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  • Title: The Dead Are With Us
    Matching lines:
    • experienced in the human realm in yonder world that the dead is in
    • There are two basic experiences in the community among human souls
    • attained true control of himself, that he experiences the rising of
    • for such experiences reveal the complete difference of the spiritual
    • prefer to connect it with experiences familiar on the physical plane,
    • experiences this even with people who try very hard indeed to
    • ask: How do I approach the dead so that he experiences me in himself?
    • merely so dim that he experiences nothing of it. It is a dim
    • regard to Time. If you experience something at one moment, it has
    • thing from the death of people older than ourselves. Experience of the
    • to the experiences of the soul on the physical plane. When friends
    • and what we experienced together with him. In order to enter into the
  • Title: Reappearance/Christ: Lecture XIII: The Three Realms of the Dead: Life Between Death and a New Birth
    Matching lines:
    • experience of Paul at Damascus will be repeated for more people.
    • the experience of souls who have gone through the portal of death.
    • characteristic regarding the experiences of the so-called dead. When
    • rock, certain elemental beings will indeed experience pleasure or
    • It can therefore be said that within the experience of an ordinary
    • contact, without causing whatever has been touched to experience
    • same things are not so much at work in the dead, the mere experiences
    • is experienced such that at one moment he feels strengthened in his
    • that we experience here as will impulses and also as feeling
    • ordinary consciousness as a physical, earthly person, experiences
    • are not experienced in the light of consciousness that lives in the
    • experienced consciously at all.
    • one goes through the portal of death and experiences the
    • he simply does not exist. The world that the dead person experiences
    • life between death and a new birth, the circle of his experiences has
    • experiences beyond B. Later it comes about that B becomes a
    • richer, as it were, in such inner experiences, experiences of
    • strengthening or weakening the will, experiences that gradually
    • Just as here in earthly existence we widen our experiences between
    • experiences that relate us to the fact that one senses the existence
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  • Title: Lecture: The Work of the Angels In Man's Astral Body
    Matching lines:
    • to experience the reality of the Spirit.
    • would experience such satisfaction in obeying certain aberrations of
    • ought to be experienced in the waking state rather than to any
  • Title: Lecture: How Do I Find the Christ?
    Matching lines:
    • past experience of the Mystery of Golgotha. Through this,
    • even without direct super-sensible experience, any man today
    • can find the Christ. It depends upon two experiences: that
    • the experience of victory through the Christ. This leads to
    • matters connected with the direct experience of the Christ
    • they had experienced on the Earth two to three hundred years
    • experienced something of the Mystery of Golgotha in the
    • ourselves experience a kind of reflected picture of an
    • experience we had long before — hundreds of years
    • they experienced in the spiritual world in the centuries
    • super-sensible vision; but all human beings can experience its
    • working within themselves. And when they experience it they
    • Christ only when we have the following experiences. Firstly,
    • experience. A certain feeling of ineffectiveness is
    • experienced by everyone who in the quest for self-knowledge
    • powerlessness is experienced with sufficient intensity, there
    • comes the sudden reversal — the other experience which
    • and unite ourselves with the spirit. We can experience the
    • above death. It is in seeking for these two experiences that
    • approaching this experience. Angelus Silesius spoke of it in
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  • Title: Dead Are With Us: Lecture
    Matching lines:
    • everything experienced in the human realm in yonder world that
    • There are two basic experiences in the community among
    • experiences the rising of lower impulses as the result of
    • is, for such experiences reveal that the spiritual world is
    • prefer to connect it with experiences familiar on the physical
    • spiritual understanding of the physical world. One experiences
    • merely so dim that he experiences nothing. But the whole man
    • the same is true in regard to Time. If you experience
    • died. Think about your experiences with him; visualize actual
    • from the death of people older than ourselves. Experience of
    • have not always sufficiently deep insight into the experiences
    • thinking about his life on earth and of experiences we shared

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