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  • Title: Lecture: The Ear
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    • fully into the forces of gravity, is a thing we only learn to do after
    • our birth. Only then do we learn to orientate ourselves into the three
    • Not until we are here on Earth do we learn to speak. Yet this, in a
    • space now finds expression in the little child's learning to walk and
    • to stand upright. We only finish learning this after our birth. For we
    • This, then, is one thing that we finish learning here on Earth. We
    • pre-earthly life. And when we learn to speak and sing, it is a second
    • surrounding sphere, in the horizon of the Earth. Lastly we learn to
    • finish learning on the Earth. Nevertheless they are metamorphoses of
    • With the ear we learn to hear; with the larynx and other organs that
    • lie towards and within the mouth itself, we learn to speak and sing.
    • connected with it. Suppose it is your intention to learn about the
    • text-book of anatomy or physiology according as you want to learn
    • play by what we learn — to begin with, for our heads — just
    • come to it by inner activity. Ordinary learning is acquired in certain
    • that remains. He who arises to Imaginative knowledge gradually learns
    • an eye?’ For what a man learns through Anthroposophical spiritual
    • world, he learns to receive — with the Spirit — the Good
    • Man learns to receive, with the Spirit, what is Good. And if he does
  • Title: Memory and Love
    Matching lines:
    • initiation-knowledge, we learn how this is to be understood.
    • strong in proportion to the clearness with which between death and a new
    • that we have gradually to unlearn flying and learn to walk. You
    • he learns what he needs in sleep for experiencing in reverse, fully and
  • Title: Lecture: The Experiences of Sleep and their Spiritual Background
    Matching lines:
    • admit that, taking what can be learned about the experiences of the soul
    • world. No, on the contrary, we learn to be more and more definite; and
    • and culture if men will not learn to extend to the spiritual world the
    • actually, in this experience, planetary qualities; we learn to know the
    • of man on Earth. In the third stage we learn to know the Sun in its
    • we learn that as by day we have in us stomach and lung and heart, so by
    • knowledge of the experience of the fixed stars, then we learn at the
  • Title: Spiritual Relations in the Configuration of the Human Organism: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • But only then does one learn to understand the world. Only then does
    • one also learn to strive upwards towards a true religious comprehension
    • can learn, especially if one observes this in the outermost ramifications
  • Title: Spiritual Relations in the Configuration of the Human Organism: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • goal. The first is that one learns to know what is related there; but
    • the light, it should learn to judge in a light-filled way.
    • at least to expand itself. That is how one must learn to look at things;
    • one must learn to see things in living movement. That is what confronts
    • only if we learn to try to look at all things in the way I have tried
  • Title: Lecture: Planetary Spheres: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • spiritual kind, and we must now learn to add to our physical
    • of anthroposophical science. When with this help we have learned to
  • Title: Lecture: Planetary Spheres: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • manifest when we have learned to look with keen and discerning
  • Title: Lecture: Planetary Spheres: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • Leader. Now after death, we really learn to know what Initiation
    • received by Initiation Science even into earthly life. We learn to
    • the Moon — through the Jahve Powers — that we learn the
    • in effect, is the relation to the human being of all the learning and
    • well. Through the present leadership of Michael man will now learn to
    • when we shall learn to prepare the physical body even for one
    • depends on man's learning really to live with the spiritual world as
    • learn to be at home again in the spiritual world as it was in the
  • Title: The Experiences of Sleep and their Spiritual Background
    Matching lines:
    • can be learned about the experiences of the soul with the ordinary
    • of the world. No, on the contrary, we learn to be more and more
    • lower in civilization and culture if men will not learn to extend to
    • this experience, planetary qualities; we learn to know the
    • life of man on Earth. In the third stage we learn to know the Sun in
    • copies of the planetary movements. And now we learn that as by day we
    • learn at the same time that the forces which lead man back again into
  • Title: Lecture: Concealed Aspects of Human Existence
    Matching lines:
    • future mankind will learn again, not only to insure that a child shall
    • objection is to be made to this — but mankind will learn again to
    • We shall simply have to learn to think of the human being not only in
    • spiritual. Only as the human being learns again to know of his
    • order to acquire a knowledge of matter. But we do not learn to know it
  • Title: Exact Clairvoyance and Ideal Magic
    Matching lines:
    • Those who apply these methods and thus learn to live in thought
    • the sphere of pure thinking, we learn to look into our inner
    • only have a physical body, a spatial body. We then learn to
    • organism and shape our activities. We thus learn to know of the
    • of Nature which reaches as far as the starry spheres. We learn
    • to know this etheric world. And we learn to experience our own
    • being within this etheric world, and at the same time we learn
    • them by learning to know them in advance, in a fully
    • experiences must be judged in the right way. We learn to know
    • stage of exact clairvoyance of a higher kind, we now learn to
    • supersensible sphere, that is to say, when we learn to
    • his physical existence. We therefore learn to know a life which
    • thus learn to know the experiences of the human being after
    • earthly life. We then learn to know the experiences which
    • follow this stage of existence, namely we learn to know that
    • thing which we learned to know by contemplating the experiences
    • which we perceive past things through memory. We thus learn to
    • them spiritually — we learn to acquire a right and true
    • And we learn to know this life. It is a new form of existence,
    • learn to know our purely spiritual essence within a spiritual
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  • Title: First Steps in Supersensible Perception
    Matching lines:
    • applies such methods to himself, learning thereby to live in his thoughts
    • unfolded, we learn to look inwards just as in ordinary existence we can look
    • activities. He thus learns to know the reality of a second man within
    • learn gradually to see it
    • clairvoyance, we learn to know what really comes to pass in us during sleep.
    • life, looking back over the course of his earthly existence. We learn to know
    • through an act of recollection or remembrance. Thus, we learn to know that
    • course through a physical world. We learn to know ourselves as beings of pure
    • will into the life of soul in this way through ideal magic, we learn
    • freely in the spiritual world. He learns to move freely in the spiritual world
    • learnt to move about freely in the physical body. In addition, therefore, to
    • ordinary adult life, he learns to know how ordinary consciousness is related
    • after death. And then we learn to
    • related to these forty years, we learn to recognise that the spiritual life
    • is able to speak about the physical world. As we learn to penetrate more and
  • Title: The Relation of Anthroposophy to Christianity
    Matching lines:
    • learned from their Teachers that when man has passed through the gate of death
    • their gaze to the supersensible world, men of later time must learn on the
    • his Guru in olden days had been a means whereby men had learned to look
    • reality is attained. We learn to look away from the Earth of which natural
    • Golgotha and we must learn to contemplate in a picture from which every
    • already acquired. Man also learns to understand Jesus of Nazareth, realising
    • learns to know the inner depths of human nature for he has entered into these
    • age must, above all else, inwardly deepen his soul. He must learn to look

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