. However, as a rule people's memory these days is very short,
    • as we can see from the fact that for nearly two years now people have
    • so easily what happened before that. From our reading we know people
    • when people look at history at all, they link events to the ones that
    • itself in them to a greater or lesser extent. Someday people will write
    • will report events that people now ignore when they read about them.
    • — I would have had to talk about things that people don't want
    • of history is largely ahrimanic. Facts are not weighed properly. People
    • The opposite happens when people don't take facts into account at all,
    • but it is what people prefer these days. They want to have a kind of
    • You see, people may go through the world, they may stand on a mountain
    • but don't connect it with the spiritual. Or people may go into homes
    • under it that were quite impressive. For example, people could find
    • It is important that people stop letting
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  • Title: Toward Imagination: Lecture 6: The Feeling For Truth
    Matching lines:
    • only when people realize how extensively we are actually searching for
    • but it is true nevertheless. Though nowadays people hardly feel this
    • spoke of other people at all, only of “masters,” and she
    • as two people do who pass each other on the sidewalk. I was then just
    • Naturally, people in Vienna back then talked a great deal about these
    • By caricatures I do not mean people, but only aspirations; the things
    • is well-known how far these things got out of hand. Then people believed
    • hear people say that in our movement the women wore their hair short,
    • only a few exceptional cases. Anyway, this has led to people asking
    • however, even in matters of inner, spiritual significance people in
    • to represent our movement to people who can't help laughing when they
    • He had painted many such pictures and sold them to people who wanted to
    • seen! When people cannot see it because it is hung in a poorly lit place,
    • days when people judge art. Do people buy actual works of art? No, names
    • are what people buy. Names are bought! If somebody were to paint a picture
    • good painting — it goes without saying people would buy Leonardo's
    • Those who know the facts realize that people
    • People nowadays read everything that comes before their eyes only superficially,
    • Now, in our time most people who read anything
    • read the newspapers. Newspapers don't last beyond their day, and people
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  • Title: Toward Imagination: Lecture 7: Toward Imagination
    Matching lines:
    • At first, people think that this building
    • of these. However, the people who give rein to their fantasy in thinking
    • science, people should admit that if they want to see more of the cosmic
    • permeated the physical one. In ancient times, people were always aware
    • people back then spoke not only about science, but also about initiation
    • Obviously, people do not learn to read by
    • what they should. This confuses people because they cannot grasp what
    • terms. When we look at more primitive cultures, we see that people then
    • meaningfully express something profound, people always speak in images,
    • at it. All the drawers were closed, and the people felt that there had
    • in fiction. Fiction does not lay any claim to truth. People are content
    • People will gradually have to realize that
    • As you know, some people are musical and others
    • of unmusical people; it is simply a statement of fact. Those who look
    • and unmusical people. If you look for an answer in psychology, which
    • human beings. We find people who go through life and are, in a sense,
    • empathize with all the world. There are people who shortly after entering
    • contact with many people but do not really get to know a single one
    • different from them, they really consider them more or less bad people.
    • are people who can also empathize with animals, with beetles and sparrows,
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