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  • Title: The Dead Are With Us
    Matching lines:
    • fraught with difficulty, because its conditions are so entirely
    • will, in such a way that pleasure or pain is caused by
    • single one of his limbs without pleasure or pain being caused by what
    • because it can be compared with what the dead has in his environment,
    • South, this is not caused by the needle itself, but that the Earth as
    • the dead does, even when he simply moves, causes either pleasure or
    • but difficult, because it demands scrupulous care on the part of the
    • complete reversal. And because modern science fails to grasp it and it
    • consciousness knows nothing of it because it proceeds in the
    • know little of the happening, because sleep ensues immediately; but
    • it is caused by the death of a child or of an older person.
    • together with us and because we have been united with them they convey
    • the specifically individual aspect. Because the child, as we saw,
    • — that because those who die young remain present with us, a
  • Title: Reappearance/Christ: Lecture XIII: The Three Realms of the Dead: Life Between Death and a New Birth
    Matching lines:
    • essentially plant nature, he thereby causes neither pleasure nor pain
    • person, because from the physical life one can easily make a wrong
    • rather than judge them critically, because it is not particularly
    • plant nature. I can scarcely depict this, because language has no
    • actually at the foundation, because the approach is at first
    • back again and again into the plant and mineral realms, because the
    • because people do not allow themselves such mental pictures unless
    • simply is not possible, because the dead are already participating
    • old-fashioned prejudices imaginable, because whoever understands the
    • interpret this Christ impulse, because they are far from
    • like to bring one aspect before you now, because it seems especially
    • because all that can be offered as historical proof that Christ lived
    • pays no attention, because he casts his gaze only at what has
    • recalled occasionally “because, after all, something of the
    • and that will be the only true life, because otherwise life will be
    • what must now enter the consciousness of humanity, because among the
    • making of laws and the forming of political organizations, because it
    • anthroposophical cause, to stand together in the spirit. Even if for
  • Title: Lecture: The Work of the Angels In Man's Astral Body
    Matching lines:
    • because we are living in the epoch of the Spiritual Soul we must take
    • question, because of the tremendous complexity of all such questions.
    • could this question have been answered, because the pictures arising
    • this, precisely because he had in him the pictures given by the
    • that — just because it is the Spiritual Soul that is involved — it
    • become practical wisdom in the life of humanity — practical, because
    • man that he does not unfold free will, because they themselves have
    • something. But because this aim must be achieved in earthly humanity
    • not achieve, because in their waking life men slept through it, would
    • there, just because if he were there in the waking state, he
    • change of which I cannot speak, because this is a subject belonging to
    • because it would all be regarded as natural necessity. But it would
    • step in to bring to fulfillment what the Angel is weaving. But because
    • But in the ordinary course this does not happen, because as a rule we
  • Title: Lecture: How Do I Find the Christ?
    Matching lines:
    • outer, factual proof, simply because, as the most momentous
    • in their midst, because they still possessed certain
    • Credo quia absurdum est (I believe because the
    • was capable of expressing them; firstly because he was living
    • in a mortal body, and secondly, because in a certain respect
    • Only they hate Him because they are fighting against
    • Son of God was crucified; I am not ashamed because men must
    • means to be believed because it is absurd.’ Prorsus
    • fact is certain, because it is impossible.’
    • because it is shameful. Christ died; we Must believe it,
    • because it is absurd. Christ rose again; we must believe it,
    • because it is impossible.’ Just imagine what a typical
    • taken effect in history. This came about because of human
    • own personality, because the Consciousness Soul had been
    • pernicious course. It was diverted not merely because the
    • because — since this was an Event beyond the grasp of
    • that men were not to believe in the spirit. ... This was because
    • very weakened form, because they do not realise that they are
    • because the words are only gestures and the real point is to
    • way, because in reading what has been the outcome of
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  • Title: Dead Are With Us: Lecture
    Matching lines:
    • difficulty, because its conditions are so entirely different
    • or pain is caused by these deeds of ours. Reaction of
    • themselves — causes either pleasure or pain. The Dead can
    • being caused by what is done. We must try to think our way into
    • which has significance for the Dead because it is comparable
    • this is not caused by the needle itself, but that the earth as
    • everything the Dead does, even when he simply moves, causes
    • has died is possible, but difficult, because it demands
    • kind of intercourse with the spiritual world, because it is
    • complete reversal. And because modern science fails to grasp it
    • because it lies in the subconsciousness. Clairvoyant
    • because sleep ensues immediately. But what has thus
    • distinction as to whether the sorrow is caused by the
    • Children remain with us and because we have been united with
    • Because the child lives on in us and remains with us, the
    • because those who die young remain with us, a living spiritual

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