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  • Title: Driving Force: Lecture I
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    • today. His intercourse with other people and the different
    • of his being which happens to man at least once a day in the
    • spoken during the day echoes on — admittedly in reverse
    • again as they sound through our mouth during the day; it is
    • is a remarkable fact. In everyday life man is not conscious
    • echoes of earthly speech. The words spoken during the daytime
    • must weigh heavily upon those who have knowledge today of a
    • the language used. Today we find that individuals who are
    • fact that in our days children grow up with a language whose
    • souls today something that causes them to say unconsciously
    • with which in many ways nowadays, youth faces the old. This
    • attitude of the young human being to the old today? He cannot
    • phenomena of modern culture can never be understood today if
    • And what the young today see in Schiller they often disdain
    • the wings which in his days lifted men into the realm of
    • ideals. And when Schiller is introduced to youth today with
    • is today does not really amount to more than a medium of
    • exists today among all civilized peoples, fetters the soul
    • of puberty onwards the human being today ought to bring with
    • brain during waking hours in such a way that in his everyday
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  • Title: Driving Force: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • The lecture yesterday will have made it
    • forces spoken of in orthodox science today. As we heard
    • yesterday, we must turn to those spiritual Powers which form,
    • yesterday of their participation in the alternating states of
    • sleeping and waking in human life. Today I should like to add
    • yesterday, man is not only the being revealed to external
    • Thus, apart from what I told you yesterday — namely, that
    • yesterday, the relationship into which man enters during
    • with these Beings in just such a way as I described yesterday
    • has today during the hours of sleep. And so, on waking, he
    • extent than he is today. Today, through the inheritance he
    • simply is that man today does not receive from the elemental
    • speech of which I spoke yesterday, take effect, but something
    • etheric body. Understand me rightly here. — Yesterday I
    • strongly. But in those days Spiritual Science was not yet
    • could bear it no longer. Then one fine day the feeling came
    • essential character of official science today does not
    • there are people today who can write quite good, logical
    • are capable of being logical, but of affairs of everyday
    • heads. In men of the present day it is a matter of chance if
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  • Title: Driving Force: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • consideration today.
    • details. Today we shall first turn our attention to an event
    • today no longer have the slightest understanding of human
    • round about that century. Today we shall turn our attention
    • someone in the days of ancient Greece adapted himself to the
    • objectively in things. Just as today we believe we perceive
    • experience of the fifth. Today the fifth gives us the
    • know it today, since for us the third only comes about if we
    • direct experience of intervals which we describe today as the
    • experienced by man when what is experienced today as major
    • What man experiences inwardly today was then projected out
    • into the universe. What today flows through his emotion and
    • creation of the world. And what we know today as the minor
    • different must come to mankind today. By developing the
    • a melody. This is something which today can scarcely be
  • Title: Driving Force: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • yesterday to show that we can fully understand the evolution
    • on behind the scenes. I told you yesterday that the 4th
    • man. Yesterday I indicated this proximity pictorially by
    • dominated life in the days of the folk migrations.
    • take what I am sketching for you today together with other
    • very day — can be understood as a reflection of the
    • particularly important for men of the present day to perceive
  • Title: Driving Force: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • today. They did not unfold their thoughts by inner activity,
    • perceive colours and sounds today, they simultaneously
    • from instincts and impulses within him. In those days men
    • today in such and such an earthly incarnation. And if only we
    • himself. But man was an unfree being within the cosmos! Today
    • acknowledge this today because they are not honest enough to
    • ideas came from the Gods. That was in the days when the
    • the disorder that exists today, is the direct consequence of
    • cleavage cannot be healed by what is today called
    • can arise anywhere today from Anthroposophy if rightly
    • in our time. The deeper talks of man today consist in this:
    • the right attitude to the Spirits of Form who today are not
    • difficult today for a man to wish to be a free being. What
    • Today man does
    • comfort. There are still many people today who wish that
    • Today, if we develop a truly moral attitude of mind this must
    • we see backward Spirits of Form in action? Today in
    • am saying today on one level in characterizing the Archai and
    • today how the influence proceeding from these backward
    • prospect today.
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  • Title: Driving Force: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • To begin with today we will remind
    • today. The living essence of thinking was within us during
    • essence was then cast off and today, as men of the Fifth
    • whereas nowadays they have eyes only for what is dead; they
    • evolution. Nowadays, when he observes the sense world,
    • themselves to us today. We say that a rose is red ; the Greek
    • confronts the world today, he confronts it with lifeless
    • There ought at least to be an inkling today that there is
    • today and believes that he should not allow himself to look
    • earthly existence. And today man wants to bring the two
    • men today no longer have the remotest concept of what
    • did the thought-pictures current in days of old accord more
    • of today is engrossed from his birth to his seventh year in
    • cosmic ether. Because this is no longer the case today, it is
    • today as an individual and a personality, had the process
    • days.
    • were, a kind of space and what will some day be present
    • today, when the doorway between the twenty-eighth and
    • Today man feels
    • today from what is said to be irrefutable. But they still do
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  • Title: Driving Force: Lecture VII
    Matching lines:
    • special attention today to this aspect of the subject by
    • today took place and that on the dry land, or within the
    • this subject have often been described but today I will speak
    • we find that in those days a man felt himself to be far
    • for that was unknown in those days — but out of deep,
    • a man. Not that the people of those days engaged in any kind
    • whole appearance as a human being. In those olden days men
    • today should call ‘divining’ because they wanted
    • took the place of what we today would call explanatory
    • days men did not feel outraged if they were ranked here or
    • night or by day, during the winter or the summer. There was
    • Gods, whether fine weather or blizzard, whether day or night,
    • aspects of weather, time of day, season of the year and so
    • this has persisted into our own time. Nowadays something
    • of anyone nowadays that he is a bore, he can talk of nothing
    • but the weather. — In the days of ancient Persia such a
    • feeling. But calculations today are sometimes
    • simply by the application of method; calculation today is
    • experience described yesterday, we no longer have living
    • characteristic of our manhood today is that in our inmost
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