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  • Title: Lecture: Elemental Beings and Human Destinies
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    • represents the essentially spiritual part of Man, goes together with
    • spiritual point of view between these three systems when we observe
    • around him a spiritual atmosphere whereby he comes into contact with
    • his environment, and can see how spiritual forces are at work in the
    • the subconscious parts of our nature in spiritual spheres. In
    • particular, with our rhythmic system we live in the spiritual sphere
    • comes back in a more spiritual form, whereas in the second or third
    • and then we shall be able to call on the spiritual worlds around us to
    • It is our anthroposophical spiritual science which for the first time
    • spiritual science has entered the field and speaks of the Christ Event
    • awareness of the presence of an abstract spiritual world that is
    • into it a consciousness of the actual spiritual world in which we live
    • that is happening spiritually around us.
    • anthroposophical spiritual science is brought forward at this present
    • connection with his spiritual environment. For in earlier times the
    • within; they must proceed from our connection with the spiritual
    • through our connection with the spiritual world. It is our strivings
    • spiritual world; the body dies away beneath us. So will it be one day
    • is dying away beneath our feet. The spiritual quest we are engaged
    • something, be it material or spiritual, bears within it. And this
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  • Title: Lecture: Mission of Michael: Lecture I: The Power and Mission of Michael
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    • which we, human beings of the present day, may gain to that spiritual
    • power which, as the power of Michael, intervenes in the spiritual and
    • We must keep in mind, if we wish to speak seriously of the spiritual
    • spiritual powers here in the physical world. We try to penetrate as it
    • in the spiritual world. What exists in the physical world may be
    • observed by everyone; what is active in the spiritual world serves to
    • desert the spiritual beings whom man must regard as his true creators.
    • initiated into such secrets of the spiritual evolution of mankind have
    • element. The human being's normal spiritual condition consists in
    • For, the influences upon human spiritual and cultural life do have a
    • spiritual evolution through the erroneous concept of the duad, of God
    • and the Devil, of the divine-spiritual forces above and the diabolical
    • brought into man's spiritual evolution; you have what is rooted in
    • spiritual creations which rise out of modern man's consciousness. That
    • You must realize what interests rule in modern spiritual history. Even
    • it is of tremendous significance for human spiritual life if the
    • spiritual development. What is considered science today is actually
  • Title: Lecture: Mission of Michael: Lecture II: The Michael revelation.
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    • our modern spiritual life and which is very little noticed today. You
    • we have arrived at a very important point in our spiritual-scientific
    • spiritual life of mankind that there be clarity in this matter. I have
    • artistically as well as spiritually outstanding products of culture we
    • thoughts which relate us to the soul-spiritual element and the
    • of the de-spiritualized material element, devoid of soul, and they
    • The all-pervading spiritual and the corporeal which is at the same
    • time spiritual have fallen apart into two elements. Mere theories will
    • not build a bridge between the bodily and the spiritual. And since
    • have resorted to pointing to the spiritual element without being in a
    • position to show how this spiritual element takes hold of the
    • soul-spiritual element and its experience in man. Not only is our
    • but also there continually rise into the head those soul-spiritual
    • soul-spiritual thought forms are not yet perceived by the human being
    • they called Michael, that spiritual power who belongs to the
    • human being is in the environment of spiritual beings during his
    • waking hours, but that these spiritual beings are not his creator
    • completely hidden from modern mankind; the Luciferic spirituality
    • spiritual power which we call the Michael power organized the
    • which beholds the concrete-spiritual which works, although in a
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  • Title: Lecture: Mission of Michael: Lecture III. Michaelic Thinking.
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    • sphere belongs to the spiritual beings that are our creators, just as
    • distribution of these spiritual beings. We are able to go into details
    • spirituality. This Luciferic spirituality arose through Michael's
    • the human being. But today this Luciferic spirituality which we call
    • spiritual sphere, the desire of egotism penetrates into our human
    • spiritual conception of himself and the world. Since the seventies of
    • physical passes over into the spiritual evolution. For as soon as the
    • physical begins to become retrogressive, there is room for spiritual
    • development. In our head there is room for spiritual development
    • dawn of the modern age. He still knew something of the spiritual which
    • economical, or spiritual remedies to be taken from the pharmacy of
    • on the path toward the spiritual: the Michael path which finds its
  • Title: Lecture: Mission of Michael: Lecture IV: The Culture of the Mysteries and the Michael Impulse.
