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  • Title: Lecture: The Ear
    Matching lines:
    • unconscious being, when in our early childhood we acquire human
    • space now finds expression in the little child's learning to walk and
    • on Earth the child-like man is still within you in your later life.
  • Title: Memory and Love
    Matching lines:
    • child up to the change of teeth. You will observe how the power of
    • elementary. The child has a certain memory, but it becomes an
    • is complete in its development when the child is ripe for school.
    • this, by building too much on memory we make the child rigid and create
    • children before the change of teeth, it is a question of their receiving
  • Title: Spiritual Relations in the Configuration of the Human Organism: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • and retains only the plastic formative forces. If we look at the child
    • bring to a child in education or instruction between the seventh and
    • long enough. You can, if you look only out for that which the child
    • him and what he comprehends, teach the child what he wants to grasp
    • children's cramps. These common cramps are based on nothing else than
    • on the necessity that with the child the astral organism and the ego
    • cramp-like conditions come about as can especially appear in children's
  • Title: Spiritual Relations in the Configuration of the Human Organism: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • to be formed during childhood, but continuously because our organs are
    • much more has to be worked on this in childhood. But later on these
  • Title: Spiritual Relations in the Configuration of the Human Organism: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • quantity of light into their organism. We know that children who at
    • how frequently rickets occurs among children who live in city apartments,
    • where little light enters, and how little children are inclined to rickets
    • if we keep the children in school immobile. For example, it is always
    • quite grievous for me to see the children use any kind of finished triangle,
    • shifted. This is the point: that the children get the conception in
    • people who want their peace and quiet, who are already angry, when children
  • Title: Lecture: Planetary Spheres: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • in him the force of childlike growth — nay, even before his
    • — it takes a third as long as earthly life. (Children who have
    • died go through it quickly: while for very little children, you will
    • we had as a little child. For we are now in a state of consciousness
    • of childhood. There are distinctly these three stages. If a man lived
    • dream-consciousness of childhood, he will have lived in fuller
    • therefore quite simply: a child who dies will live only for a short
  • Title: Lecture: Concealed Aspects of Human Existence
    Matching lines:
    • future mankind will learn again, not only to insure that a child shall
  • Title: Exact Clairvoyance and Ideal Magic
    Matching lines:
    • say to ourselves; Once upon a time we were children and we then
    • education or through life itself. Even as from childhood
    • childhood. These slumbering capacities may be drawn out
    • connection which they discover between the child's dreaming
    • childhood to this more emancipated state. In addition to the
    • childhood and our ordinary consciousness, we thus learn to know
    • When an initiate looks back upon his earliest childhood, he
    • consciousness which we have in childhood. We learn to
    • childhood existence; the life after death lasts for many
  • Title: First Steps in Supersensible Perception
    Matching lines:
    • intellectual humility, saying to ourselves: “I was once a child and
    • previously function have unfolded since childhood; and the question
    • in his soul during childhood? Provided that certain methods are put into
    • earliest childhood.
    • consciousness has no remembrance of these first years of childhood. The
    • consciousness as an adult and this dim consciousness of early childhood;
    • consciousness of childhood into the clearer consciousness of adult years.
    • And with knowledge of how the dream-like consciousness of childhood is
    • move freely in the spiritual world just as after early childhood when he
    • consciousness of childhood is related to that of ordinary adult life, he
    • to his earliest childhood, he knows that as the years advance, the easier
    • childhood is related to these forty years, we learn to recognise that the
    • dreamy life of earliest childhood; hence the life after death lasts for

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