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  • Title: Toward Imagination: Lecture 1: The Immortality of the I
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    • hearts, and it brings into these hearts something great and tremendous
    • there is something infinitely sublime in Easter. To celebrate Easter
    • rightly, our souls must be imbued with something of tremendous sublimity.
    • If you consider everything that has been
    • Easter is a symbol of everything related to our astral nature, to that
    • in our age these things have been forgotten. They will come to the fore
    • again when people decide to work at understanding such spiritual things.
    • We can say our etheric body represents in a sense everything birth-like,
    • everything connected with the elemental forces of nature. Our astral
    • the world of the stars but permeates everything.
    • neither cosmic nor merely terrestrial, but permeates everything, yet
    • necessary to point out the things we talked about because people should
    • of many things I said to you here. For instance, I told you that spiritual
    • everything except actual thinking. Even here, in the erstwhile nation
    • Recently everything has been conducive
    • to wean us of thinking altogether — everything, even our education,
    • progress when everything that formerly would have been spun into
    • in such an immense and frantic jumble, more fantastic than anything
    • This state of things compels Schiller's grandson
    • He means by impressionism that the artist is utterly afraid to add anything
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  • Title: Toward Imagination: Lecture 2: Blood and Nerves
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    • that all matter is a manifestation of the spiritual really says nothing
    • can easily be observed; you need only consider that everything connected
    • are more or less the result of outside influences, of everything working
    • we can put everything originating directly out of the blood next to
    • everything built up from the outside, namely the nerve substance. Then
    • of the earth. Our blood substance, and everything that streams and flows
    • is absolutely extraterrestrial, so to speak, and woven into us as something
    • beings. Thus, we all bear something of extraterrestrial origin in us
    • but we counted twelve then. Human beings have twelve senses if everything
    • our senses are nothing but points of departure from which our nerves
    • things, reveals that the whole universe is manifest in us. Insofar as
    • earthly processes. The peculiar thing about them, however, is that they
    • world outside. The world of atoms out there is nothing but a projection of
    • Christ. This is a naive question; for everything we strive for, every
    • relationship with Christ. In a certain sense, we really do nothing else.
    • lost something in becoming earthly substance. But where is what our
    • we can feel when things do not remain merely cold thoughts for us, but
    • know something only when we know in detail how a specific, physical
    • buying it. But the important thing is to read it! Time will tell whether
    • book is one of the best things written about Schiller. Deinhardt was
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  • Title: Toward Imagination: Lecture 3: The Twelve Human Senses
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    • picture of everything that concerns our time. As I said, we will not
    • Moltke. However, I would like to say something that is now in my soul,
    • soul of this personality, who has just died, is more than anything else
    • on the physical plane in the twelve senses. Things are certainly rather
    • through the twelve signs of the zodiac. Everything we have in us, even
    • everything we experience in our soul, is related to the outer world
    • something causes us pain or hurts us. Then the sense of life tells us
    • alone. Otherwise we should be just as pleased with remembering something
    • awareness of our own I is something quite different, as I explained
    • word a microcosm. Modern science is completely ignorant of these things;
    • of speech, thinking, and the I. He knows nothing about them. Imagine,
    • who does not realize this knows absolutely nothing of our inner life.
    • It is very important to understand these things. Elaborate theories
    • live.” But we can only understand such things when we penetrate
    • You see, everything in the world around us
    • these things, to penetrate them. Someday people will perceive the contrast
    • that there is such a thing as spiritual science in addition to the physical
    • enough, he wanders and gropes, and then something dawns on him that
    • other nor anything of each other and yet are working together and
    • the curiosity to see everything, to get to know everything, to have
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  • Title: Toward Imagination: Lecture 4: The Human Organism Through the Incarnations
    Matching lines:
    • begin today by adding a few things to what we have said over
    • everything connected with it has changed. Our upright physiognomy on
    • the same way, we find something similar going on. Only in this case
    • Things are different in the astral body and
    • walk or move your hands, the I is active. Everything you do while you
    • to our other parts? How do all the things we do between waking up and
    • For example, when you look at something red,
    • or at anything colored, you are in a process of breakdown or depletion
    • so that the crystal would change and turn cloudy. In the same way something
    • That is why we often notice that something
    • are the regenerating forces, the restoring forces. When we have something
    • However, things may happen quite differently.
    • it has to pour itself out. What is the only thing that could happen
    • of the astral body. The artist does not have to know anything about
    • will have to make it visible that there is something about the physical
    • everything in a materialistic way. Probably Botticelli really did paint
    • can guide us and show us the way to an understanding of such things.
