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  • Title: Philosophy/Cosmology/Religion: Lecture II: Exercises of Thought, Feeling and Volition
    Matching lines:
    • earth, and how it takes on the cloak of the physical organism through
    • earthly phenomenon, and that which man brings with him from the
  • Title: Philosophy/Cosmology/Religion: Lecture III: Methods of Imaginative, Inspired and Intuitive Knowledge or Cognition
    Matching lines:
    • a review of the course of our own past life on earth. We see it as it
    • beings. He attains a condition of experience which alone on earth the
  • Title: Philosophy/Cosmology/Religion: Lecture IV: Exercises of Cognition and Will
    Matching lines:
    • man, which during his life on earth exists in the reflection of the
    • of the earth-life.
    • In the same way, from a higher stage of vision, one recognizes earthly
    • the spiritual, psychic world into his life on earth. The nature of
    • earthly thought is as little comprehensible from itself as the form of
    • must recognize earthly thought as dead thought, if we want to
    • completely see the nature of earthly will. This is recognized in a
    • intends to form its ideas only on the experience of life on earth. It
    • before life on earth began; but we bring to life in us a true picture
    • during the earth-life is brought to life again in the subconscious
    • life on earth, independent of it. So, since we do not stand still at
    • earth-life, and not to a vision of the condition of the human spirit
    • self-experience of what is evident in the earth-life, but which
  • Title: Philosophy/Cosmology/Religion: Lecture V: Experiences of the Soul in Sleep
    Matching lines:
    • souls with which it had come into contact in earthly life. Considered
    • intuitively this leads to certainty on the subject of repeated earth
    • life; for these earth-lives reveal themselves in their relation to the
    • the predestined course of earthly life. In fact, what older
    • in their sleep back to their presence on earth. Naturally these same
    • holding on to his earthly life from birth or conception to death.
  • Title: Philosophy/Cosmology/Religion: Lecture VI: Transference from the Psycho-Spiritual to the Physical Sense-life in man's Development
    Matching lines:
    • being part of this earth. The contemplation of that state in which man
    • his turning towards earthly life makes it clear that then he is not
    • sees in connection with himself in his pre-earthly spiritual state, is
    • During his pre-earthly existence man lives in the cosmic creation
    • Man has his pre-earthly existence in the active recognition of the
    • As during his existence on earth he perceives through his senses a
    • physical world round him in which he is active, so in his pre-earthly
    • psycho-spiritual man experiences in his pre-earthly existence, a whole
    • pre-earthly state, and in which he is active. He experiences it in its
    • representing the content of consciousness in the pre-earthly state.
    • In the further course of pre-earthly existence the conscious
    • recognition of the growth of the future earth-organism becomes
    • soul of man passes a later period of its pre-earthly existence. It no
    • reproductive development within the existence on earth. The previous
    • before his physical organism receives him on earth. The events
    • belonging to earthly existence and following an accomplished
    • pre-earthly life of the soul, have brought the growth of the physical
    • man thus begins his earthly career.
    • the world-ether, is an experience foreign to earth, for it is passed
  • Title: Philosophy/Cosmology/Religion: Lecture VII: The Relationship of Christ with Humanity
    Matching lines:
    • its reference to man's development on earth.
    • worlds was made manifest in the man Jesus on earth.
    • human soul has passed in its pre-earthly existence, learns also to
    • Our earthly souls have attained the condition in which they now live
    • dream-like experience of his pre-earthly existence. He felt his
    • pre-earthly soul-nature as an echo of what he had gone through. On the
    • an echo from pre-earthly existence grew ever fainter. Man's knowledge
    • sense-life on earth told him.
    • occurring in the evolution of the earth.
    • The Christ came down to earthly existence from those worlds in which
    • man had passed his pre-earthly life. By combining the experience of
    • pre-earthly life a gift of grace from that spiritual Sun-Being which
    • worlds of pre-earthly existence that he could carry into the earthly
    • life, had descended as the Christ upon the physical earth and taken
    • had descended from spiritual worlds to an earthly one. The teachers of
    • coming from a higher world down to the earth.