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    • this culture of the Mysteries was rich in content. Spiritual facts
    • scholasticism, is a confluence of the spiritual truths of the Mystery
    • the Mysteries like a kind of mountain summit of human spiritual
    • from a certain spiritual-scientific point of view.
    • spiritual science. For the large majority of mankind confronts a
    • thyself” will only be fulfilled through real spiritual cognition.
    • physiology, but they can be observed spiritual-scientifically. Mankind
    • anthroposophically-oriented spiritual science. Now, it is possible,
    • Thus you see, we have a spiritual-scientific anatomy which shows us
    • need the methods of spiritual science in order to recognize this
    • actual spiritual content of the view of many human beings of the
    • take hold of one's own spirituality in order to find the connection of
    • one's own spirituality with the spirituality of the world signifies
  • Title: Lecture: Mission of Michael: Lecture V: The Michael Deed and the Michael Influence as Counter-pole of the Ahrimanic Influence
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    • consisting of body and soul, the soul having some spiritual qualities.
    • account the more intimate aspects of the spiritual evolution of these
    • must receive spiritual impulses which counteract decadence. Therefore
    • a conscious spiritual life must enter mankind. We must be clear about
    • evolution. In order that it may proceed, the spiritual must be taken
    • At the outset, this seems an abstract fact. But for the spiritual
    • result of spiritual-scientific research which is to be taken very,
    • For the person who takes spiritual research truly seriously this is a
    • spiritual-scientifically, then we find that these obscured
    • spiritual forces, pull down the intellectual forces. Everything
  • Title: Lecture: Mission of Michael: Lecture VI: The Ancient Yoga Culture and the New Yoga Will.
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    • Now, if we speak spiritual-scientifically about the human being by
    • nature herself for the soul element, for the spiritual element, whose
    • the spiritual as well as the nature powers. For him, there existed no
    • difference between spiritual and natural powers. Our present-day
    • to be included for him in one spiritual — physical unity. If I
    • Rechtsordnung, Wirtschaft (Spiritual Life, Rights order, Economy),
    • longer today, or, rather, it is soul in a different way. The spiritual
    • merely sense perceptions, but also the spiritual element. It must
    • spiritual-soul aspect, and all things that appear in the
    • spiritual-soul sphere have their external-material aspect. The fact
    • spiritual effect in the evolution of mankind. For through being able
    • must become much more soul-like, much more spiritual.
    • speak of the contrast between the material and the spiritual, but we
    • must recognize the interplay of the material and the spiritual in a
    • nature will be something like a kind of spiritual breathing process.
    • we hear, something spiritual, something of the nature of the soul
    • future age of mankind, to speak in abstractions about the spiritual,
    • the earth. Thus, also from the soul-spiritual aspect, air and light
    • decoration: this material existence contains everywhere the spiritual!
    • This will not produce genuine spiritual science. My dear friends,
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  • Title: Mysteries of Light: Lecture I: The Dualism in the Life of the Present Time
    Matching lines:
    • Steiner's Lectures on Spiritual Essence and its Working.
    • will show you from what spiritual foundations this building has
    • grown, and how it is connected with the spiritual movement
    • this building to our spiritual movement will at once occur; and he
    • this representation of our spiritual movement — of the purpose
    • represent before the world, spiritually and otherwise. This movement
    • own, growing out of the principles of our spiritual science, a style
    • movement as spiritual substance. It would have been unthinkable, for
    • and sentence of our anthroposophically-orientated spiritual science.
