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  • Title: Lecture: The Human Heart
    Matching lines:
    • and death. Long before this, as I said, we were beings of soul and
    • from what we experience between birth and death here on earth. Hence
    • it is hard to describe the experiences between death and a new birth;
    • experiences he has undergone, between his last death and his present
    • what the human being has experienced between his last death and his
    • Then when man passes through the gate of death, this ethereal-astral
    • into a new cosmic existence, having passed through the gate of death.
    • organism for the forming of karma. For, at death, what is gathered up
    • from the cosmos and retains the tendency, after our death, to give
  • Title: Lecture: Modern and Ancient Spiritual Exercises
    Matching lines:
    • and death. The yogi radiated the ensouled thoughts into the breath. This
    • he did not feel himself living between birth and death in the physical
    • he was living between birth and death into a world of spirit and soul.
    • birth and death in accordance with the human organization as a whole. When
  • Title: Human Soul/Evolution: Lecture II: The True Nature of Memory - 1
    Matching lines:
    • man leaves behind at death, of that which is either buried or
    • wings; and that after death so did spiritual man. However, to
    • the pole of will, all that at death is placed in the grave
    • visible. After a person's death what is still in existence are
    • death can be said to be a birth of will. So you see as regards
    • buried after death. The soul itself weaves its own essential
    • through the portal of death; it is the future.
  • Title: Human Soul/Evolution: Lecture III: The True Nature of Memory - 2
    Matching lines:
    • birth and death we see his life divided into sections which can
  • Title: Human Soul/Evolution: Lecture IV: The Human Soul in Relation to Moon and Stars
    Matching lines:
    • into the realm where we were between death and a new birth.
    • between death and rebirth? There is only one answer: the sun.
  • Title: Human Soul/Evolution: Lecture V: The Human Soul in Relation Sun and Moon
    Matching lines:
    • When we, as ensouled beings between birth and death, let the
    • they could never learn anything relating to birth and death.
    • Particularly about death the Gods knew nothing. But in the
    • Christ would come down, and that on earth he would know death.
    • the Gods, who till then had known neither death nor birth and
    • heredity, would learn to know death. Through knowing death, he
    • the God who has come to know death and birth — the Christ.
    • remains a God after going through death. He does not become
    • man's salvation after death, and, on the other, what points to
    • one is death, the other birth. The kind of ideas that explain
    • death. Death and birth are the two portals that lead out beyond
    • becomes concerned with man's comprehension of death.
    • earth: namely, death and the intimate experience of death
    • not yet know death, and who therefore in primordial times could
    • tell man nothing about death. They were to teach that Christ
    • death. Teachings about the birth and death of Christ have
    • earthly death. In their true form the Christian mysteries
    • Mystery of Golgotha. Birth and death, in the human sense, did
    • Thus, the most fundamental revelation after the death of Christ
  • Title: Human Soul/Evolution: Lecture VI: The Formation of the Etheric and the Astral Heart
    Matching lines:
    • death. But long before this we were spiritual-soul beings in a
    • earth between birth and death. Hence, it is difficult to
    • describe the experiences between death and new
    • death and his present birth. Much, very much is to be seen in
    • last death. This astral body is extraordinarily differentiated
    • When man goes through the portal of death and lays aside his
    • through the gate of death and enter a new cosmic existence, we
    • death ever more cosmic. In the next earthly life, it is again
    • to hand over our deeds after death to the cosmos. The laws that
  • Title: Human Soul/Evolution: Lecture VII: Modern and Ancient Spiritual Exercises
    Matching lines:
    • between birth and death. The Yogi radiated the ensouled
    • not feel himself living between birth and death in the physical
    • between birth and death into a world of spirit and
    • physical organism between birth and death in accordance

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