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  • Title: Driving Force: Lecture I
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    • ordinary way — physical body, etheric body, astral body
    • the hours of waking life only. The physical body is closely
    • linked with the etheric body on the one side and, on the
    • other, the astral body and ego are separated during sleep
    • physical body which has received its stamp from the etheric
    • body. It is certainly correct to say this, for everything
    • the physical body alone but to the activity of the etheric
    • body or body of formative forces within the physical body. It
    • the astral body, eludes outer observation and even for the
    • birth to death his physical body and etheric body undergo
    • formation of the physical body, in what comes to expression
    • physical body — although in reality it is all an
    • evolutionary process — that of the ego and astral body
    • from the developed physical body; the individual is no longer
    • acquired by the physical body and of what in turn works back
    • upon the soul from the physical body.
    • astral body we should reach definite conclusions about this
    • childhood the human being has an astral body and an ego in
    • ego and astral body could be observed from the moment of
    • human being, but observation of the ego and the astral body
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  • Title: Driving Force: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • definite configuration, only not clothed in a physical body,
    • body he is connected with the physical forces of Nature.
    • being elaborates his physical body in particular during the
    • first seven years of his life and his etheric body, or body
    • being consisting of ego and astral body who is separated
    • night the ego and astral body of a grown-up individual pass
    • the firm cohesion between the ego, astral body, etheric body
    • and physical body lasts for brief periods only. The
    • astral body during the periods of sleep. Although in an adult
    • he is asleep, his ego and his astral body are not subject to
    • the ego and astral body are in a super-sensible world that is
    • which the ego and astral body must pass from the time of
    • the ego and the astral body pass into the world of Angeloi and
    • physical body but yet are not of a purely super-sensible
    • ego and astral body — with the invisible, supernatural
    • body between birth and death could be described, just as the
    • physical body and the etheric body is described.
    • very definite is in prospect for the ego and the astral body
    • do the ego and the astral body experience, to begin with in
    • body and in his etheric body during his waking hours, and out
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  • Title: Driving Force: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • ego and astral body — organs which, if I may be
    • astral body, which runs parallel with the biography lived
    • Exousiai to man. Somebody who begins to acquire super-sensible
    • body. He interweaves musical and bodily nature. That is why
    • physical and an etheric body. We might say that man removes
    • thus say: The world of tones draws my ego and my astral body
    • feeling was then perceived by him outside his physical body
    • mood was experienced by him outside his body as the cosmic
    • of these three, the way which helps him to leave his body in
  • Title: Driving Force: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • developing his physical body; then comes the point where he
    • is able to develop his etheric body as well — this
    • astral body; until his twenty-eighth year the sentient soul;
    • processes operating in the physical body of the human being
    • organization of the plant is permeated by its ether body. But
    • no astral body within it but the astrality touches
    • which does not, as a rule, combine with the ether-body or
    • physical body of the plant.
    • etheric and absorb into our own ether-body the dynamic
    • which have a physical body and an etheric body in their
    • into clouded, somnolent states because his astral body is not
    • established firmly enough in the physical body of his brain.
    • negative. And so by energizing the etheric body of his lower
    • body and bringing into it a firm form through the taking of
    • belladonna the etheric body is reinforced by strong
    • within the etheric body of the lower man. This strong
    • not the case; processes in the lower body generate processes
    • etheric body, it can be seen distinctly how a form lights up
    • in the etheric body of the lower body (red in diagram), while
    • in the etheric body of the head, now darkened, the form is
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  • Title: Driving Force: Lecture VII
    Matching lines:
    • particular configuration of the physical body of man when he
    • because the whole natural tendency of his soul and Body was

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