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  • Title: Memory and Love
    Matching lines:
    • our personality, which is fundamentally identical with the consciousness
    • into personalities here on earth. And remembering is the echo of what I
    • before, a healthy, thoughtful person will not take it for a present
    • without love. This hems him in. Loveless persons sleep as if — to
  • Title: Lecture: The Experiences of Sleep and their Spiritual Background
    Matching lines:
    • open-minded person can, with no more than the ordinary means of
    • From being personal and human our life becomes cosmic during sleep. And
  • Title: Spiritual Relations in the Configuration of the Human Organism: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • to the way a person is orgainized a certain measure of balance is there.
    • strongly, then the person cannot become a statue sufficiently. You only
  • Title: Spiritual Relations in the Configuration of the Human Organism: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • and then, under certain circumstances the person will be made into an
    • a “spleeny”, depressive person — one without the will
  • Title: Spiritual Relations in the Configuration of the Human Organism: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • For the person who can see
    • the phenomenon that a person experienced the decay of his organs in
    • death in the situation where we would say today: this person is ill.
    • a person had become ill in the sense we understand, but one spoke about
    • of this type of illness. One then said to oneself: this person has become
    • in such a case one said: this person has become too dependent upon the
    • himself. Therefore one said to oneself if a person has been taken ill
    • one said to oneself: if the person lives there, then he is too strongly
    • person has too many effects of the earth in himself — because
    • of the cosmos. One investigated now, how far this person is influenced
    • by this season in particular. In olden times the dependence of a person
    • today by a person's complexion, e.g., if someone is pale, that he is
    • a good practice if one person or another who cannot tolerate this or
    • dear friends. And the person who says: this remains far away from what
    • That varies for the individual — every person is an individuality
  • Title: Lecture: Planetary Spheres: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • suppose a physician of this kind found that the person who had come
    • such a person: When the Moon is full, try going out for a walk in its
    • he knew that when a person goes for a walk in the light of the Moon,
    • the fact that the person in question had held on too strongly to
  • Title: Lecture: Planetary Spheres: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • persons readily fall a prey to these beings who seek to
    • victorious in the physical body of some person, victorious, that is,
    • senses. The result would be that the person would succumb to
    • a victory over these powers, then the person concerned succumbs to
    • are victorious over the Ahrimanic in the ether-body, then the person
    • seem, the fact that the person becomes addicted to lying is a weapon
    • ether body, then the person would become possessed — possessed
    • they are stuck fast in the ether-body, because the person is
    • The person in question will in this case tend to become an
    • the person is liable to turn into a dreamer in the astral body, to
    • approach the sick person undisturbed by Lucifer and Ahriman, and
  • Title: Lecture: Planetary Spheres: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • person's Karma not to be able to come near to Anthroposophy owing to
  • Title: The Experiences of Sleep and their Spiritual Background
    Matching lines:
    • serious and open-minded person can, with no more than the ordinary
    • say, in a little planetary cosmos. From being personal and human our
  • Title: Lecture: Concealed Aspects of Human Existence
    Matching lines:
    • persons — he would be in this state of anxiety and of longing for
    • instance, the human being will be a male or a female personality in
    • observe whether this or that person has within him forces of Saturn or
    • earth, as every impartial person feels today. We shall have to be much
    • possess spiritual knowledge. Just as little as a person needs to know
    • as little does a person need to be clairvoyant in order to be
    • required in order to eat. Likewise there must be clairvoyant persons
  • Title: Exact Clairvoyance and Ideal Magic
    Matching lines:
    • knowledge of the supersensible world. But a modern person
    • have before, so in a grown-up person there are certain dormant
    • person, and they must consist of a careful system, that is to
    • firmness as human beings, as human personalities.
    • there before us, because we see it with our eyes. A person who
    • heart, etc., so we have a cosmic, not a personal human state of
    • of his waking life, a person who is awake two thirds of his
    • person has, for example, reached the age of thirty, he will
    • faster, that is to say, in ten years. If a person has reached
    • as it were, a consciousness of our moral personality, of
    • a person who attains supersensible insight into these
    • different person. This is how life transforms us. We completely
    • belongs to a beloved person here on earth no longer constitutes
  • Title: First Steps in Supersensible Perception
    Matching lines:
    • personality. He experiences his own self in his ether-body. In this
    • looking at a quartz crystal. It is there before our eyes. A person who is
    • of falling asleep to the moment of waking we have, in very truth, not a personal,
  • Title: The Relation of Anthroposophy to Christianity
    Matching lines:

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