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  • Title: Toward Imagination: Lecture 1: The Immortality of the I
    Matching lines:
    • flow into our souls so that our thinking becomes really enlivened, truly
    • we have gradually forfeited our independent thinking.
    • our power of thinking chained, lamed, and weary.
    • everything except actual thinking. Even here, in the erstwhile nation
    • to wean us of thinking altogether — everything, even our education,
    • do without thinking. He shows this by painting a strange picture of
    • to consider the necessity of enlivening thinking. However, I have not
    • thinking.
    • as I have often said, materialistic thinking has now become second nature
    • with people. People are not aware that they are thinking up fantastic
    • achievement to find thinking people in what is left of idealism and
    • blunders perpetrated against true thinking and leading to a materialistic
    • The End of Thinking,
  • Title: Toward Imagination: Lecture 2: Blood and Nerves
    Matching lines:
    • It only takes ordinary thinking and observation to see that there are
    • to kindle our enthusiasm so that it can live in us. Our abstract thinking
    • as that in our soul between abstract, cold thinking and the enthusiasm
    • This book summarizes the thinking, reflections, and contemplations
    • is also necessarily true to reality. However, thinking that is true
    • to reality is very different from merely logical and correct thinking.
    • your thinking is true to reality.
    • mineral are we thinking about a reality. Geology, then, is a completely
    • thinking we will all have to develop. You will also find all kinds of
    • logically developed concepts. Instead, I said, for example, thinking
    • homunculism and thinking in mere appearances have already advanced.
  • Title: Toward Imagination: Lecture 3: The Twelve Human Senses
    Matching lines:
    • balance, smell, taste, sight, warmth, hearing, speech, thinking, and
    • the senses of hearing and speech. Then we have the sense of thinking,
    • of thinking, which in turn is not identical with the ego sense.
    • of speech, thinking, and the I. He knows nothing about them. Imagine,
    • really thinking, as modern materialism does. If you seek the Jakim pillar
    • way of thinking ...”
  • Title: Toward Imagination: Lecture 4: The Human Organism Through the Incarnations
    Matching lines:
    • body painted in such a way that we cannot help thinking it is based
    • conscience in thinking, conscientiousness in thinking, or logical
    • conscience, of a conscience in thinking. You can make the most peculiar
    • wisdom of the world, in philosophy. When such thinking exists, when
    • thinking has gone so far off the track, it cannot discipline itself
    • For a spiritual view can develop only if our thinking is sound.
    • If our thinking is to be true to reality,
  • Title: Toward Imagination: Lecture 5: Balance in Life
    Matching lines:
    • thinking, and beliefs of our times that resist and oppose spiritual
    • a new acquisition of humanity — with old ways of thinking and
    • been thinking about a man I spent much time with around the turn of
    • this man's thinking:
    • feeling and thinking about a world view, the other, criminal instincts.
  • Title: Toward Imagination: Lecture 6: The Feeling For Truth
    Matching lines:
    • so convenient as the usual way of thinking, but it throws more light on
    • to go to the bottom of things in their thinking.
    • thinking, and logic — comes into consideration only for those
    • into a spiritual scientific development that has influenced modern thinking
    • modem thinking go back to the beginning of the fifth post-Atlantean
    • it does not matter what we fool ourselves into thinking true; what matters
  • Title: Toward Imagination: Lecture 7: Toward Imagination
    Matching lines:
    • extent justified in thinking that the cosmic building consists of parts
    • of these. However, the people who give rein to their fantasy in thinking
    • They must come to a way of thinking that is as different from our thinking
    • everyday way of thinking is from dreams. We dream in pictures, and we
    • so we can't do that. But we can gradually allow ordinary thinking, applicable
    • only on the physical plane, to turn into thinking about the spiritual
    • world, and then into pictorial thinking, which develops under the influence
    • in the light of reincarnation. Since then they had all been busy thinking
    • do not include the Christ Being in their thinking about the spiritual
    • in all branches of culture. It must influence thinking, feeling, and
    • is to let our thinking be carried by what spiritual science gives us. And
    • that we can know of a fact merely on the basis of our thinking.

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