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  • Title: Cosmic/Human Metamorphosis: Lecture 1. Materialism and Spirituality.
    Matching lines:
    • — we teach ourselves a language in which we can frame out the
  • Title: Cosmic/Human Metamorphosis: Lecture 2. The Metamorphoses of the Soul-Forces
    Matching lines:
    • teaches how the earth evolved and developed through old Saturn, Sun
    • teach a man, even today, that he and his life are part of the whole
    • wisdom-filled contemplation of the world teaches us that we, as
  • Title: Cosmic/Human Metamorphosis: Lecture 3. The Human Soul and the Universe (part 1)
    Matching lines:
    • for we can learn much from that; it teaches us what is by no means
  • Title: Cosmic/Human Metamorphosis: Lecture 4. Morality, As A Germinating Force
    Matching lines:
    • particular time, a great, perhaps even the greatest Teacher of the
    • Earth-world appeared, and that His teaching is the thing of greatest
    • importance. Now, if Christ is only considered as the greatest Teacher
    • things, it might still be possible for a great Teacher to arise who
    • teachings might have been sublime, but they would avail nothing when,
    • teachings of Christ Himself would have disappeared, and there would
    • of Christianity is that the Christ did not pour His teaching into
    • upon our not accepting the Christ from His teaching alone, but that we
  • Title: Cosmic/Human Metamorphosis: Lecture 5. The Human soul and the Universe (part 2)
    Matching lines:
    • which he replied ‘I am a teacher of humanity; if I had blown out
  • Title: Cosmic/Human Metamorphosis: Lecture 7. Errors and Truths.
    Matching lines:
    • rather easy-going with respect to these. It teaches that when the
    • fellows would notice that before the teacher starts making electrical
    • present. He may ask the teacher: ‘Are not clouds damp? How then
    • can electricity be at work in these, as you say?’ The teacher
    • crisis. Bengel, the teacher of Ötinger, referred to that profound
  • Title: Lecture: The Human Soul and the Universe
    Matching lines:
    • for we can learn much from that; it teaches us what is by no means
  • Title: Building Stones: Lecture One
    Matching lines:
    • Spiritual Science the origins of the Gospel teaching are to
    • be found in the ancient Mystery teachings. We must see the
    • teachings. Now such a spiritual conception will run counter
    • against the historical background of the Mystery teachings of
    • Palestine. This Mystery teaching was full of hidden knowledge
    • spiritual world. Ramifications of this Mystery teaching were
    • existed in Palestine certain Mystery teachings which were a
    • the drama of Christ was related to the fundamental teachings
    • the Mystery teachings, especially in Palestine, was to be
    • consequence of this suppression of the Mystery teachings the
    • human destiny and professed to teach a knowledge of God and
  • Title: Building Stones: Lecture Two
    Matching lines:
    • certain aspects of the wisdom teaching of the East as a
    • corrective to Western teachings, the borrowings were
  • Title: Building Stones: Lecture Three
    Matching lines:
    • our aid the teachings of Spiritual Science. For many years I
    • He never recorded His teachings in writing. This is not
    • Churches. All teaching which agrees with these Churches
  • Title: Building Stones: Lecture Four
    Matching lines:
    • for, with the existing theories the teacher finds himself
    • view) to teach the a-sexual reproduction of plants. He then
    • Jesus has set forth His teaching in a form that conflicts
    • was pointless simply to teach, “Thou shalt not
  • Title: Building Stones: Lecture Five
    Matching lines:
    • teaching and did not struggle and fight against it, destroy
    • teachers, the hierophants of ancient times, knew full well
    • firmly insisted that their teachings should not be divulged
    • longer possible to keep secret the Mystery teachings as in
    • this. The time for hidden teachings was past. It was Imperial
    • time was approaching when, because the Mystery teachings were
    • been instructed how to live in accordance with the teachings
    • teaching of the ancient Mysteries to know what lay behind
  • Title: Building Stones: Lecture Six
    Matching lines:
    • way, but the Mystery-teachings of other peoples were also
    • verbatim into Christian teaching. To put it more clearly, the
    • traditional teachings I must hate that which others
    • teachings — that Christians themselves openly
    • the Church because, with the traditional teaching and
    • them, silences the voices of the mystery teachings,
    • his teaching.
    • upon his soul. He was also aware of the Christian teaching
    • teachings which until then had been kept secret in the
    • secret teachings of the early Christians. In maintaining that
    • the orthodox teaching of the Church. He prided himself on
  • Title: Building Stones: Lecture Seven
    Matching lines:
    • teachings of the pagan Mysteries from being transmitted to
    • attention to teachings of the universities and schools of his
    • of Constantine. Armed with this dogma the teachers gave their
    • to himself: “These teachers are the most outrageous
    • living forces in the world? On what grounds do these teachers
    • have been incorporated in the Mystery-teachings. He wanted to
    • Mystery-teachings. In the first place he was only familiar
    • attached to these teachings and they made a profound
    • impression on him. He later exchanged the teachings of
    • man and does not come by teaching. The story of Eden in the
    • abandoned Manichaean teachings. (See
    • attempt to liberate the Church's teaching from the
  • Title: Building Stones: Lecture Eight
    Matching lines:
    • were aware of the real meaning of the Mystery teachings knew
    • teachers of course understand everything that has been
    • wished to discover the continuity in the Mystery teachings,
    • teaching. Origen
  • Title: Building Stones: Lecture Nine
    Matching lines:
    • Mystery teachings concerning human evolution can exercise
    • and teach us to work and strive in our present circumstances.
    • Christianity borrowed those aspects of the pagan teaching
    • unwilling to listen to the teachings of Spiritual Science;
    • teaching. He is not such a fool as to commit himself openly,
    • difficulty in accepting a spiritual teaching of which our
  • Title: Building Stones: Lecture Ten
    Matching lines:
    • the teaching of Our Lord and so leads to a faith that is
    • writings, that remarkable echo of the Mystery teachings must
    • teachings. In his writings Plato was in communion with

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