    • connected with the entire conception of this spiritual movement. This
    • movement purposes to be something different from those spiritual
    • practical life, we have a number of spiritual views, world
    • spiritual worlds. The ordinary secular world is considered something
    • this dualism between the external life and our so-called spiritual
    • spiritual science which intends to be anthroposophically orientated
    • spiritual science, this must he conceived not only as merely rising
    • well in our anthroposophically-orientated spiritual science. And with
    • treatment of the social question has arisen from this spiritual
    • which flows through our spiritual movement.
    • sees through the matter, two spiritual individualities are
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  • Title: Mysteries of Light: Lecture II: The Development of Architecture
    Matching lines:
    • Steiner's Lectures on Spiritual Essence and its Working.
    • anthroposophical spiritual science to the forms of our building, and
    • external ones, but that the spirit which rules in our spiritual
    • divine-spiritual powers among men; only that the people felt impelled
    • divine-spiritual powers the phenomenon of the Greek temple in the
    • consciousness of the immediate presence of divine-spiritual powers;
    • kingdom was often accused of having deserted the divine-spiritual
    • instead toward the spiritual powers. The individual sought by joining
    • the spiritual, which in this way acquired a certain abstract
    • what the soul thirsts for must be sought in remote spiritual
    • what is recognized as the divine-spiritual is not directly active
    • observed with spiritual vision, then at the very moment when one was
    • the spirituality which in those times actually did permeate the
    • which the divine-spiritual being dwelt; it was the house which
    • spiritual science and the inner spirit of human evolution. In our
    • time one cannot reach this anthroposophical spiritual science except
    • this anthroposophically-orientated spiritual movement has nothing to
    • which is now being revealed directly from the spiritual world to this
    • for the spiritual world experiences, and which he cannot possibly
  • Title: Mysteries of Light: Lecture III: Historical Occurrences of the Last Century
    Matching lines:
    • Steiner's Lectures on Spiritual Essence and its Working.
    • been able to learn that spiritual science, as conceived here, is to
    • deciphered from the spiritual history of the evolution of humanity;
    • and from this spiritual history one can clearly see that the science
    • knowledge from beyond the threshold of the spiritual world, is
    • spiritual world is opposed by those powers which stand for the
    • the world and for humanity of anthroposophically-orientated spiritual
    • spiritual has powerful enemies in all those who wish to be assured
    • hostility and opposition to spiritual science as it is purposed here
    • become more and more determined as this spiritual science becomes
    • long-accustomed habits — not for any spiritual reasons, but
    • spiritual science which has now been carried on in Europe for two
    • and knows that what we call anthroposophical spiritual science is
    • spiritual science must not be confused with sleepy-headedness, with
    • soul-enjoyment by means of spiritual ideas and concepts. We stand at
    • spiritual science, we have never intended to act aggressively; but we
    • possible only from spiritual-scientific foundations, and then the
    • it will be impossible without spiritual-scientific foundations to
    • necessary it is to infuse spiritual knowledge into the evolution of
    • are able to bring suitable and capable souls to meet those spiritual
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  • Title: Mysteries of Light: Lecture IV: The Old Mysteries of Light, Space, and Earth
    Matching lines:
    • Steiner's Lectures on Spiritual Essence and its Working.
    • spiritual scientific effort, the Threefold Social Order, is placed
    • spiritual life, an independent rights and political
    • without prejudice the way in which the interaction of the spiritual,
    • the spiritual threads, those of rights or government, and the
    • spiritual life is of essentially different origin from that of our
    • First, our spiritual life, as it presents itself
    • the ancient Greek and Latin cultural life, the Greco-Latin spiritual
    • element (Diagram 13. orange); for our spiritual life, our European
    • spiritual life, is of Greek origin; it merely passed through the
    • something else has mingled with the spiritual life which originated
    • spiritual life; it has simply gone through various metamorphoses.
    • This spiritual life reaches back, however, to a more distant origin,
    • Orient this spiritual life was decidedly more spiritual than it was
    • Mysteries of Light (Drawing). The Grecian spiritual life was
    • its origin: namely, the spiritual life of the Orient, which depended
    • upon quite special spiritual experiences.
    • character of this spiritual life, the manner of its development, I
    • there dwelt people to whom spiritual truths were revealed through
    • spiritual culture derives from that which entered humanity at that
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