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  • Title: Cosmic/Human Metamorphosis: Lecture 1. Materialism and Spirituality.
    Matching lines:
    • painful no longer to see Fräulein Motzkus among the friends who have
    • after a long time, it will perhaps be useful to specify the views of
    • humanity who are developing a longing to draw nearer to the Spiritual
    • decreasing and because of the various forms which this longing for the
    • learned scientist as Sir Oliver Lodge, who had for so long been
    • you how, although the longing after the Spiritual world does exist, it
    • of men in bygone centuries; they no longer have any conception of the
    • by means of a certain intuition; but they no longer have the same
  • Title: Cosmic/Human Metamorphosis: Lecture 2. The Metamorphoses of the Soul-Forces
    Matching lines:
    • approach. Concerning the things belonging to the external world which
    • Beings belonging to those worlds, and by them we are constantly being
    • take its course, carrying us along with the stream, there is but
    • When that has been acquired we are no longer so perplexed after a
    • member of our whole organism. People no longer possess this feeling
    • today — at least the great majority no longer feel themselves members of
    • much longer; for man is a free being and sometimes goes beyond such
    • the path along which we find to some extent our way into the Spiritual
    • realised, bring about a need, an intense longing to seek this union
    • with the Spiritual world. For before very long, people will be
    • imagination only works along certain definite lines. If it were
  • Title: Cosmic/Human Metamorphosis: Lecture 3. The Human Soul and the Universe (part 1)
    Matching lines:
    • belonging to that which is the external world: external in the sense
    • awe; if we reflect that we too belong to the divine Spiritual universe
    • evolution, though borne by a being belonging to the Hierarchy of
    • this continues as long as they are together. Suppose two people were
    • can experience in the middle of a long sleep, what may be called an
    • stimulating the soul, it will soon feel a longing — a real
    • longing — for the very ideas that can be developed in Spiritual
    • near to him by a being belonging to the Hierarchy of the Archai. We
    • things, no longer have a consciousness of the deeper truth of the
    • which as we know, lasts one-third as long as the time spent between
  • Title: Cosmic/Human Metamorphosis: Lecture 4. Morality, As A Germinating Force
    Matching lines:
    • along the lines laid down for everyone in the ordinary educational
    • and may come to its final end, we are thinking along the lines of
    • is the feeling one has as long as the episode lasts, which extends
    • Golgotha something was accomplished which does not merely belong to
    • something which belongs, not merely to the moral reality — which
    • between his going to sleep and waking he meets Beings belonging to the
    • order of nature. In olden times, long before the Christian Era,
    • might no longer take place. This was so strictly adhered to that
    • real thoughts, longed for concepts through which they could better lay
    • complete understanding with the times! But, my dear friends, as long
    • are no longer the real point at issue: what is important is that the
    • functions belonging to the soul. All these are then to be left to the
    • have today. It is no longer possible to judge things by what meets us
    • longer still. That is what must be gone into. The whole thing depends
    • not belong to that order of thought. The mechanical plan of the world
    • walk along the street as seen at the cinema; people would ask
  • Title: Cosmic/Human Metamorphosis: Lecture 5. The Human soul and the Universe (part 2)
    Matching lines:
    • and that which is considered the lower part of man, which belongs to
    • more fully moulded, it belongs to a later stage of formation than the
    • of decadence, this understanding must before very long illuminate
    • developed along these lines is but a blind idea. It must, therefore,
    • are led along in leading strings by events, they yield themselves
    • passed through the Gates of Death. As long as we are incarnated in
    • no longer incarnated in physical bodies the instruments we use are the
    • only belong to our world but to theirs. They belong to their world
  • Title: Cosmic/Human Metamorphosis: Lecture 6. Man and the Super-Terrestrial
    Matching lines:
    • reckon as belonging to the Hierarchy of the Angeloi. To this world our
    • own human soul will also belong when it has formed the Spirit-Self; in
    • broken through in modern life, that man is no longer compelled to be
    • rhythm of day and night, — no longer the two rhythms working
    • Microcosm; but they are no longer in unison. In this way man has, in a
    • described. We may say that they belong to that region of the universe;
    • — but this could no longer be done today. They could then, during
    • later on taught by those who perhaps, had long been unable themselves
    • sign of which the present age, which has -no longer any feeling for
    • which dwell those Spiritual beings we reckon as belonging to the world
    • is a Being belonging to the Macrocosm. He descended from thence, yet
    • — for the Easter Festival is intended to show that Christ belongs
    • of Christ to the earth. So it was right that what belongs to the
    • to him, that, though he can no longer come into touch with the great
    • living within him which belongs to the universe and expresses itself
    • on, because mankind was no longer organised for vision, the results of
    • not of this world, but which belongs to Him. But until men recognise
    • belong to the air with our lungs, so do we belong to the Spiritual
    • part of the universe with our souls. We do not belong to the abstract
    • that there is something Spiritual which belongs to the human soul,
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  • Title: Cosmic/Human Metamorphosis: Lecture 7. Errors and Truths.
