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  • Title: Karma of Materialism: Lecture 1
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    • does not belong to the external physical world at all. On the contrary
    • physical plane. Whereas in thinking, that is to say, when we really
    • live in thinking, we are no longer on the physical plane. It is only
    • physical plane and in so doing we actually deny our own nature. When
    • he felt that there is a definite boundary between the physical and the
    • the physical and the spiritual and that the two are not in agreement.
    • he found proof that the spiritual world exists and that the physical
    • be an impossibility for him to look upon the external physical world
    • no more than mental images reflecting the physical world. What in African
    • thinking while in a physical body, does not just disappear when he dies
    • — which are present spiritually in the physical world. Such a
    • in physical bodies.
    • penetrates the physical world. They are afraid of thinking because they
    • physical environment; they must be set free by the knowledge and insight
    • consists of physical body, etheric body, astral body and 'I' or that
  • Title: Karma of Materialism: Lecture 2
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    • refer to something physical which can be verified under a microscope.
    • world view will tell him where his physical body belongs within world
    • man's physical body belongs in the evolutionary process. But the natural-scientific
    • evolution. Nothing physically was then present, except conditions of
    • just as natural science depicts physical man as part of the physical
    • science has to say? Certainly natural physical phenomena do lead us
    • world. Just as here, in the physical world, we need light in order to
  • Title: Karma of Materialism: Lecture 4
    Matching lines:
    • the physical plane, Herman Joachim. He could be seen here in
    • severed through the event of physical death.
    • we have lost as far as the physical plane is concerned. It is a name
    • beings in general, when someone near departs from the physical into
    • this sphere will also know how much the physical plane has lost with
    • arise from the fact that we are in the physical world, incarnated in
    • physical bodies in a materialistic environment. Yet in all our pain
    • far as the physical plane is concerned, was chosen by someone in order
    • companion, left here on the physical plane, shall know that we remain
    • from the physical plane in recent months, Olga von Sivers,
    • it was a beautiful thought that she should be physically with us once
    • who not long ago went from the physical plane into the spiritual world.
  • Title: Karma of Materialism: Lecture 5
    Matching lines:
    • of Christ Jesus as the one that elapses between our leaving the physical
    • till one learns to bring spiritual reality into physical reality. That
    • first experience of Christ was on the physical plane. Through the centuries
  • Title: Karma of Materialism: Lecture 6
    Matching lines:
    • and impulses which flow into the physical world from the spiritual world.
    • perhaps was there a time when conscious interaction between the physical
    • the physical plane and someone who has died. In this situation something
    • who listen at keyholes, so to speak, not only on the physical plane,
    • said between beings on the physical plane and those in the spiritual
    • really physically drunk — or through faintness. It gives the lower
    • the spiritual world and the physical plane. These channels are very
    • ourselves from reality. We are born into a physical body to enable us
  • Title: Karma of Materialism: Lecture 7
    Matching lines:
    • that with his Angel by his side he was to be the mouthpiece, the physical
    • present do not incarnate in a physical body, can perceive the becoming
    • But not when we look at it with physical eyes and grasp what we see
    • physical things. Spiritual experiences must be described in pictures,
    • the physical plane. This seems a strange fact when we at present look
  • Title: Karma of Materialism: Lecture 8
    Matching lines:
    • behind the physical world. I can well imagine that a modern student
    • the confines of the physical world by virtue of changes in man's inner
    • purely on physical calculations. This system, however, is in complete
    • physical calculations.
    • have nothing but their physical senses to rely on, whereas in earlier
    • From the outset he kept spiritual issues strictly apart from physical
    • at least as being merely physical. — It is not so easy to understand
    • He saw that as an inhabitant of the external physical world man, through
    • from his external physical existence. From this thought originated the
    • in the physical world he would be in fact just a creature of that world.
    • the physical world. That something is faith.
    • to Luther arises from man's physical nature — and the spirit which
    • reveals itself within his physical nature. A true Lutheran would say
    • the bodily cravings of man's physical nature. Schiller distinguishes
    • physical nature, ennobled through the spirit, from the spirit becoming
    • strives to reach the spirit by transforming matter; that is, physical
    • present only external physical events. Should the events of the 19th
  • Title: Karma of Materialism: Lecture 9
    Matching lines:
    • fall asleep they free themselves from the physical and etheric bodies.
    • body, into our physical and etheric bodies; i.e., into the oldest members
    • proficiency. If the 'I' and astral body were not added to our physical
    • physical and etheric bodies do in fact act automatically in certain
    • could do little towards perfecting the physical and etheric bodies,
    • intellectual development, during sleep. It is because the physical and
    • by virtue of the physical and etheric bodies. We have at present no
    • sees is what his brain reveals to him through his etheric and physical
    • in perceiving his own ‘I’ while in a physical body between
    • of physical perception. They do not, however, have the power to influence
    • far up the other side. In regard to physical phenomena these things
    • will ensure that the war never ends! We live in a physical body, on
    • the physical plane and the physical plane is not and cannot be perfect.