    • Christ a Being of the spiritual world before his descent to earth.
    • knowledge in ‘Dogmas of Belief’ for the Earth. The
    • In the consciousness which early man had of his pre-earthly existence,
    • after death on earth.
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  • Title: Philosophy/Cosmology/Religion: Lecture VIII: The Event of Death and Its Relationship with the Christ
    Matching lines:
    • of man's earthly life.
    • continued activity of the spiritual in the organization of the earthly
    • This part of the soul disappears during earthly life by
    • This is the case with that part of it which in earthly existence is
    • This is the part in which continues to live during earthly existence
    • form-life during earthly existence, rises again on the other side to
    • physical body and earthly life.
  • Title: Philosophy/Cosmology/Religion: Lecture IX: The Destination of the Ego-Consciousness in Conjunction with the Christ-problem
    Matching lines:
    • THE life of the soul in its earthly existence is passed in the facts
    • experience remains unconscious during the stay on earth. The soul is
    • earthly course of man manifests itself. And a copy of the outer world
    • pre-earthly existence; in the ego exists the eternal central being of
    • the pre-earthly existence. This activity has not changed in kind
    • during its earthly existence from what it was in its pre-earthly
    • tendency during earthly existence. The physical organization resists
    • existence on earth act in rebuilding the physical organism.
    • during his existence on earth. Only this death is vanquished day by
    • accompanies human life during existence on earth as a tendency, as an
    • on earth man is prevented from seeing his etheric and astral
    • been removed. The picture of his life on earth just passed through
    • physical and etheric organism during existence on earth, namely, his
    • consciousness during existence on earth. Its entry is prevented
    • in earthly life he looked upon himself as a physical being. He now has
    • an inner life formed by the moral quality of his activity on earth. He
    • on man's earthly activities is presented as facts to his soul.
    • during existence on earth. This rhythm appears as a cosmic imitation
    • of his activity on earth. And into this imitative experience the
    • breathing during existence on earth. In conscious cosmic experience we
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  • Title: Philosophy/Cosmology/Religion: Lecture X: On Experiencing the Will-Part of the Soul
    Matching lines:
    • moment of earthly development. The human organism is now so
    • in its earthly form cannot be a foundation for it, then the experience
    • less normal course of human life on earth. It differs in childhood
    • combination of facts. The evaluation of human earth-activity completed
    • which during life on earth grows up in the unconscious region of the
    • human being. This spiritual-psychic being represents whatever earthly
    • earthly life, because his physical and etheric organism with their
    • forms predestined from former earth life, make it impossible.
    • results of the earth-life can be transformed in the subsequent
    • arisen during earth-life in the spiritual and psychic part of him. For
    • future physical earth-organism. Man then still has a tendency to look
    • back at his earthly life because of his moral qualities acquired
    • death man lives turned towards the earth and is permeated with those
    • the earth, but he is indirectly connected with it through a
    • man during his presence on earth has developed into a real value in
    • earth. But for the development of the spirit-cell for the future
    • the earth. This he can only do by cutting himself loose at the same
    • earth begins. Man enters once more into the lunar sphere and finds
    • future life on earth.
    • contemplative and active sympathy with the earthly life of Christ and
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  • Title: Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion: Lecture I: The Three Steps of Anthroposophy
    Matching lines:
    • at a certain place on the earth, he wants to understand in how
  • Title: Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion: Lecture II: Soul Exercises in Thinking, Feeling, and Willing
    Matching lines:
    • earth and clothed itself in a physical and etheric body. Man
    • earth, and what man brings with him out of the supersensible,
    • earthly world and only clothes itself in the physical and
  • Title: Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion: Lecture III: The Imaginative, Inspirative, and Intuitive Method of Cognition
    Matching lines:
    • concerning, at the outset, his earthly life. How we can
    • acquire knowledge of life beyond the earth will be shown during
    • within earth life. When one thus relates the spiritual
    • also of things on the physical earth, for example, the minerals
    • a particular 'middle epoch' of earth-humanity's
    • middle period of earth evolution, and its transformation into
    • humanity on our earth in the beginning of human
    • development on earth, followed his physical processes
    • life on earth in a physical body. In earth life we are
    • earth, who still lived in direct connection with the gods
  • Title: Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion: Lecture IV: Cognition and Will Exercises
    Matching lines:
    • of earth existence behind man's thinking, feeling and willing.
