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  • Title: Lecture: A Turning-Point in Modern History
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    • the social life of the present in the light of our recent studies of
    • Goethe. The nineteenth century represents a very significant
    • present time, when so much — far more than people realise —
    • If one looks at the present situation honestly and without prejudice,
    • present-day men were not so superficial, many things would be felt
    • It seems as if present-day man is not properly able to share what
    • interpretations. They are headed by the Golden King, who represents
    • (not symbolises) wisdom, the Silver King who represents beautiful
    • appearance, the Bronze King, who represents power, and Love who crowns
    • present-day men. An intimate older friend of mine, Karl Julius
    • Aesthetic Education,” which represent a certain culmination of
    • before it is represented in Schiller and Goethe; it is followed by
    • why, in such significant and representative considerations as those
    • represented pictorially by Goethe in his
    • present in even the most outstanding figures today; and it would be
    • present-day men and can really speak only through the medium of
    • spirituality, was present in men, before it finally faded away in the
    • is not dealing with the social question in a present-day sense.
    • not effectively present there. We must look at human society in
    • Present-day man takes little account of either pole. Revelation —
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  • Title: Goetheanism as an Impulse for Man's Transformation - Lecture I: The Difference Between Man and Animal
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    • from which, particularly at the present time, the knowledge Spiritual
    • heed to present world conditions are very ready to enter into the attitude
    • must above all be borne in mind as a particularly striking fact at present
    • present world situation. For there are men who understand how to estimate
    • all the seriousness of the present time, who have for some time understood
    • Movement would feel moved by what is so critical in the present state
    • present and future. The writer has a certain world-outlook. He considers
    • ideas which have driven mankind to the present fearful destiny. My dear
    • it is impossible to arrive at any sound solution for the present time, much
    • me really on a better level, not on a present-day level but on a rather
    • present time men actually become quite frightening when they begin to
    • sheet. I am sure I do not know if he will present this quarto sheet
    • We are at present living in the age of the consciousness soul; and what
    • when only reflected images will be present in consciousness; for the
    • faculty that they get beyond the one sidedness of the present animal
    • they become so afraid? It comes about by their having at the present
  • Title: Goetheanism as an Impulse for Man's Transformation - Lecture II: St. John of the Cross
    Matching lines:
    • world, making it necessary at present for man to take a new standpoint
    • seriously then, as life goes at the present time, opposition arises
    • their training the representatives of the Catholic clergy are superior.
    • Just at present we live at a time in which everyone wishing to take
    • and the social currents of the present day both require this. Without
    • present. The temptation to fall in with the objections of scholarly
    • representative of the Roman Catholic Church about the path of Spiritual
    • vision. This 'legitimate vision' is that the present day hall-marked
    • knowledge. In visions he presents the soul with wholly spiritual possessions,
    • words, God presents the soul during vision with wholly spiritual benefits
    • God is so directly present in the soul that the human soul can be conscious
    • officially to convey this kind of misrepresentation of the truth throughout
    • hated at present by certain people.
    • is the continuation suited for the present age: it reckons with the
    • and also to the bumbler clerics. Today, therefore, while misrepresenting
    • gaze upon nature as she is presented to him by modern science. But the
    • today all thinking men are candidates. This exactly represents the progress
    • is present in the official upholders of widely extended religions; it
    • what these represent, that they have became habituated to them and will
    • evolution of mankind, is to make man realise what, simply throw present
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  • Title: Goetheanism as an Impulse for Man's Transformation - Lecture III: Clairvoyant Vision Looks at Mineral, Plant, Animal, Man
    Matching lines:
    • from many sides today to the detriment of present knowledge as well
    • as of the present social striving of mankind. (see Z-7.) Today we will
    • view holding good at present. Now I have told you that man can come
    • to terms with this present time only if he makes up his mind to find
    • to men of the present time. For the present age is a very critical one
    • not change in a flash, one might say on into the present time, man is
    • Atlantean epoch and the fifth, our present one, the post-Atlantean.
    • very like a ghost! Were it really what is presented by my eyes I should
    • not sink, the world is not as presented by my eyes. This conclusion
    • actually representing for him the whole of reality, and on the other
    • a longing. The present time is sick with this longing. And the many
    • illnesses of the present time are the expression of this longing holding
    • the raging which indeed presents itself today as the next stage for
    • the head is made good again by the spiritual world. For up to the present,
    • (present company, of course, always excluded); it is true that emotions
    • has to take hold of the evolution of mankind in the present and the
    • it with real energy (have patience, in the present epoch only faint
    • still present more or less unconsciously in men, however, something
    • should explain present-day mankind. Naturally this is no adverse judgment
    • into the present evolution of mankind, the evolution beginning with
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  • Title: Goetheanism as an Impulse for Man's Transformation - Lecture 4: Human Qualities Which Oppose Antroposophy
    Matching lines:
    • You see, for our present
    • it differently: Present social demands, and social demands for the near
    • to still greater social confusion than is already present in individual
    • you will realise at once is hardly present today in ordinary consciousness.
