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  • Title: Goetheanism as an Impulse for Man's Transformation - Lecture II: St. John of the Cross
    Matching lines:
    • by God in a way that is out of the ordinary upon men who are out of
    • accordance with God. He may also notice, however, if in other things
    • seen that in this state, God is the principal agent.
    • the soul of itself does nothing further. Thereby God becomes the principal
    • more particularly knowledge and love of God, without the soul having
    • perception are shut off and God is the chief agent, when, in his own
    • words, God presents the soul during vision with wholly spiritual benefits
    • statement mean that God Himself is alone active in the soul, when it
    • connection with God? When anyone says: the soul is related to the sum
    • St. John of the Cross, admits the possibility of God Himself taking
    • God is so directly present in the soul that the human soul can be conscious
    • anointing by the Holy Ghost who, as he is God, acts as God.”
    • as God immediately in the soul,” says St. John of the Cross (this
    • heresy today says it is heretical to assert that God is identical with
    • theveils are removed from Him”. (He means God). At the time when
    • it should give itself up passively to the will of God.
    • of God. Now this inward joy will certainly be felt, as soon as they
    • God Iho is working. ( within the soul, that is to
  • Title: Goetheanism as an Impulse for Man's Transformation - Lecture III: Clairvoyant Vision Looks at Mineral, Plant, Animal, Man
    Matching lines:
    • in the same form. For today these things are not given to men by God
  • Title: Goetheanism as an Impulse for Man's Transformation - Lecture 5: Paganism, Hebraism, and the Greek Spirit, Hellenism
    Matching lines:
    • the Greeks we see that the Gods cannot be said to have had much moral
    • Nature. The God Jahve, Jehovah, waves and weaves through the life of
    • man. But when man then turns his gaze to the Jahve God who brings about
    • of life, and when he next turns his gaze away from the Jahve God to
    • into harmony with the working of the Jahve God. The whole tragedy of
    • of the Jahve God is expressed in the great and powerful tragedy of the
    • And yet this Jahve-God, this Jahve-impulse, what is it for those who
    • serpent of Paradise, Lucifer. Satan, a being who, opposed to the God,
    • the Jahve God, is obliged to play a part in what man has become in earthly
    • existence. A believer in the Old Testament must look upon the Jahve-God
    • the contrast between the Jahve-God and the devil, the old serpent, as
    • The relation of the Christ to some kind of unknown God did not much
    • God is the Good”, where he has the feeling that the perception
    • thus offers his sacrifice to the great God of nature. Purely pagan worship
    • God who can be contemplated in nature. And Goethe is sincere to the
    • God, any divine Being, with whom he cannot inwardly unite himself in
    • all sincerity. To agree with the conception of God given him by a priest
    • leaning towards God in the whole prose-hymn to Nature, almost
  • Title: Goetheanism as an Impulse for Man's Transformation - Lecture 6: Goetheanism as an Impulse for Man's Transformation
    Matching lines:
    • of The History of Godfried Von Berlichingen with the Iron Hand,
    • to God. As such, Spinoza's thoughts are very far from the Christ-impulse.
    • to God could only be reached through Spinoza. Goethe's morphology had
    • necessity, here is God”. And as he lived in the spirit of his
  • Title: Migrations ...: Lecture 2: What Form Can the Requirements of Social Life Take
    Matching lines:
    • soundly; it will give them the impression:“My God, how clever
  • Title: Migrations ...: Lecture 3: Emancipation of the Economic Process
    Matching lines:
    • belief in God and in divine beings, but that we should allow God and
    • all, in. our thoughts. The task of modern humanity is to take in God's
    • not only think of God, but we should think in such a way that God lives

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