    • within the framework of earth life. He learns to know what he
    • that his soul-spiritual being begins with earthly life and ends
    • earth life but does not come so far as to perceive this
    • way one attains a perception of the soul's pre-earthly
    • before it received on earth, I may say, the first atom of
    • in the ordinary consciousness of our earth life. Even with the
    • now I am to make clear how the real nature of man's earthly
    • something which during earthly life is continually passing over
    • present before man came into earth-existence, but instead was a
    • earth. It has remained just as a corpse remains of the living
    • earthly thinking back to a supersensible, life-filled
    • earth existence. On earth, it is only expressed in a
    • within physical earth-existence. To acquire inspired knowledge
    • know that it did not originate here on earth but that it
    • radiates out of a pre-earthly human existence into man's
    • existence here on earth. We recognize through the picture's
    • soul in pre-earthly existence.
    • for man as they have done during earth life. What happens
    • otherwise here in earth life he is within his physical and
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  • Title: Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion: Lecture V: The Soul's Experiences in Sleep
    Matching lines:
    • lived on earth before the Mystery of Golgotha. They received
    • earth. We actually have within us, I might say,
    • with other human souls in successive earth lives. They
    • observe that this experience of repeated earth lives also plays
    • perceives what the soul experiences, that repeated earth lives
    • repeated earth lives presents itself because these
    • certain earth life, another points to another life, and so on.
    • of repeated earth lives and karma appears before the soul as
    • This is not as it is in earth life, where on the one side we
    • experienced as far as earthly existence is concerned only in
    • experienced every night by the soul of how man enters earth
    • repeated earth lives will be considered in the next two
  • Title: Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion: Lecture VI: The Transition from the Soul-Spiritual Existence in Human Development to the Sensory-Physical
    Matching lines:
    • pre-earthly existence prior to his descent from the spiritual
    • Such a physical-etheric organism is not present in pre-earthly
    • pre-earthly existence he experiences a kind of cosmos as his ,
    • pre-earthly life, is a kind of cosmic seed of the later
    • himself when he descends to earth existence. Just think
    • of everything earthly man possesses as his physical
    • in pre-earthly existence as a cosmos, this germ is immeasurably
    • for the spiritual, the pre-earthly existence — the word
    • for in pre-earthly existence one does not experience space as
    • language to characterize these conditions of pre-earthly
    • Thus, we must picture to ourselves that in his pre-earthly
    • being-together with other beings at this stage of pre-earthly
    • perception by intuition is a living reality for pre-earthly
    • possess finished and completed form — in pre-earthly life
    • our pre-earthly life we labor to make our physical organism as
    • it should be. We incorporate into it what later in earth life
    • molded purposefully to serve as our future earth organism.
    • this pre-earthly condition, we possess consciousness because we
    • them in the form described by me yesterday. In the pre-earthly
    • differing from that of earth life. It is a bright, clearer
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  • Title: Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion: Lecture VII: Christ in His Relationship to Mankind and the Riddle of Death
    Matching lines:
    • world during pre-earthly existence, makes his transition to the
    • physical earth. If we want to place before our souls the very
    • the evolution of earth-humanity, it is absolutely necessary to
    • acknowledge the pre-earthly existence of man and thus come to
    • regions right down into earth existence. This Being had lived
    • an earthly form and began his earthly activity.
