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  • Title: Lecture: Elemental Beings and Human Destinies
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    • relatively speaking, self-dependent. We have within the human being
    • roughly speaking, the breast system — is connected with the
    • the system and organisation of the limbs. Relatively speaking, these
    • periods of about seven years in length. Roughly speaking, the first is
    • — when its elasticity is, so to speak, used up — it swings
    • There in our head we emerge, so to speak, above the surface of the
    • that we do not speak there merely of eclipses of the sun or eclipses
    • of the moon or of explosions or eruptions in the cosmos, but we speak
    • spiritual science has entered the field and speaks of the Christ Event
    • It must be said that even theologians today often speak of the Christ
    • just as they may speak of any other divine Being. They speak of Him
    • very much as the Hebrews of old or the Jews today speak of their
    • heads, so to speak. Indeed, an entirely new kind of world-picture is
    • speak of the spirit, they always have more or less a desire to keep
    • that, when a present-day chemist speaks of mercury or quicksilver, he
  • Title: Lecture: Mission of Michael: Lecture I: The Power and Mission of Michael
    Matching lines:
    • We must keep in mind, if we wish to speak seriously of the spiritual
    • beings of the higher hierarchies. If we speak of evolution in
    • emancipated, so to speak, from the sphere which is interpenetrated by
    • with our blood-circulation, speaking in the sense of external
    • are the blossoms of popular modern civilization, do not speak of
  • Title: Lecture: Mission of Michael: Lecture II: The Michael revelation.
    Matching lines:
    • accustomed, because of the acknowledgment of this duad, to speak, on
    • the soul element, filled with content. On the other hand, people speak
    • being, regardless whether we are speaking of soul or of body. From the
    • wish to speak of a connection of man with the animal world in regard
    • the head in order that the Gods might speak to him. At the beginning
    • they answered: the Lord whose name is ineffable speaks to us; but he
    • speaks to us through his countenance. And the countenance of their God
    • speaks to him and reveals the secrets that relate to the human being;
    • Speaking in imaginations, we may point back to the fact that the
    • written, I will speak to you always through My day spirit, Michael, if
  • Title: Lecture: Mission of Michael: Lecture III. Michaelic Thinking.
    Matching lines:
    • We speak lightly of the fact that we, as physical human beings, live
    • modern mankind speaks about them. This, however, was not the case. We
    • Physiologically speaking, it is Lucifer's constant endeavor to send
    • Psychically speaking, Lucifer is constantly endeavoring to give to the
    • Speaking from the soul aspect, I would have to say: everything that
    • uniting you do not see. You speak correctly only if you say to
    • We speak of Ahrimanic and Luciferic beings, we speak of the beings of
    • a super-sensible being, so do we labor under other delusions. We speak
    • Michael wills to speak to us. That means, we must try to recognize our
  • Title: Lecture: Mission of Michael: Lecture IV: The Culture of the Mysteries and the Michael Impulse.
    Matching lines:
    • present-day human existence we can only speak clearly about that which
    • regard to the truths of external observation we can never speak of
    • speak of Christ, of freedom, and so forth. In reality, my dear
  • Title: Lecture: Mission of Michael: Lecture V: The Michael Deed and the Michael Influence as Counter-pole of the Ahrimanic Influence
    Matching lines:
    • for human beings prior to the fourth post-Christian century to speak
    • speak of present mankind, we may consider the evolution of mankind
    • For we will be different beings on Jupiter. These so-to-speak
    • And it is not without danger to speak about these things in complete
    • It is my duty, as it were, my dear friends, to speak at this time of
    • the subject of which I have begun to speak today (I shall continue it
  • Title: Lecture: Mission of Michael: Lecture VI: The Ancient Yoga Culture and the New Yoga Will.
