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  • Title: Toward Imagination: Lecture 1: The Immortality of the I
    Matching lines:
    • physical death. In other words, the festivals are tokens reminding us
    • Now let us define in a few words what impressionism
    • words, looking at the object, and then right away, if possible, capturing
    • he is immensely delighted to discover in Goethe's writings the words
    • we don't want the word “develop” to lose its original meaning
    • put it into Bahr's words.
    • In other words, he not only claims we are
  • Title: Toward Imagination: Lecture 2: Blood and Nerves
    Matching lines:
    • In other words, the life of our nerves, which we have not been able
  • Title: Toward Imagination: Lecture 3: The Twelve Human Senses
    Matching lines:
    • words about the great and grievous loss on the physical plane we have
    • the evolution of our time, in the true sense of the word a symbol of what
    • word a microcosm. Modern science is completely ignorant of these things;
    • meaning of spoken words with the sense of hearing alone. To understand,
    • in the words. This sense of speech must not be confused with the sense
    • with the following words as though he were stating a
    • what that person says. In other words, we are supposed to interpret
    • The kind words spoken to us have a direct
    • in the other's soul is borne into your soul on the wings of the words.
    • are a microcosm, for the word Jakim means, “The divine poured
    • the spiritual world through death. What is contained in the word Boaz
    • been preserved in these words.
    • is too great to believe that at the moment he utters his last words,
    • same words.”
    • of the Council of Trent next to the words of Goethe!
    • he is. He, of course, cannot read a word of Spanish but wants to get
    • the news, and this is what I meant by the words I said at the time.”
    • I was strangely and deeply moved when I read these words a few days
    • September 16, 1902. There are a few words in this letter I would like
  • Title: Toward Imagination: Lecture 4: The Human Organism Through the Incarnations
    Matching lines:
    • sense of the word. Actually, it is only our posture that has been changed
    • turn into Greeks, you can take my word for it; but people just love
    • words, why should we reject ideals when children do not reject dolls?
    • he bases his recommendation — in other words, only a mere imitation
    • and then came to a kind of mysticism. In other words, this is a serious
  • Title: Toward Imagination: Lecture 5: Balance in Life
    Matching lines:
    • spiritual science become merely empty words. We have to warn particularly
    • usual feelings and ideas these words evoke. We need only picture how
    • have passed through a village, seen a sundial, and found words written
    • the following words under a sundial:
    • Just think, such profound words under a sundial,
    • sublime nature. On the crucifix there are the following words:
    • words can be greater and can touch our hearts more profoundly than what
    • painting in the Sistine Chapel. The author of the words I have just
    • know that the person who wrote the words: “Wounds abide, hours
    • that pours out of the human soul in the right place. Not all words that
    • These are simple words, sublime words —
    • defining. For definitions only lead people to overestimate words, and
    • versifying leads them to misuse words. A poem such as the one under
    • just gesture, which is all words really are. I have pointed out to you
    • He completely disregards the fact that a word relates to its
    • a table with the word “Table,” and we won't expect to learn
    • about tables from the word “table.” But in philosophy and
    • latter noticing anything. In other words, they don't have to be Bohemians
    • be gotten from the words alone; they are merely a gesture.
    • That is what we have to realize: words are
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  • Title: Toward Imagination: Lecture 6: The Feeling For Truth
    Matching lines:
    • publish them with a few words of explanation, and they will be available
    • of spiritual science will be understood in the true sense of the word
    • In other words, we should not feel obliged to always make a long, tragic
    • to put it mildly. In other words, there are excesses that make it difficult
    • and never again wrote the word “Paris” without drawing a
    • thunderbolt above it that was striking the word. He later received other
    • the ahrimanic spirit of the times. In other words, good books today
    • true spiritual striving, or mere empty words.
    • word and turn of phrase — whether it will be read properly or
    • very same ones who believe they know the most about it. In other words,
  • Title: Toward Imagination: Lecture 7: Toward Imagination
    Matching lines:
    • however, it will not contain a word about the paintings inside the rolls.
    • the paper rolls and unroll it. In other words, something special must
    • that what is spiritual in the world was called “The Word,”
    • find nothing there. The whole thing would be denied. In other words,
    • In other words, we are not right away with the people we were with at
    • the Gospels confirms the truth of the great word, “Where two or
    • In other words, our friend had picked out a cab at the taxi-stand and
    • from the cycles. In other words, it is not just that one can buy these

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