    • evolution on earth through most significant and important
    • passed through since the primeval times of earth evolution, are
    • was also an echo of pre-earthly existence. The human being of
    • entering earthly life. Men of this ancient time knew of this
    • after-image of their pre-earthly existence, and at the
    • an earthly existence, and the power of this sun being has
    • among my soul experiences during the sojourn on earth, I also
    • have this, namely, that in looking back upon my pre-earthly
    • human death on earth was no special riddle. He was supported by
    • the power of his initiates and knew of his pre-earthly
    • something within him that had at the beginning of his earthly
    • self-knowledge that looked back in direct vision to pre-earthly
    • into earthly existence.
    • granting them a vision of an after-image of pre-earthly life,
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  • Title: Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion: Lecture VIII: Ordinary and Higher Consciousness
    Matching lines:
    • consciousness, and back again. While the ordinary, earthly view
    • perception, so you now experience your own past on earth, all
    • into the physical body during earthly life. But you can also
    • physical earth existence, for you must be able to live in a
    • of pre-earthly existence. Now, let us look more into earthly
    • conception by means of earthly life.
    • pre-earthly existence relates to what a man bears as
    • physical body in earthly life, we can arrive at the
    • that man also possesses in pre-earthly existence — is
    • still present in pre-earthly life, it now actually disappears;
    • in pre-earthly life but disappears as a soul-spiritual element
    • the moment man arrives on the earth. Traces of it remain
    • pre-earthly life and then, on earth, it receives a kind of
    • soul-spiritual element of our pre-earthly existence. Look at
    • pre-earthly sojourn. This part of pre-earthly soul life
    • metamorphosis of what we possess in our pre-earthly life, and
    • our pre-earthly existence, this head is a real mirror for
    • experienced thoughts of the pre-earthly life. This way it is a
    • when man dwelt in pre-earthly life without physical and
    • for everything a person has undergone during earth life in the
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  • Title: Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion: Lecture IX: The Continuation of Ego Consciousness after Death in Relation to the Christ
    Matching lines:
    • ordinary earthly soul life runs its course in the
    • of the physical body. When man is awake in earthly life,
    • astral organism is adapted and attuned to man's pre-earthly
    • body's cosmic spirit form as it did in pre-earthly existence.
    • not directed to the earthly metamorphosis of the physical body,
    • accustomed to from pre-earthly life. The physical head
    • you can see that in earth existence, due to waking
    • finds its way into earthly life more in the form in which it is
    • active in pre-earthly existence. This part of man's astral body
    • pre-earthly, cosmic sojourn lives in the rhythmic-organic
    • which has remained as it was in pre-earthly existence, which
    • already in pre-earthly life and which — distinctly for
    • of what it experienced on earth while within the physical body.
    • processes of breathing and circulation during earthly
    • reflection during earth life in physical breathing and the
    • brought along from earthly life. He experiences his
    • bad, wise or foolish during life on earth. This is a kind of
    • not an anti-moral process that is reflected on earth in the
    • experiences on earth, is carried out through the gate of death
    • which he must bear within him in a new earth life. It could not
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  • Title: Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion: Lecture X: The Experience of the Soul's Will Nature
    Matching lines:
    • existence on earth come to expression in thinking, feeling and
    • even during life on earth. When, through intuition, you
    • feeling, and has its true reality in earthly life only in the
    • effects up into ordinary consciousness at all during earthly
    • that corresponds to the will. In the course of earthly life, we
    • in pre-earthly life. It is hindered now only by the presence of
    • bear this being through the portal of death when our earthly
    • sojourn on earth. When we bring it to a close we carry the
    • death his consciousness, until now only an earthly one,
    • accustomed on earth to live in a physical organization
    • earthly life in the light of the above described conditions.
    • course of our life just completed on earth, for that is the
    • earthly life that we have just completed. The course of our
    • develops to make amends for it in an action in the next earth
    • repeated earth lives is created in this manner. But at the same
    • present it from the standpoint of human earth life in this way
    • being contained within him from the past earthly life, namely
    • his last earth life. The being that he has brought with him,
    • flowed out of his last earth life. He clings to it with all the
    • This is spoken from the standpoint of human earth
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