    • perfection with which things are arranged on the physical plane, which
    • on earth; i.e., they want to realize something perfect on the physical
    • To want to make the physical world into a perfect paradise is to want
    • something impossible, for in the physical world there is perpetual oscillation.
    • permeate the physical world with spirituality and recognizes that man
    • Those who want to turn the physical world into a paradise, whether in
    • the physical plane and bring order about? That ought not to be asked
  • Title: Aspects/Evolution: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • certain period of his development his physical body is the
    • development of the physical body; the two as it were take a
    • physically fully developed. At that moment his spirit and
    • dependence of his spirit-soul being on his physical-bodily
    • world other than the physical-material one. They knew: In
    • physical life through birth, was no longer obvious to the
    • without any physical intermediary. This knowledge can be
    • the physical-bodily nature. In this epoch man must attain
  • Title: Aspects/Evolution: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • glimpse behind the scenes of external physical reality, we
    • development of the physical body, in that ancient cultural
    • physical organism. Then comes the time when the soul and
    • becoming physically stronger during childhood, aware also
    • all, what grows is not the merely physical substances taken
    • remained connected with the physical body. It is during sleep
    • physical body began to withdraw and become sclerotic, the
    • are self-supporting physically, so it should be recognized
    • dependence upon his physical-bodily nature. This is the
    • lifeless concepts understood by means of the physical body,
  • Title: Aspects/Evolution: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • but we experience this only physically, through our senses.
    • from man's consciousness. Only the physical aspect of the
    • what he saw physically. His interpretation was based on his
    • are taken from the external physical world, but today other
    • someone able to ascend from physical observations to
  • Title: Aspects/Evolution: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • physical sight, are what Benedikt calls emanations. We would
    • call them deep physical aura. In this way it was possible for
    • are not perceptible to ordinary physical sight. What is
    • arrives at physical auras. That is significant because even
    • such physical experiments in this realm show that the
    • speak of “cell body” but rather of physical body.
    • physical body becomes meaningless. Thus you see that Dessoir
    • physical body. (p. 256)
    • may become separated from the physical. We say then that
    • the effect is merely due to the physical or
    • that it is not in the least denied that the physical pressure
    • of physical things through abstract, shadow-like concepts, so
  • Title: Aspects/Evolution: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • physical-bodily nature. The concepts formulated by Brentano
    • what occurs in the spatial physical reality. Through the
    • will, man's physical nature may appease its cravings or
    • physical and ether bodies. This is a current that streams, so
    • affecting his physical and ether bodies regardless whether a
    • physical and ether bodies, but apart from that it is
    • one hand on the physical and etheric bodies and on the other
    • hand, and the physical and ether body on the other must be
    • the physical and ether bodies and you, on your part, must
    • twofold. Beauty affects your physical and ether bodies and
    • the whole effect is on the physical and ether bodies and you
    • the effect it has on the physical and ether bodies remains
    • you devote yourself to the impression made on the physical
    • content in the I and astral body as in the physical
    • consists of the lowest members, the physical and ether
    • bodies. Through the physical body we participate only in the
    • the senses reflect in the physical body only becomes full
    • objects on man's physical and ether bodies.
    • the good? Just as the external physical object can become
    • truth or reality for man only if it acts on his physical and
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  • Title: Aspects/Evolution: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • the physical body whiCh is laid aside at death. We must make
    • physical world. It corresponds to someone walking through a
    • in the physical world, it is rejected. However, there is a
    • than is customary today. Life in the physical world is
    • physical human being. Only then was it possible to know Him
    • as one can know a physical person in physical surroundings.
    • one applies to physical objects. People who speak like that
    • detected only in dreams. No physical sense could perceive it,
  • Title: Aspects/Evolution: Lecture VII
    Matching lines:
    • physical body. This now happens only in childhood when the
    • bodily-physical nature. After that age our natural
    • that when it comes to live in the physical body, the
    • consequently also the physical body. There is, especially in
    • through physical senses. This realm is at the same time the
    • physical aspect that differences arise. The spiritual facts
    • physical world, then the corresponding physical facts must be
    • afterwards one seeks out the physical facts or conditions
    • points to the physical phenomenon to which it applies. The
    • physical phenomenon supplies confirmation, as it were, of the
    • can develop simply through the fact of having physically
    • mental picture of such a person down into physical reality.
    • We must look for a physical counterpart. We must, as it were,
    • convictions because all that lives in the physical world is
  • Title: Aspects/Evolution: Lecture VIII
    Matching lines:
    • physical plane is concerned. These things are so obvious as
    • is true of physical bodies, but today no one imagines that it
    • of the same kind are excluded are physical bodies. Thus the

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