    • things are illuminated when we approach them with the help of spiritual
    • lecture I said that, roughly speaking, everything “hanging”
    • these things.
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  • Title: Toward Imagination: Lecture 5: Balance in Life
    Matching lines:
    • sides and balance each other out. It is the same with everything in
    • of nothingness, but because of the balance created by the possibility
    • against everything ahrimanic and luciferic is in the same position as
    • everything ahrimanic and luciferic. We can sin against reality, but
    • Thus, those who want to avoid everything
    • don't want to have anything to do with unity. Though this can be fruitful
    • — I would have had to talk about things that people don't want
    • and take in the wide expanses of nature. Well, they look at everything
    • where misery reigns; they look at everything, are touched by it, and
    • truths in us and don't walk by a sundial as we would by a plow or something
    • like that. Instead, in looking at things, we must be instructed about
    • at the right moment face to face with the eternal, is something quite
    • spoken is unknown. Yet, all those who understand anything about poetry
    • one of the sundial. The important thing is to develop in life so that
    • when we meet with such things, we do not pass by reality but experience
    • the adjective contradicts the noun when they speak or write. These things
    • and explain all sorts of things and then do the same with “Privy
    • latter noticing anything. In other words, they don't have to be Bohemians
    • their concepts or the things they name.
    • then things would not be as they are. If you remember this little verse,
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  • Title: Toward Imagination: Lecture 6: The Feeling For Truth
    Matching lines:
    • some things connected with the way we think and feel in our spiritual
    • spiritual science has to enter the culture of our times and bring something
    • something one has invented or thought, but of expressing it in a certain
    • “sacred things” satirically. But truly, my dear friends,
    • at those things in the world that are a laughing matter when judged
    • me, stopped, and began a conversation about all sorts of things spiritual
    • such things.
    • kinds of things, and Oskar Simony examined these matters scientifically.
    • then said, “In dealing with these things, one needs a good sense
    • By caricatures I do not mean people, but only aspirations; the things
    • our spiritual movement in the world. Basically, there was nothing to
    • be said — and still is nothing to be said — against some
    • women wearing the kind of clothing I had to design for the performance
    • is well-known how far these things got out of hand. Then people believed
    • oppose. The things I am supposed to have said and the things that are
    • hear about things they do not understand. They will then also laugh
    • These things have led me to write a satirical poem to be performed in
    • life. One thing above all must permeate the activity of our soul if
    • of fate we witness in our time. Nowadays everything that is not part
    • he received a bronze medal from the king for something he did. However,
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  • Title: Toward Imagination: Lecture 7: Toward Imagination
    Matching lines:
    • it, we have something we may call, metaphorically speaking, a great
    • or members, and there is nothing wrong with trying to get a clear picture
    • speaking about the nothing of a nothing, for the atom itself is merely
    • hypothetical. To build a hypothesis upon other hypotheses is nothing
    • we have nothing.
    • so on. Similarly, our eyes perceive different things than our ears.
    • forces that build up everything meant to exist on earth. And we draw
    • find that when we first look at this structure, we cannot know anything
    • science; something else must be added, something that has nothing to
    • the paper rolls and unroll it. In other words, something special must
    • hold of by something of a special nature. This is what is so difficult
    • that everything they had to know about the spiritual content of the
    • by describing the shape of the letters, but because something spiritual
    • read. It is the same with everything we call the higher and lower degrees
    • meaningfully express something profound, people always speak in images,
    • in order to understand what follows. I am telling you something bordering
    • find nothing there. The whole thing would be denied. In other words,
    • to be something in the dresser that was troubling her. They emptied
    • store them there. In that way those things would be removed from the
    • knew it would return only if something was still binding it to this
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  • Title: Lecture IV: WHITSUN: A Symbol of the Immortality of the Ego
    Matching lines:
    • heart and mind. Yet it brings to such childlike hearts something great
    • festival, the festival of Easter contains something infinitely
    • we recall many things made real to us by Spiritual Science. Think only
    • these things are evidence of an intimate connection with nature. That
    • has so many things to say is that of Jesus of Nazareth, it is a birth
    • addition to everything else, the Christmas festival is a token that
    • analogy when we say: The Easter festival is a symbol for everything
    • the spiritual. — In our days these things have been forgotten.
    • us as that which is supremely spiritual, our Ego. We know something of

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