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  • Title: Lecture: Thinking and Willing as Two Poles of the Human Soul-Life
    Matching lines:
    • ordinary life we call feeling, qualities of the heart, and so on.
    • his parents. The forces of will which express themselves chaotically
    • These thoughts have gone on automatically; they were once imprinted
    • into the body, and the body has gone on automatically in its
    • — everything that one sees. We call it the tapestry of the
    • senses. I will draw it diagrammatically as follows: Here we
    • somewhere else, these atoms call up the impression of colour, sound,
    • then two Privates, O., O., and then still another Private called X,
    • that we cannot understand it by means of purely mathematically
    • think how it would be if you wanted to live logically in the present!
    • systematically from one concept to the next. Now place yourselves in
    • actual event. Is the following event logically connected with it? Can
    • you logically deduce this event from the preceding one? When you
    • diagrammatically indicated here by the eye I have drawn on the
    • the conversation. Try to recall a conversation of this kind which has
    • such as that which is called forth by thinking, — and to learn
    • and a condition which is diametrically opposed to desire. We can say:
    • there is a poem belonging to the old German culture called
  • Title: Psychoanalysis: Lecture V: Connections Between Organic Processes and the Mental Life of Man
    Matching lines:
    • movements are intimately and organically connected with
    • are all of one kind, and the so-called nerves of will exist for
    • they called it hypochondria, meaning a process of
    • arise mainly abnormal phenomena which are usually called
    • theoretically: that these things arise, having been squeezed
    • specifically, hypochondriacal symptoms, depression, in
    • the period between two incarnations — I have called it in
    • the ego passes over into what the old Mysteries called the
    • particularly to knowledge of what they then called the
    • were the two polarities when expressed exoterically, and thus
    • call forth in the next incarnation that strange urge to
    • effect karmically in the next life is prepared in this one, but
    • knowledge, and this barrier is called: the law of the
  • Title: Therapeutic Insights: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • of physically pre-determined tendencies? Particular attention is
    • can be depressed or uplifted in one's soul. Recall how you
    • earth, but there is even an absence of what we call empty
    • empirically — will one have a true botany. Our plant
    • his rhythm. To begin with, all that we call the movement of
    • rhythmically, but beyond that this rhythm has a definite
    • being, but specifically that part of him that is his
    • would probably say, "What you call your seventy-two elements
    • all belong to what we call earth; it is very nice that you
    • We thus can place this watery element schematically somewhere
  • Title: Therapeutic Insights: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • of physically pre-determined tendencies? Particular attention is
    • described what we are accustomed to calling the human etheric
    • be attained practically for human perception if a development
    • what, in an earlier world conception, was called the element
    • ancient times, can be penetrated only by so-called Inspired
    • Just call to mind how anatomical and physiological pictures
    • was shaped artistically in the recitation of the Greek
    • conceptual forms, so-called categories — being,
    • of which only a portion survives today.) “What you call
    • — or it can be called the astral world — can be
    • surrounding the spinal cord rhythmically courses through the
    • indicated often before, they appeal basically to human
    • mood on the basis of which feelings today are called forth,
    • humanity. This is not merely what I would like to call an
  • Title: Therapeutic Insights: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • of physically pre-determined tendencies? Particular attention is
    • of so-called hallucinations, or visions, is looked upon quite
    • one, if it is interfered with — picture, symbolically,
    • molecules, as they are called, become more and more
    • organic a substance is, the less one atom will be chemically
    • chaotically, and even ordinary protein molecules, for
    • like to illustrate this schematically
    • since your last death and that works until what I shall call
    • Basically every
  • Title: Therapeutic Insights: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • of physically pre-determined tendencies? Particular attention is
    • one, because man's movements are intimately and organically
    • so-called nerves of will or motor nerves exist for no other
    • recollections in a state of depression, it was called in
    • over-excitement specifically, hypochondriacal conditions,
    • incarnations — I have called this point, in one of my
    • mysteries called the underworld. On the detour through this
    • two poles of the human being basically meet, through the
    • knowledge of what they called at that time the upper and
    • pushed out and brought into consciousness, that call forth in
    • then raving madness results. Raving madness is basically a
    • that what will work itself out karmically in the next life is
    • earth out of the primeval mist, and human life basically
    • barrier is called the law of the conservation of energy.
    • two statements are diametrically opposed to one another, and
  • Title: Therapeutic Insights: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • of physically pre-determined tendencies? Particular attention is
    • basically unable to see into the spiritual world. Pupils of
    • memory. It is not possible to recall a vision, for the vision
    • recalling it, for a real seeing is a real occult experience
    • consciousness. This can be recalled, and one must call this
    • recalled in the ordinary sense.
    • the ability to recall the events of the day in full clarity
    • indicating schematically that which is really extended over
    • have merely indicated it schematically. What is perceived
    • forces other than those that here on earth we call the will.
    • forming mental images. We basically experience the same thing
    • is thereby actually the average, I would like to call it, of
    • as memory pictures and love. Basically the human being is
    • always want to ride a bicycle and to travel mechanically. He
    • recall that there is a LaPlacian world formula: according to
    • basically — one can already say this — today

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