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  • Title: Lecture: A Turning-Point in Modern History
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    • he feels unsupported and alone among the nations of the world.
    • among the nations of the world. People do not feel deeply enough to
    • events of the world are felt.
    • freedom in the external world. And he says: Man has his existence
    • do in the external world becomes such that obedience to duty and to
    • world and its mysteries in terms of philosophical abstractions. And it
    • general, we must look out at the world and find ourselves there, find
    • looked at man, and believed it could find the world in man. The time
    • after the middle of the nineteenth century looks only at the world.
    • world and to find there the human being. This is still rejected, even
    • very young people who have not yet looked round in the world. Old
    • out into the world through my senses. I take up the perceptible and
    • sense-perceptible world are the beings of the Third Hierarchy: Angels,
    • looks for man again in the external world, and brings the entire
  • Title: Goetheanism as an Impulse for Man's Transformation - Lecture I: The Difference Between Man and Animal
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    • heed to present world conditions are very ready to enter into the attitude
    • world, recognition of the spiritual
    • world, which can appear to men as a reality and not merely as something
    • remain with their experiences altogether in the sense world, and at
    • best they allow that a spiritual world can be disclosed by means of
    • where there is any question of penetrating to the spiritual world in
    • present world situation. For there are men who understand how to estimate
    • of the world. Within our own ranks today far too many are to be found
    • should now happen, and what the world has to expect from the events.
    • present and future. The writer has a certain world-outlook. He considers
    • the world not only from the point of view of land frontiers; the world
    • grasps something of world perspective. And in the summing up of his ideas
    • increased by the world war. What corresponds to the German races who
    • will be increased the longer the world war lasts.”
    • less for the near future. For if you take any world outlook materialist
    • always catches hold of his pigtail. This absolute confusion in the world
    • allowed its adherents to recognise the Copernican world-outlook. But
    • with it which can be acquired in the spiritual world, we see, on the one
    • it simply by observing things in the world — that when with the
    • apparent that man confronts the objects in the world in a series of
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  • Title: Goetheanism as an Impulse for Man's Transformation - Lecture II: St. John of the Cross
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    • world, making it necessary at present for man to take a new standpoint
    • in relation to the whole understanding of his connection with the world
    • felt precisely in opposition to the most earnest endeavours in world
    • the questions concerning a world-conception seriously should come to
    • an understanding about these things. The different currents of world-conception
    • wishes to join in with the world current accounts for many kinds of
    • today, is to put in its place the concrete spiritual world of which
    • anywhere in the phenomenal world, there lives the divine, that, in a
    • Pantheism that is forever talking of how behind the outspread world
    • of the mingling of this hierarchical world as a whole with external
    • description of the world of the hierarchies, and the connection of the
    • it must be a matter of these things playing a real part in the world,
    • supersensible world. That, however, is heresy, that should never be
    • special faculties for penetrating to the supersensible worlds all striving
    • make to what is found, for example, in Knowledge of the Higher Worlds
    • with the spiritual world. But he may not do this. He must remain perfectly
    • world ground him just as rhynical men with his physical senses, sees
    • around him a physical world. This is familiar even among those who believe
    • keep in mind that the way into the spiritual world, as Spiritual Science
    • to a kind of higher perception of the divinity pulsing through the world.
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  • Title: Goetheanism as an Impulse for Man's Transformation - Lecture III: Clairvoyant Vision Looks at Mineral, Plant, Animal, Man
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    • before our souls the following—that as man is placed in the world
    • the world is such that—to describe it broadly—he perceives
    • the surrounding world in the mineral kingdom, plant kingdom, animal
    • then supposed to speak to the world as philosophers, is really perfectly
    • oneself in the direction given in Knowledge of the Higher Worlds,
    • himself to what is described in Knowledge of the Higher Worlds,
    • reality, you see that when looking at, observing the outer world as
    • only to be found in other worlds. They could not flourish in earth existence.
    • whole world would seem to us ghostly. We should have a ghostly world
    • before us, which about describes the world of scientific concepts; this
    • would actually constitute our world. Imagine the world looking as it
    • imagine you were taken into a world described in books, where there
    • a world of mere apparitions, a proper world of ghosts. The world not
    • would come near to perceiving the world in this ghostly fashion. Even
    • if you could only follow the world with your eyes when awake it would
    • feeling of the solidity of world existence only because you stand with
    • that you are not in a ghostly world but in one that is solid. Were you
    • not to have this feeling, should you only see, the world would appear
    • makes man say (in the subconscious he does say it): Yes, the world looks
    • not sink, the world is not as presented by my eyes. This conclusion
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  • Title: Goetheanism as an Impulse for Man's Transformation - Lecture 4: Human Qualities Which Oppose Antroposophy
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    • world, as it must be understood through the spiritual knowledge of Anthroposophy,
    • understanding of the things of the spiritual world today, in a certain
    • from the spiritual world. And with the courage and interest to receive
    • permits, into the spiritual world. Already today it is necessary, and
    • spiritual world, to learn to understand it with sound human intelligence
    • in the way the spiritual world is spoken of in Spiritual Science. How
    • far man can become ripe to look into the spiritual world himself is
    • the things of the spiritual world simply through his sound human intelligence,
    • of the spiritual world actually look like when this world is entered
    • to speak of a great deal about the spiritual world that was different
    • spiritual world before his soul is ripe to do so. Today this can indeed
    • world! People are not fond of the effort entailed; they would much rather
    • by penetrating directly to the spiritual world in a way that they imagine
    • This preference for actually penetrating into the spiritual world without
    • When an attempt is made to penetrate into the spiritual world by anyone
    • it but jumped back, thus men would jump away from the spiritual world.
