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  • Title: Lecture: Elemental Beings and Human Destinies
    Matching lines:
    • Only because in our head we are fully awake, do we rise up at all out
    • Because we do not know that something which stirs us deeply has such
    • cause of their inability to perceive the great significance of the
    • the lines of abstract formulae solely because the Christ Impulse has
  • Title: Lecture: Mission of Michael: Lecture II: The Michael revelation.
    Matching lines:
    • accustomed, because of the acknowledgment of this duad, to speak, on
    • That people are still in error today concerning this matter is caused
    • delusion about the origin of the whole human being. Because they
  • Title: Lecture: Mission of Michael: Lecture III. Michaelic Thinking.
    Matching lines:
    • Now, everything that exists in mankind as causes of internal diseases
    • being. Only because of the Ahrimanic influences which I have
    • because physical development is on the retrogressive path. Only when
    • surrender to the delusion that the human being is real because he can
    • be seen, and the spirits are not real because they cannot be seen. For
    • upon the human being because man has entered his evolution of freedom.
    • and by doing so have become weak human beings because we have
    • that of Napoleon. Why? Because in the Mystery of Golgotha an event was
  • Title: Lecture: Mission of Michael: Lecture IV: The Culture of the Mysteries and the Michael Impulse.
    Matching lines:
    • which are the fundamental causes for our cosmic order were adopted
    • today pass an opinion on scholasticism cannot do it justice because
    • of a day remain unobserved by you. You do not remember them because
    • they are lacking, because mankind in the meantime will have become
    • in us which will cause us to say: you sense clearly how the world
    • awake also in our will because we have thoughts about that which the
  • Title: Lecture: Mission of Michael: Lecture V: The Michael Deed and the Michael Influence as Counter-pole of the Ahrimanic Influence
    Matching lines:
    • that the abstract recounting of events and the searching for cause and
    • considered a stream of causes and effects determining one another.
    • gauge as to its causes in the way that is customary in regard to
    • caused by a dulled human consciousness. In the decisive places of the
  • Title: Lecture: Mission of Michael: Lecture VI: The Ancient Yoga Culture and the New Yoga Will.
    Matching lines:
    • because an attempt is made again to bring into consciousness the
    • belief in the pre-existence of the soul — not because
    • because the human power of comprehension ceased to experience the
    • words because there is no doubt that a strongly increasing battle will
  • Title: Mysteries of Light: Lecture I: The Dualism in the Life of the Present Time
    Matching lines:
    • special satisfaction, because a number of friends have arrived from
    • mention the following phenomenon only because what I wish to call to
    • fundamental problem of the present time. Why is this? It is because
    • external life which people lead. That could not be, because the
    • confusing the Luciferic and the divine — because it is not
    • spirit of modern civilization, because it is necessary for humanity
    • spiritual striving, because it is in keeping with the spiritual
    • born into this physical world because here on this earth there are
    • interests. Because he has spiritual interests he becomes a member,
    • remote from life, but they say nothing of human life, because they
    • causes activity in the motor nerve, then the movement is carried out.
    • taught, because in our abstract spiritual view we speak of every sort
    • will not go into it further because you have not the requisite
    • yourself deeply in the first and its forms, when you cause the idea
    • spiritual creative activity in nature itself, when nature causes one
  • Title: Mysteries of Light: Lecture II: The Development of Architecture
    Matching lines:
    • but caused to tend toward one central point, toward a
    • that with regard to their cathedral, because it was not the house in
    • Because of this there is something that becomes
    • The one wishes to soar beyond the head, as it were. All that causes a
    • set up at the east end of the building what is intended to cause the
    • some justice the essential causes of illness and death, but with whom
    • ought to be silent about them, because what lies beyond the normal
    • today, because men must awake fully from the group consciousness to
  • Title: Mysteries of Light: Lecture III: Historical Occurrences of the Last Century
    Matching lines:
    • sufficient power of will to stand up for our cause. But there are
    • only people will not see it because it is uncomfortable to see it;
    • — people love inexact language nowadays, because it is adapted
    • because of sheer laziness in thinking and feeling. You should not be
    • world because they are unwilling to enter the kind of abysmal world
    • differentiations which exist in the world arise because the one or
    • that we have soul and spirit, because our head is already perishing.
    • because it was given before the ruling King of Saxony and his
  • Title: Mysteries of Light: Lecture IV: The Old Mysteries of Light, Space, and Earth
    Matching lines:
    • this especially because the various utterances and written statements
    • present time to arrive at these basic facts, because they are really
    • to-day, because I shall briefly follow these three streams, I might
    • Why? Because from various centers of this
    • their territories whom they could still understand, because they also
    • confined to the abstract, legalistic form, because there was no
    • has developed, because the spiritual life that is so diluted and
    • shaping human minds. The rights life caused the later spiritual life
    • because Roman law flowed in, and the primitive spiritual customs were
    • cast aside because the Greek spiritual life had entered. And so this
    • abominable Kant-Hume element, which has really caused such
    • Germany (I do not wish to speak about the causes or the guilty, but
    • condition. For what was the real cause of the ruin of the German
    • were ruined because they too wanted to share in materialism, and they
    • only by those who are unable to experience it; and because they
    • because of the extreme degeneration which has come into the spiritual

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