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  • Title: The Dead Are With Us
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    • therefore, starts his life two kingdoms higher. On the Earth we get to
    • South, this is not caused by the needle itself, but that the Earth as
    • fact, participating; what happens on Earth is merely the stimulus to
    • and come together with what will live on Earth as a physical body, The
    • still-living on Earth or in yonder world, with whom he has already had
    • karmic connection on Earth, in the last or in an earlier incarnation.
    • within his ken with whom he has had karmic connection here on Earth;
    • already passed through many Earth lives. In every Earth life a whole
    • importance of the Earth life for the individual human being. If there
    • had been no Earth life we should be unable to form links with human
    • souls in the spiritual world. The links are made karmically on Earth
    • formed on Earth,
    • of another soul is as intimate as knowledge here on Earth of our own
    • The connection is much more intimate than it can ever be on Earth.
    • object here on Earth, we perceive it; if we look away from it, we no
    • is possible between those who are still on Earth and the so-called
    • Earth as lower impulses is, from the other, the spiritual side, higher
    • can become lower when it is within us on Earth. It is very important
    • intercourse is set up between the Earth and the dead. In the physical
    • want you to bear this in mind. For man on Earth in the physical body,
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  • Title: Reappearance/Christ: Lecture XIII: The Three Realms of the Dead: Life Between Death and a New Birth
    Matching lines:
    • the participation in earthly life of souls who have gone through the
    • is done by human beings here on earth, and how connections are made
    • sensible life on this earth and from mental pictures we acquire
    • within this physical life on earth. Life in the sphere of the dead is
    • through earthly concepts and mental pictures. One must try,
    • is and must be the primary concern for the human being in his earthly
    • Think how much we have, as earthly human beings, through mental
    • sun, the moon. Since they enable us during our earthly life to have
    • we human beings here on earth confront the mineral or plant natures,
    • human being on earth, he must have the feeling that, if he breaks
    • touches something (we must bring into service words from earthly
    • issue that can be unraveled for our physical, earthly life only
    • inhabiting the earth with us. I need only draw your attention to all
    • With the realm that is mirrored here on earth in animal existence,
    • which then extend into the life of the animal realm on earth
    • another element that does not exist here on earth. This will in the
    • the dead but also into the human realm here on earth, not, to be
    • ordinary consciousness as a physical, earthly person, experiences
    • physical bodies on the earth. They live in them just as we live
    • here on earth the so-called living are dreaming and sleeping through
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  • Title: Lecture: The Work of the Angels In Man's Astral Body
    Matching lines:
    • Earth-evolution and the spirits of Form who direct it. Fundamentally
    • Earth-evolution and beyond. And then, later on, the pictures become
    • configuration of social life on earth; their aim is to engender in the
    • not acquired free will. Free will can be acquired only on the Earth
    • but the Luciferic beings want to have nothing to do with the Earth;
    • all those technical and practical pursuits in Earth-evolution where
    • future evolution of the Earth, a great danger to this evolution will
    • something. But because this aim must be achieved in earthly humanity
    • And what if this should happen after all? What if humanity on earth
    • brotherhood in any form whatever on the earth, and would rather induce
  • Title: Lecture: How Do I Find the Christ?
    Matching lines:
    • understood. Then they inspired Christian thinkers on earth,
    • in the first centuries of Christianity, both on earth and
    • of all earthly events, the Mystery of Golgotha was to be
    • which gave new meaning to the whole Earth, it is very
    • Earth. But it was not until the second century
    • they had experienced on the Earth two to three hundred years
    • were living below on the Earth.
    • who had been companions of Christ Jesus on Earth and were now
    • denying the greatest of all events on Earth. When a man
    • a participant in the greatest event on Earth.
    • of Golgotha had preceded it, to guide the Earth's evolution
    • deeds, of which one can only say that while men on Earth
    • man's ordinary earthly faculties — inspired
    • great, very wise, on the Earth, but, by instilling this
    • he is in his life on Earth, in order to divert him from the
    • purpose of that earthly existence, which purpose he
    • would have become more intimately bound up with the Earth
    • is endowed during his life on earth in a physical body. As we
  • Title: Dead Are With Us: Lecture
    Matching lines:
    • higher. On the earth we know the animal kingdom only from
    • this is not caused by the needle itself, but that the earth as
    • fact, participating; what happens on earth merely provides the
    • will live on earth as a physical body. The being of soul could
    • living on earth or in yonder world, with whom he has already
    • been karmically connected on earth in the last or in an earlier
    • some karmic connection here on earth and with these he becomes
    • passed through many lives on the earth. In every life numbers
    • supreme importance of earthly life for the individual human
    • being. If there had been no earthly life we should be unable to
    • are formed karmically on the earth and then continue between
    • connections formed on earth.
    • earth of our own finger, head or ear — we feel ourselves
    • than it can ever be on earth.
    • If we look at some object here on earth, we perceive it; if we
    • between those still living on earth and the so-called Dead.
    • lower impulses in men on earth are, from the spiritual side,
    • on earth. It is very important to remember this, and it must be
    • intercourse is established between the earth and the Dead. In
    • earth in the physical body, the moment of going to sleep is
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