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  • Title: Lecture: A Turning-Point in Modern History
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    • Grimm — the saying of an outstanding man who lived not very long
    • structure, freedom is achieved, as Schiller understands it.
    • man, if he is to stand as a free being in the social structure? A
    • as the greatest man of his century. Goethe could not understand this.
    • was clear to him that to understand the human being in his development
    • of instinct. Schiller was the man of understanding, but not in quite
    • the usual sense: in him understanding was led over into perception.
    • something quite different, which can understand the preceding period
    • nineteenth century. And we can understand this fact only if we ask:
    • “Tale” with inner understanding, we can feel the presence in
    • present in even the most outstanding figures today; and it would be
    • cannot understand Schiller and Goethe. Every scene in “Faust”
    • essential thing. And without an understanding of this turning-point in
    • A real understanding of the social organism will be achieved only when
    • because he has to stand entirely on the single point of his own self
    • revelation. In between stands immediate judgment.
    • transform it by my understanding; I take it into my soul, as I take
    • State. On the one hand we have man, who does not understand himself,
    • In earlier times, if a man wanted to be an outstanding jurist, he went
    • wanted to be an outstanding physician, he went to Montpellier or to
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  • Title: Goetheanism as an Impulse for Man's Transformation - Lecture I: The Difference Between Man and Animal
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    • misunderstanding of the knowledge and conceptions of Spiritual Science.
    • Among the misunderstandings
    • misunderstanding. Spiritual scientists who seriously and adequately pay
    • must be paid particularly by those of us who try to take our stand on
    • present world situation. For there are men who understand how to estimate
    • for any misunderstanding. It is an article which, it is true, is out of
    • of the churches. There are people who have remained at the standpoint of
    • still taking the standpoint that must be taken in Spiritual Science.
    • as well. He said: “Really gentleman you can not understand me
    • sound human understanding. And in thus going by the Guardian of the
    • senses in animals standing in a very pronounced relation to the whole
    • In man his head stands on
    • the head organism; man stands with his heed on his own earth. In the
    • estimate rightly his place in the world, for then he understands how
    • of active, effective understanding, in wisdom, intellectuality and the
    • understand. But, my dear friends, we can also imagine that some one may
    • would be able to understand why this great majority should take him
    • from the standpoint of abstractions are often quite honest and worthy
  • Title: Goetheanism as an Impulse for Man's Transformation - Lecture II: St. John of the Cross
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    • world, making it necessary at present for man to take a new standpoint
    • in relation to the whole understanding of his connection with the world
    • of men and so on. Only a deep understanding of things can help to clear
    • is exposed. For this deep understanding is well adapted to strengthen
    • how man, just by standing on the ground of Spiritual Science, can be
    • has no need to misjudge other spiritual streams. From this standpoint
    • an understanding about these things. The different currents of world-conception
    • basis of Spiritual Science, the broad base on which it stands, they
    • is rare. What as Spiritual Science, according to how we understand it,
    • attacks, including those, for example. from the standpoint of the Catholic
    • cleric of Rome considers valid. What does ne understand by it?
    • a concept of what he understands by it when you distinguish between
    • of grace upon outstanding men and may not be striven after, accouding
    • they are standing on the firm ground of Christian belief dictated by
    • understands it, is held to be heretical; so says the modern cleric recognised
    • what are we supposed to understand when one of those who write about
    • against the three signs. One has only to meet them with understanding
    • will is only there to interpret with his sound human understanding that
  • Title: Goetheanism as an Impulse for Man's Transformation - Lecture III: Clairvoyant Vision Looks at Mineral, Plant, Animal, Man
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    • in the time since the fifteenth century, that man stands within his
    • you ought to understand that of course when picturing these conditions
    • matter stands. My explaining what I have just been describing one points
    • But here on earth man stands
    • feeling of the solidity of world existence only because you stand with
    • never be able to stand firm, I should have to sink down; and as I do
    • recognise if—please understand me, thoroughly he looks back to
    • from the one you get on looking from the standpoint of life between
    • being born with our gift of consciousness. We begin ia understand this,
    • to where, if he stands firmly on his feet, the will plays into him in
    • you will understand that into the conceptual life of science nothing
    • philistine conceptions, people come to an understanding as to the possibility
    • penetrate to the sphere of the spirit so that he learns to understand
    • man needed for standing here in the world with some measure of security
    • how the matter stands; it is shown by men's reluctance to think. They
    • savage original peoples, primitive peoples, so as to understand how
    • thinking. This is why there is difficulty in understanding my Philosophy
    • see, Spiritual Science as we understand it here and as in a sane way
    • if thinking is made active, but men simply want to understand Spiritual
    • Science in a different way from how they must understand it; instead
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  • Title: Goetheanism as an Impulse for Man's Transformation - Lecture 4: Human Qualities Which Oppose Antroposophy
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    • said, suffices for understanding and receiving open-mindedly all things
    • understanding of the things of the spiritual world today, in a certain
    • sense through merely understanding, through open-minded acceptance,
    • will become increasingly so for all men, to learn to understand the
    • spiritual world, to learn to understand it with sound human intelligence
    • settle in the right way in his inmost soul when he seeks to understand
    • their sound human intelligence active so that it may understand, or
    • is the last thing to bother about if one wants to understand the spiritual
    • far less liking today for sound human understanding than people imagine,
    • and they would like to get round this need for sound human understanding
    • always emphasised, however, that sound human understanding may not be
    • Now if we seek to understand
    • to realise why people Shrink from understanding the spiritual world
    • in spite of the fact that this understanding is to be acquired simply
    • from in their understanding is what they would not recoil from in external
    • intelligence, there would easily prevail what is needful for understanding
    • told them by Spiritual Science out of its most intimate understanding
    • social questions can come only from the spiritual understanding of world
    • I told you that actually standing face to face with another man always
    • to develop mother love in solving their problems; you will understand
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  • Title: Goetheanism as an Impulse for Man's Transformation - Lecture 5: Paganism, Hebraism, and the Greek Spirit, Hellenism
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    • here, will bring with it an essential increase in man's understanding
    • in rightly understanding in a similar way what has happened both in
    • understanding of the eatery of Golgotha. It is true that you may say
    • it is only through spiritual understanding of the Mystery at Golgotha
    • Christianity, true, real Christianity, to have the possibility of understanding
    • in human understanding. This is why people do not arrive at any living
    • understanding when they want to give merely abstract, logical form to
    • this understanding. And because of this a man comes to a living understanding
    • cannot bring us to a full understanding of the moral impulses in the
    • can be represented from the most varied standpoints. We have already
    • and to understand it correctly, and you have in this ritual a reproduction
    • as the outstandingly illustrious Leader. Something here arose that might
    • a way that He to come to had to standstill in face of the Conceptual
    • one thing stands out concerning him that lights forth from the rest
    • understanding of the Mystery of Golgotha? The boy Goethe, the seven-year-old
    • For Goethe stands as the honest representative of mankind in the fifth
    • by the Mystery of Golgotha, a striving after a new understanding of
    • Where Plato stands in the
    • culture of the Greeks, Goethe stands in the fifth post-Atlantean period.