    Matching lines:
    • Science is rightly appreciated, it will no longer be possible to speak
    • postponed for a long time by the great resistance made in the external
    • world, not by science but by the scientists themselves. However long a
    • Natural Science of today, (as one must and should speak) can no longer
    • whole man is composed; for every part of him belongs to these three.
    • If one supposes that any one part does not belong to these three, as
    • belonged to the mode of thought of that time. To the present-day
    • longer suited to the way in which men must think today, nor to the way
    • of another, in that moment we can no longer speak the language of the
    • surveying longer periods of time and applying to greater epochs what
    • Apokalyptica belongs, Ötinger occupies a foremost place. Not satisfied
    • Nature.’ The kind of realism for which Ötinger longed, comes to
    • experiences long ago. Our key does not unlock, the right key had been
    • given in the text itself, but as long as we make researches without
    • the researches of Spiritual Science, can no longer speak like de
    • Saint-Martin, that we can no longer speak in such words today. Anyone
    • using them must be fond of preserving that which today can no longer
    • that a vast deal more could be arrived at by thinking further along
    • nervous system; we can no longer speak of the mercurial-body, of the
    • Saint-Martin and Ötinger, would no longer be understood today. And yet
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  • Title: Lecture: The Human Soul and the Universe
    Matching lines:
    • belonging to that which is the external world: external in the sense
    • awe; if we reflect that we too belong to the divine Spiritual universe
    • evolution, though borne by a being belonging to the Hierarchy of
    • this continues as long as they are together. Suppose two people were
    • can experience in the middle of a long sleep, what may be called an
    • stimulating the soul, it will soon feel a longing — a real
    • longing — for the very ideas that can be developed in Spiritual
    • near to him by a being belonging to the Hierarchy of the Archai. We
    • things, no longer have a consciousness of the deeper truth of the
    • which as we know, lasts one-third as long as the time spent between
  • Title: Building Stones: Lecture One
    Matching lines:
    • namely, that since 1797 the fund no longer existed, for it
    • longer existed. Acton refused to be a witness to the
    • have lost your country the Thora is no longer valid; only the
    • truths derived from the old atavistic clairvoyance, no longer
    • need only come along with all kinds of symbols and allegories
    • fund which no longer existed. The real creative forces of
    • will receive more or less legal sanction. It will not be long
    • already been taken in this direction, but so long as they are
    • their longing for spiritual knowledge lack the strength of
    • it will be long before it is generally recognized that
    • we are no longer satisfied with that “fable
    • to be spoken of.” Certainly, it will be a long time
    • man. Our knowledge of Gnosticism was for long confined to
  • Title: Building Stones: Lecture Two
    Matching lines:
    • man's soul had changed and was no longer the same as it
    • rites were so alike that many no longer questioned their
    • there was no longer any interest in the historicity of Jesus.