    • what I mean by this. The solving of present-day social demands depends
    • research suitable for the present age were totally unknown in that circle.
    • matters are represented in all kinds of societies. It is easy, therefore,
  • Title: Goetheanism as an Impulse for Man's Transformation - Lecture 5: Paganism, Hebraism, and the Greek Spirit, Hellenism
    Matching lines:
    • the importance for the present time of penetrating into the world in
    • the world and in mankind up to the present. Whereas human observation
    • out to you that knowledge at the present time, when sincere, cannot
    • of reason, might break our hearts because it represents one of these
    • contemplation of what presents itself to the human gaze, to everything
    • human nature is in the present time of world existence, namely, the
    • of the world struggle, represented by the Persian religion in the battle
    • can be represented from the most varied standpoints. We have already
    • historical symbol, the dying body of Jesus, the dying representative
    • of the Mass—Gospel, Offertory, Transubstantiation, Communion—represent
    • has been experienced in the conception of Christ-Jesus was represented
    • took place what otherwise was always presented as individual human experience
    • in the pagan ritual, and represented Christ-Jesus to themselves more
    • of stones and bits of rock representing nature's processes, lights a
    • it in the way it has to be sought by him as representative of his stage
    • For Goethe stands as the honest representative of mankind in the fifth
    • to the present day has been creatively surging into the world. During
    • for the understanding of the immediate present, for the strengthening
  • Title: Goetheanism as an Impulse for Man's Transformation - Lecture 6: Goetheanism as an Impulse for Man's Transformation
    Matching lines:
    • as I have presented it, will have to be understood. It will be central
    • those old outlooks for which the periphery of Europe is at present struggling,
    • the trouble to understand this representative, this most representative
    • being of all Germans—Goethe. For he is such a perfect representative
    • who represents all that is new, this most modern man, at the same time
    • week you will see presented here the last scenes before the appearance
    • soul out of the spiritual, and only the tendency is everywhere present.
    • Baswdow; two men who represented a progressive but at the same time
    • our purpose, with the necessary courage for the present time to undertake
    • gradually change abstract and intellectual knowledge, the present knowledge
  • Title: Migrations ...: Lecture 1: The Social Homunculus
    Matching lines:
    • The Migration of People in the Past and the Present.
    • The Migration of People in the Past and the Present.
    • of the present time, though this learning from events is a method practised
    • for what we so sorely need at present, and that is an understanding
    • class should bring about, in the present struggle, a new non-capitalistic
    • theory. Consequently this idea has produced the present socialistic
    • for an understanding of the present time.
    • epoch. New conditions have only arisen at the present time.
    • During the present time
    • concerns. This alone will separate goods representing an economic
    • and that under present conditions you can actually sell this picture
    • think soundly rejoice over this. During the time which led to our present
    • the present social cancer, gradually began to develop, people tried
    • catastrophes of the present time. For the social organism itself,
    • the two important social problems which face us at the present time:
  • Title: Migrations ...: Lecture 2: What Form Can the Requirements of Social Life Take
    Matching lines:
    • What Form Can the Requirements of Social Life Take on at the Present Time?
    • onat the Present Time?
    • at the present time a deep tragedy lies over humanity. Many of the lectures
    • the present. People of every standing, who are now confronting this
    • to see that this is entailed by the conditions of the present do not
    • which might enable them to form the judgments which the present time
    • do not want to admit this. They prefer to ascribe, the present chaos
    • is concerned; we must learn to judge things, yet through our present
    • which now present themselves.
    • much from it! For it can be applied to the present social organisation,
    • as the present one arises, that is to say, when the disease has broken
    • present time, in order to find out what course of development would
    • be needed at present. The course of human development is to teach them,
    • must be faced in the present time.
    • demands of social life take on at the present time?
  • Title: Migrations ...: Lecture 3: Emancipation of the Economic Process
    Matching lines:
    • for one-sided thoughts. Yet many conditions of the present can only
    • present merely from the aspect that it must finally culminate in the
    • we can say that the deep tragedy of the present has befallen humanity,
    • this unnatural separation within the economic order of the present time,
    • with deeper human impulses, and these are beginning to work in the present
    • events of the present. Again and again it must be emphasized that this
    • easy way of thinking is the cause of the present catastrophe!
    • in the spiritual world is past; it is no longer possible, at present,
    • problem of the present time.
    • science, are just as much responsible for the catastrophes of the present
    • of the present. One of the first requirements is this: to understand
    • that which the present time really needs
    • The present time is, above
    • alone can lead as to the goal which we must reach in the present time.
  • Title: Migrations ...: Lecture 4: Three Conditions Which Determine Man's Position
    Matching lines:
    • four principal parts of the present socialistic programme. As you will
    • subjects, in regard to the burning problems of the present, which we
    • of the present time — try to preach to them, and you will find
    • This represents, in fact, one of its ideals. Why? Because surplus values
    • is connected with the social problems of the present time. An earnest
    • the present, to spread the ideas, feelings and will impulses which can

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