    • it thus, into the world that otherwise surrounds us; we do not inhabit
    • intense experience takes place in ego and astral body within the world
    • connected through our ego and astral body with the world surrounding
    • world; we perceive only what has been weakened by our body and not our
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  • Title: Goetheanism as an Impulse for Man's Transformation - Lecture 5: Paganism, Hebraism, and the Greek Spirit, Hellenism
    Matching lines:
    • the importance for the present time of penetrating into the world in
    • the world and in mankind up to the present. Whereas human observation
    • to start out from a material study of world events. It is only when
    • a physical event of the physical world. But only recently I have pointed
    • only to the spiritual worlds.
    • provides, which the logic of the world would do away with. For what
    • of time, in a little mentioned province of the world-wide Roman Empire,
    • in such a way that the culture of the civilised world not only was absolutely
    • heathen world. In its religious conception Judaism has something radically
    • human nature is in the present time of world existence, namely, the
    • to their essential being in the world-outlook. And the whole process
    • of the world struggle, represented by the Persian religion in the battle
    • world in the old sense. It was impossible for them to advance. In their
    • was no higher point to be gained. And now world-evolution actually resulted
    • world symbol.
    • to the abundant life acquired at this time in the world-outlooks of
    • world-outlooks all more or less based on atavistic clairvoyance, outlooks
    • ancient world-outlooks were finally aimed at discovering man here on
    • universal law in any process in the world at all, namely that something
    • entrance of a new impulse into the world was needed to lead evolution
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  • Title: Goetheanism as an Impulse for Man's Transformation - Lecture 6: Goetheanism as an Impulse for Man's Transformation
    Matching lines:
    • day she was deep in many great ideas about our world-outlook—those
    • with in the spirit of our world conception, in times when the friend
    • content, of the Christ impulse that has come into the world through
    • lo, I am with you away even unto the end of the world.” And Christ
    • to atavistic clairvoyance the supersensible world. But this faculty,
    • this force, for making oneself acquainted with the spiritual world by
    • world as a man through his eyes and ears knows about the physical world
    • of the spiritual world.
    • the world will look in a quite different way from how it does today
    • upon this monstrous phenomenon in human events, where the world is reedy
    • no notion of it. People may have no notion of it, but world history
    • this name is immaterial. The essential thing is that Goethe's world-outlook
    • world-outlook is a world-outlook of expectancy, of awaiting the new
    • prophets to left and the worldling in the middle.” It was his
    • culture. These three men are actually thorough worldlings in a certain
    • himself in Shakespeare. Goethe's world-outlook had nothing in it of
    • world of the senses to the kingdom of the superphysical; and between
    • to a human world-outlook, evolution must indeed go forward with the
    • about nature, into something by means of which the supersensible world
    • the world and for a shaping of the social structure that is worthy of
  • Title: Migrations ...: Lecture 1: The Social Homunculus
    Matching lines:
    • but since the world is now divided into employers and employees, the
    • delivered to proletarians I explained: Those who investigate world-history
    • never become a world-historical impulse. Investigate things everywhere
    • the chaos which will spread over the whole world.
    • what a difference this would have made in the world! The whole subsequent
    • upon the conception of the world. Those who do not wish to believe that
    • social organism — indeed, the last catastrophe (the first world
    • it leads us into the spiritual world of man, for consider how different
    • world. On the other hand, it consists of that part of the body which
    • takes in nourishment, and the physical world penetrates into
    • connected with a spiritual conception of the world with a
  • Title: Migrations ...: Lecture 2: What Form Can the Requirements of Social Life Take
    Matching lines:
    • form, throughout vast territories of the civilised world.
    • a social chaos, as far as the great majority of the civilised world
    • the world in regard to the social life of humanity. We should bear in
    • the external world calls for a kind of thinking which entirely differs
  • Title: Migrations ...: Lecture 3: Emancipation of the Economic Process
    Matching lines:
    • in the spiritual world is past; it is no longer possible, at present,
    • spiritual world flow into our own deeds, into everything which we do
    • are now awakening in the whole civilised world, at least in a great
    • part of the civilised world. The most repulsive human instincts are
    • In the surrounding world,
    • in the world of reality one thing is always connected with another.
    • The m0dern world has been driven in the direction of capitalism and
    • economic order is to justify its existence in the physical world, it
    • clergymen talk of things pertaining to quite another world. But in the
    • real world in which we live, things do not take their course in accordance
    • of my innermost soul, I surrender to the spiritual world. I seek the
    • spiritual world within my own being; my chief interest is the soul and
    • find two people in the world (as stated, the above condition must be
  • Title: Migrations ...: Lecture 4: Three Conditions Which Determine Man's Position
    Matching lines:
    • The Three Conditions Which Determine Man's Position in the World,
    • in the World, Towards His Fellow-Men and TowardsSpirituality
    • relating to Nature and those relating to the moral order of the world.
    • with the world as such, so the spiritual science of Anthroposophy seeks
    • through thoughts, but it is a conception of the spiritual worlds which is
    • and unclear manner of speaking of the spiritual world, the spiritual
    • world, speaks of definite structures of spiritual Beings, of a hierarchical
    • order within the spiritualal world; it transmits ideas of the spiritual
    • world which are just as concrete as the ideas relating to the mineral,
    • vegetable and animal kingdoms of the physical world. In the course of
    • of the spiritual world.
    • the world a boundless feeling of respect and of appreciation for the
    • one might say, beneath the human being in the physical world outside.
    • renders it possible to consider also the remaining world in relation
    • of everything in the world by considering it in relation to man.
    • position in relation to the world, to his fellow-men. and to spirituality,
    • man's purely empirical position in the world to that other position
    • T hou art the riddle of the world!
    • To soul-worlds

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