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  • Title: Memory and Love
    Matching lines:
    • have to live through our deeds again with our ego and our astral body.
    • life through love. For love discloses its meaning when with his ego and
    • a true artist who in a pronounced way is impelled to be an egotist in
    • of love closely with their own being. Altruism and egotism unite in one
  • Title: Spiritual Relations in the Configuration of the Human Organism: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • organism and the ego. From the way that man goes into the sleeping state
    • on the other side ego and astral organism. Though in waking state these
    • one side ego and astral body, so to speak, hold together, and on the
    • organism do not unite as strongly as, for example, ego and astral organism,
    • what happens first is a play of processes in the ego and the astral
    • diagram) as the ego (naturally, it then goes farther into the organism)
    • seeing, are the processes in the ego and in the astral organism.
    • ego, from this red. You cannot do that. You are this red. You
    • red surface, that you are an ego. You have to separate first the ego.
    • and the ego have flown together. And it is the same with the astral
    • to look at, where we are seeing, are processes in the ego and the astral
    • the ego. That is what streams into here, and also streams further on.
    • the impression from outside, which had at first really been in the ego
    • way in the ego and astral body and those which come to meet these as
    • under the impulse of the ego. On the ways and means, how these two currents
    • and even of the ego; it is an image of their descent from super earthly
    • you, or what one reads is, at first, in the ego and the astral body
    • the next night. There it goes out with the astral body and the ego.
    • you experience yourself as an ego? You experience yourself because your
    • on the necessity that with the child the astral organism and the ego
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  • Title: Spiritual Relations in the Configuration of the Human Organism: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • the whole can he driven into the astral body. But now the ego also must
    • ego.
    • give us a configuration in which the ego takes part in the whole, if
    • into our very ego. The gall and liver-system is also found only in the
    • the whole now so, that it is taken hold of by the ego. If only that
    • liver products (diagram 1, blue), all this is driven into the ego organism.
    • This way also our ego organism takes part through the liver, which has
    • astral and his own etheric being and into his ego-system.
    • the human being, physical body, etheric body, astral body and ego are
    • ego. That alone gives them their character. Without considering this,
    • with all those activities of man which go beyond the ego, which approach
    • itself only to the egotistic instincts of man for life after death.
    • of the world. Otherwise one generally has just an egotistic point of
    • view, which speculates on the egotistic motives of man, but does not
    • up, killed, revived, astralized, transformed into the ego — only
    • to the Ego. Then the whole can be caught up by the activity of the spleen
  • Title: Lecture: Planetary Spheres: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • explained to you, nothing like so strong an ego-consciousness as he
    • has now. In the daytime, when he was awake, his ego-consciousness was
    • through the door. We press our I, our ego, right into the physical
  • Title: Lecture: Planetary Spheres: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • the working of natural law are in quite another category from the
    • out-and-out egoist. But that will mean that he, as an egoist,
    • become an ego-less dreamer, who is, as one says, “not in his
    • ego-less dreamers. And so you have no choice but to continue this
  • Title: Lecture: Concealed Aspects of Human Existence
    Matching lines:
    • awakening, when he immerses himself with his ego and his astral body
    • night. The human soul, the astral organism, and the ego being, leave
    • an inner ego develops more and more within the soul consciousness.
    • Higher Hierarchies; the ego has no inner strength; it becomes
    • arises in him to reincarnate upon the earth. Just while the ego
    • existence, for an ego consciousness in his body.
    • physical body, in the form of astral body and ego organization,
    • ego consciousness has become so bright upon the earth that it becomes
    • brighter our ego consciousness is by means of the physical body only,

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