    Matching lines:
    • Now, if we speak spiritual-scientifically about the human being by
    • post-Atlantean cultural period. Roughly speaking, we might say: In the
    • speak of the contrast between the material and the spiritual, but we
    • consciousness, physics and people in general speak. We must become
    • future age of mankind, to speak in abstractions about the spiritual,
    • fluid,” but the fluid physiology speaks about today is not a
  • Title: Mysteries of Light: Lecture I: The Dualism in the Life of the Present Time
    Matching lines:
    • speak to you here today, tomorrow, and the next day. This affords me
    • I am able to speak again to quite a large number of our English
    • of life, so to speak. And so crass is the difference between these
    • mechanism of life to take its course automatically, so to speak, and
    • parliaments, the various agencies in different fields speak of the
    • different principles from those of which we speak in our rooms as the
    • in which we speak emphatically of the brotherhood of all men, but in
    • the last three or four centuries. Most people today when speaking of
    • When do we speak legitimately of the spirit? When do we speak truly
    • of the spirit? We speak truly of the spirit, we are justified in
    • speaking of the spirit, only when we mean the spirit as creator of
    • speak of the spirit, we must mean the spirit that has the power to
    • plunge down directly into the material. And when we speak of
    • When we speak of the spirit, we must mean the spirit with which the
    • spirit of which one speaks only in the drawing room, which one would
    • paradoxical things today, if we wish to speak the truth (actually
    • about many things we can scarcely speak the truth today without its
    • certain reasons, about which I shall perhaps speak here again, we
    • consider such a man, one who has at his fingertips, so to speak, all
    • people one group believe themselves capable of speaking about God and
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  • Title: Mysteries of Light: Lecture II: The Development of Architecture
    Matching lines:
    • science has flowed, so to speak, into these forms. Special importance
    • with longing, so to speak; it built upon longing, upon seeking,
    • have the cathedral which encloses all humanity, so to speak. And if
    • the man of the Middle Ages, that Grail-temple which was, so to speak,
    • god or goddess. If we wish to speak in accordance with the facts, we
    • it in somewhat the following way: When he said in speaking of any
    • on, we can also say, speaking physiologically, that the one pole is
    • immediate future. We must really learn to speak in a different way
    • physical world. Therefore about many things it must speak differently
    • inclinations make them speak), people who are initiated into certain
    • speak chiefly of three things. First, of that which the real seeker
    • consciousness cannot be revealed to profane humanity. (In speaking
    • significance of human work; and they speak in a certain way. What
    • this historic metamorphosis, I should like to speak to you further.
  • Title: Mysteries of Light: Lecture III: Historical Occurrences of the Last Century
    Matching lines:
    • speaking at times more generally, in connection with what was said
    • speak of the events of the last five or six years; and in support of
    • creation of fancy when we speak of this science of initiation, or
    • says. If someone speaks of spiritual worlds, you must take account of
    • everything: the manner of speaking, the seriousness with
    • the right to speak of the principle of initiation.
    • the middle of the century, approximately speaking. The new forces
    • speak of the science of initiation be given confidence — not
    • human culture, so to speak. In reality, Christianity does not
    • exist; for with the people who frequently speak of Christ you can
    • and generally speaking there will be no essential contradiction.
    • death is woven out of the divine worlds. Today we must speak
    • evaluated if we were to alter the viewpoint. Roughly speaking —
    • number of our English friends — we can speak today of victors
    • will speak to you especially about the anthroposophical
    • social question. Thus I shall be able before leaving to speak
  • Title: Mysteries of Light: Lecture IV: The Old Mysteries of Light, Space, and Earth
    Matching lines:
    • concepts about truth (I am still speaking of the social life),
    • revealed to them; and we speak with entire correctness when we say
    • a special kind of human being, so to speak, a human being with
    • shall speak presently — but we have not yet become productive
    • It was taken from the Orient. And further: When in English-speaking
    • Speaking somewhat radically, this Roman Catholic ecclesiasticism is
    • Germany (I do not wish to speak about the causes or the guilty, but
    • speaks as I did yesterday, characterizing the facts without
    • speak further of similar things. Today I wished only to call forth in

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