    • The question “Where does Goethe stand” leads us on to say:
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  • Title: Goetheanism as an Impulse for Man's Transformation - Lecture 6: Goetheanism as an Impulse for Man's Transformation
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    • standing-by, in all the help given her, how fond they had become of
    • understanding on this point we must first be permeated by the knowledge
    • to the understanding which can be employed quite well where nature is
    • to Nature, must in honesty gradually come to own that he does not understand
    • he must understand. This is what is essential—to give
    • understanding. This is essential, it is something that necessarily must
    • to understand something apparently incomprehensible precisely for the
    • upon which the flourishing of science depends, the more the understanding
    • chosen for understanding the Mystery of Golgotha—in the way I
    • well studied if one comes to a real understanding of the personality,
    • various minds who were in connection with him, stand as the eighteenth
    • century passed into the nineteenth; where does Goetheanism stand with
    • regard to mankind's evolution, with regard to understanding the Christ
    • reality and its truth, all this no longer meets with any understanding
    • Europe itself that will be called upon to understand this threefold
    • will then be the first beginnings of understanding that we have to overcome
    • the trouble to understand this representative, this most representative
    • as understood today. There must be an attempt to understand this man
    • to understand what was in the depths of Goethe's being. For what he
    • a great scholar, or even as a man of certain culture, is easy to understand
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  • Title: Migrations ...: Lecture 1: The Social Homunculus
    Matching lines:
    • for what we so sorely need at present, and that is an understanding
    • that a right comprehension, a right understanding of life can bring about
    • for an understanding of the present time.
    • human understanding is really something which is subject to evolution,
    • it will be easier to understand many things which are,we can really
    • say, not only possible, but also necessary to understand, and which
    • people really do not wish to understand. In a certain connection, we
    • life! Those who can understand such things, will come across plenty
    • problem. In the article in question he speaks of what he understands
    • understanding. The nine tenths of humanity constituting the so-called
    • so unfruitful in the social field, to-day all these people stand between,the
    • to develop a social judgment. But if we do not understand the social
    • wish to understand the social organism, without grasping the truth of
    • ordinary understanding, based upon the senses and the intellect, could not
    • anatomy of the stomach, cannot understand the anatomy of the head or
    • territory, without taking into consideration that from a social standpoint
    • would imply a misunderstanding of the connections which exist between
  • Title: Migrations ...: Lecture 2: What Form Can the Requirements of Social Life Take
    Matching lines:
    • the present. People of every standing, who are now confronting this
    • the lack of interest and understanding on the part of the leaders of
    • economic life, a complete misunderstanding arose between the leading
    • showed (what I am telling you now, helps us to understand its course)
    • to understand that they should not merely judge the things that lie
    • people find it so difficult to understand this!
    • the part of modern men to understand how necessary it is to-day to acquire
    • from the existing kind. Yet people find it so difficult to understand this,
    • the metabolic system. And we can only understand the human being within
    • the course of time if we understand the interplay of these three systems
    • life, this corresponds to the understanding of the three members of
    • I am, for at last I have discovered how matters really stand!
    • from any one standpoint, would bring about the worst possible results
    • from other standpoints.
    • matters should be grasped from quite a different standpoint; we should
  • Title: Migrations ...: Lecture 3: Emancipation of the Economic Process
    Matching lines:
    • from another standpoint.
    • standpoint must be borne in mind, as well as the one that smaller industrial
    • a certain definite standpoint. The artisan of olden times produced his
    • If we wish to understand
    • being from every personal element. If we wish to understand the social
    • question, we must bear in mind above all the following standpoint: that
    • find the possibility to make people understand that a change is needed
    • of the present. One of the first requirements is this: to understand
    • socialistic ideal from this standpoint.
  • Title: Migrations ...: Lecture 4: Three Conditions Which Determine Man's Position
    Matching lines:
    • contemplated from the standpoint that man has his place within it. After
    • being, stands the conception of Spiritual science, which goes in search
    • For if we remain standing by the external reality, we do not have the

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