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  • Title: Lecture: Elemental Beings and Human Destinies
    Matching lines:
    • ocean of elemental existence, in which as human beings we perpetually
    • existence. The Earth will become a corpse. We are even now in the
  • Title: Lecture: Mission of Michael: Lecture I: The Power and Mission of Michael
    Matching lines:
    • in the spiritual world. What exists in the physical world may be
    • the one which exists in the various kingdoms of the earth. Consider,
    • existing side by side, but we must conceive of them as
    • Let us repeat: We human beings exist in a sphere which has reached the
    • fourth evolutionary stage. Yet we also exist, if we disregard
    • develop materialistic attitudes, think of all that exists in us as dry
    • interests they have in cosmic existence. We shall find that their
    • there exists a battle between the Luciferic beings, constantly
    • there exists this tremendous contrast between the liberating tendency
    • cosmic existence into which man is placed if it is conceived of in the
    • existence, namely: the Luciferic element, representing the one scale
    • Lost, or Klopstock's Messiah which came into existence
    • on the basis of the threefold structure of world existence. Then it
    • into our earthly human existence.
  • Title: Lecture: Mission of Michael: Lecture II: The Michael revelation.
    Matching lines:
    • discussions that in man there exists, above everything else, the great
    • At a time when animals did not yet exist, the human being, under
    • how the Old Testament came into existence, but I should like to point
    • which has grown out of the sphere of existence in which those powers
    • existence. Through the fact that the Christ Being has lived in a human
    • his sleep state only came into existence as an appendage to the human
    • head, while the animal came into existence side by side with it.
  • Title: Lecture: Mission of Michael: Lecture III. Michaelic Thinking.
    Matching lines:
    • a sphere which contains the conditions for our existence as
    • existence as head-beings. Now, I have told you that this is only one
    • of the spheres in which we exist, for we live in various spheres. Let
    • Now, everything that exists in mankind as causes of internal diseases
    • so likewise there exists no one-sided beauty in the real world. The
    • within reality; then we do not exist within a one-sided Luciferic or
    • It exists like the other revelations. But it does not force itself
    • consequence for us if we would exist within reality with our thinking,
    • is impossible to prove historically the existence of the Christ Jesus
    • in the same way it is possible to prove the existence of Caesar or
  • Title: Lecture: Mission of Michael: Lecture IV: The Culture of the Mysteries and the Michael Impulse.
    Matching lines:
    • Let us now try to make clear to ourselves the difference that exists
    • “know thyself” exists like a longing, but this “know
    • Let us assume the human being enters physical existence through birth.
    • forces which pulse through our existence and which otherwise remain
    • present-day human existence we can only speak clearly about that which
    • confused it would have to notice the great difference that exists
    • And, again, that which exists here below and which is so much beloved
    • regard to nature, science exists only in as far as it contains
    • This sphere of our existence must
  • Title: Lecture: Mission of Michael: Lecture V: The Michael Deed and the Michael Influence as Counter-pole of the Ahrimanic Influence
    Matching lines:
    • of mankind these instincts no longer exist and man must consciously
    • Certainly, there exist today many human beings who see clearly that
    • law. However, criminal law exists, for I have to lecture on it to you;
    • therefore, responsibility and freedom exist also. — this
    • concept “God the All-Mighty” developed, there existed a
    • (See diagram, red) And since the sixteenth century there exists a new
    • Jupiter men exist already now just as we existed upon the
    • Moon. They exist, of course not externally visible; but I
    • beings make themselves felt which exist in the environment of mankind.
    • of which I told you yesterday that it exists in the deeper strata of
    • forces as forces objectively existing in the world just as one takes
    • Now, there exists today a method I might call it an anti-method, of
    • his own self. There actually exists a kind of anti-method, if I may
  • Title: Lecture: Mission of Michael: Lecture VI: The Ancient Yoga Culture and the New Yoga Will.
    Matching lines:
    • still exists a universal, all-embracing perception, a consciousness of
    • exist in his world of light and shadow. For him, the world was a world
    • the spiritual as well as the nature powers. For him, there existed no
    • will and the necessity of nature did not exist for him. Everything was
    • This line represents, on the one hand, the existence of nature
    • outside, on the other hand, human existence, crossing over into the
    • outside-inside, of nature existence and human existence. Man begins to
    • as that in which one existed outside and inside simultaneously. The
    • time a process of ourselves is eliminated; it does not exist for us.
    • which belongs to the human being no longer exists. And therefore the
    • becoming conscious of the pre-existence of the soul, of the existence
    • pre-existence of the soul. Even at the time of Aristotle in the fourth
    • the human power of comprehension, the pre-existence of the soul. It
    • belief in the pre-existence of the soul — not because
    • pre-existence is incompatible with the Mystery of Golgotha, but
    • consciousness of pre-existence as a force, the air having become
    • soul-void. Pre-existence vanishes from head-consciousness. When our
    • sense, that pre-existence lies at the basis of our soul existence. We
    • must supplement the purely egotistical conception of post-existence,
    • which springs merely from our longing to exist after death, by the
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  • Title: Mysteries of Light: Lecture I: The Dualism in the Life of the Present Time
    Matching lines:
    • predict definitely when it will be finished. But what already exists
    • between the good powers and Mephistopheles there exists the same
    • a historical necessity, but necessities exist, among other things, to
    • representation of something super-sensible but not existing here on
    • reason for their existence is that we may be aware of our own members
    • on, from another, to imitate that creative activity that exists as
    • organs — the metasternum, the fan — which do not exist in
    • external visible existence; for something super-perceptible underlies
  • Title: Mysteries of Light: Lecture II: The Development of Architecture
    Matching lines:
    • in a certain sense, a deciphering of the inner meaning existing in
    • takes no account of the real conditions of existence. As from the
  • Title: Mysteries of Light: Lecture III: Historical Occurrences of the Last Century
    Matching lines:
    • sailed into a materialistic time, there exists the other fact that
    • in which space and time do not exist.
    • death, then thinking, as it exists in man within the course of this
    • image exists, and that the force of thinking belongs to the life
    • spiritual existence of the spiritual worlds. And with another kind of
    • differentiations which exist in the world arise because the one or
    • direction or another. Those forces, for example, existing in the
    • This dualism also exists today in the individual human being himself.
    • exist; for with the people who frequently speak of Christ you can
    • existed before birth, or before conception. The destruction begins
    • extraordinarily significant mystery of cosmic existence. What exists
    • exists in the spiritual worlds before we enter into the physical
    • for it; and the incentives that have existed up to the present time
    • will no longer exist in the future. New incentives will be
  • Title: Mysteries of Light: Lecture IV: The Old Mysteries of Light, Space, and Earth
    Matching lines:
    • civilization; that this existed at the bottom of Greek culture; and
    • Asia it has remained at another stage of existence. We, however, are
    • Theosophy. No fruitful source existed among themselves for the means
    • jurisprudence. That is the second element existing in our
    • nature; and in Central Europe there already exists the first

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