    • gradual and continual process over long periods of time man
    • the body. And because it corrupts the body man can no longer
    • body. And a time must come when it will no longer be possible
    • and sow the poisonous seeds of death that man could no longer
    • and could no longer find their way back to the spirit. Great
    • prolonged, then a time would come when the souls of men would
    • persisted so long? The significance of Christ for the souls
  • Title: Building Stones: Lecture Three
    Matching lines:
    • Christ we are no longer in touch with Him. We may, in that
    • when souls can no longer be saved, when souls must perish
    • city was built, that they might cast him down headlong. But
    • 4:29 And rose up, and thrust him out of the city, and led him unto the brow of the hill whereon their city was built, that they might cast him down headlong. \
    • bordering on humanity who fell along with man, whilst Christ
    • demons revealed Christ's contribution to the world long
    • ingenious, but in two hundred years the person will long have
    • long before this time. To estimate the geological conditions
    • think along the lines of modern science; nevertheless the
    • evolution. Therefore we no longer understand even subtle
    • no longer had any understanding of this) — of that
    • steps along the path we have followed since the time of the
    • no longer fully comprehend the soul's relationship to
    • this be? How can that which belongs solely to the realm of
    • That which belongs to the natural order is subject to the
    • to the Mark Gospel was sitting clothed in a long white
  • Title: Building Stones: Lecture Four
    Matching lines:
    • morality and what belongs to the sphere of chemistry, physics
    • originally belonged. And the mineral kingdom and the kingdom
    • responsibility that, alongside the cold-blooded animals,
    • the slightest understanding from those who think along the
    • Darwin imagines but that today we can no longer grasp the
    • no longer be possible; it must be transposed to a higher
    • are no longer capable of adding to the law or of changing the
    • exists already. Alongside the incorporation of the Christ
    • Impulse into world evolution there is a longing to
    • originally understood those words no longer provide any
  • Title: Building Stones: Lecture Five
    Matching lines:
    • because it belongs to the inner life of the spirit, to the
    • longer possible to keep secret the Mystery teachings as in
    • could no longer resist the commands of the Caesars. And the
    • the time was fast approaching when men no longer sought for
    • demeanour that he belonged to the spiritual world. Sometimes
    • to distinguish between good and evil no longer existed. When
  • Title: Building Stones: Lecture Six
    Matching lines:
    • Christ presaged. But the devils — beings belonging to a
    • spiritual world. Baptism was no longer an object of ridicule;
    • prolongation, an extension of the driving forces behind
  • Title: Building Stones: Lecture Seven
    Matching lines:
    • were made to have him butchered along with his brother. There
    • which they, the Gospels, belong. The question of miracles
    • not belong to the Gospel preached by Jesus”, said
  • Title: Building Stones: Lecture Eight
    Matching lines:
    • the Eleusinian Mysteries and a long succession of Roman
    • attainment of self-knowledge along two different paths:
    • along and revives the old prejudices. Cults are far easier to
    • infinitely prolonged. And in like manner the most important
    • this respect he belongs to his age. It is impossible to adopt
    • was no longer attached to the finite and transient. “I
    • that we believe not only in ideas that belong to the past,
    • may think, so long as we are imprisoned in the physical body
    • along with the ruins of the temple of Serapis. And this
    • different in the future, for this instinct will no longer
  • Title: Building Stones: Lecture Nine
    Matching lines:
    • derived their spiritual content, can no longer be
    • long been dead the better we shall order our present life.
    • Therefore the longer these souls had been discarnate, the
    • the souls of those who had long passed through the gates of
    • and those long dead. This tradition has survived in legend.
    • Barbarossa who had long been dead is instructed by Ravens, or
    • Golgotha. One could no longer assume that the individual had
    • of the causes of our present situation. So long as we speak
    • group-soul is no longer the same as in ancient times can only
    • associations and the like, so long as they have no roots in
    • we had practised the cult of individualism far too long. We
    • belong to a nation have learned to merge with the nation, to
    • `belongs’, with the result that ultimately one pays
    • truth so long until it discovered that either truth was
    • abandoned presuppositions. Reason no longer derived from the
    • imagines that belief is no longer possible for modern man
    • itself long been refuted scientifically. He knows nothing
    • most courageous opinions we must nevertheless go along with
    • professor at Upsala. Belonged to the school of
    • that traditional and ethical values no longer stem from
  • Title: Building Stones: Lecture Ten
    Matching lines:
    • alongside this introspective tendency there was something
    • were to advance further along this path he would not only
    • longer possible to deny that there exist people who are aware
    • had long been active in this field. The most important
    • be defended. Thereupon, after prolonged conflict, the spirit
    • it was no longer possible for the physical body to
    • immortality; it could no longer “press” out of
    • Aristotle that man is no longer a complete man if some member
    • belongs to the past. And our authority continues: we have to
    • — Now someone might come along and object: that is
    • reports when they can no longer rely upon documents.

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