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  • Title: Driving Force: Lecture I
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    • relationships developing in life, especially between human
    • looking at a human being he stands there before us in his
    • whereby one human being is revealed to another is due, not to
    • bodies that reveals one human being to another on Earth. But
    • human being evolves to a stage of greater self-dependence.
    • the same way. When a human being descends into life on Earth,
    • soul and in the spirit of the human being, are still active.
    • the human being comes to a standstill for the rest of his
    • childhood the human being has an astral body and an ego in
    • place in the spirit and soul of the human being which emerge
    • as observation of a human being during his waking hours the
    • human being, but observation of the ego and the astral body
    • rôle played in human life by speaking, by speech in
    • human environment. The life of feeling, willing and thinking
    • with truth that it is necessary for the human being to
    • his astral body the human being develops in such a way that
    • human life.
    • sleeping human souls, when misunderstandings keep occurring
    • complete lack of understanding between human souls and
    • human being became so intimate with the language that there
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  • Title: Driving Force: Lecture II
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    • Experiences of the human soul during the state of sleep
    • clear that if we are to understand the destinies of human
    • sleeping and waking in human life. Today I should like to add
    • human being comes down into physical existence on Earth, the
    • The human
    • only of the life-history of a human being that is enacted
    • of the human being, above all for the gaining and maintenance
    • super-sensible world in which the human being lives between
    • pre-earthly or post-earthly existence. The human being
    • the human being on Earth in our present phase of evolution.
    • during earthly life when the human being reaches puberty.
    • century it has become characteristic of human evolution
    • human being. But in his subconsciousness there was something
    • the human soul — ego and astral body — are also
    • The human soul lives in the very process. And if you want to
    • through sound human reason, we shall acquire insight again
    • for example, to understand anything at all about the human
    • organism; for to understand the human organism inner activity
    • human nature today is in many respects much too weak-spirited
  • Title: Driving Force: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • mineral, plant, animal and human kingdoms, extend on into the
    • of deep signfiicance for the whole of human evolution during
    • today no longer have the slightest understanding of human
    • disposition of soul, describing what human beings experienced
    • through which human beings make the world comprehensible to
    • cosmos, and they bestow these human thoughts upon the soul
    • sense-perception describes the activities of human beings by
    • formerly gave thoughts to human beings and now give them
    • described this human side of the matter in my book
    • preparation of such things in humanity takes many epochs. And
    • human soul. When I say that this super-sensible event took
    • the point in human evolution when men's outlook into the
    • human beings begin to feel increasingly aware of themselves
    • by degrees during the course of human evolution. Looking back
    • As you know, human beings at that time were
    • certain sense makes its way towards the human being, how the
    • cosmos penetrates into the human being. You see how if we
    • of human evolution upon Earth which fades away into the dim
    • experienced this or that, but we also perceive how human
    • human evolution within the Earth's existence, within the
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  • Title: Driving Force: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • of humanity only when we keep in mind not only what takes
    • Beings who hold sway over human happenings, there are the
    • above humanity, the Archai and the Spirits of Form, the
    • that culture was permeated now by human individuality.
    • how these two forms of thought-impulses in humanity actually
    • of a cosmic happening behind the evolution of humanity.
    • viewpoint we learn to know a human personality as he lives on
    • instil into every individual human soul something that
    • impulses of human evolution.
    • being guilty of inconsistencies, to apply human concepts to
    • unworthy of full humanity. And when these two streams come
    • be twofold: we study the individual human being but not alter
    • mirror-image of a super-sensible archetypal human figure.
  • Title: Driving Force: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • Human beings are led to the development of
    • self. We know, of course, that human evolution on Earth was
    • play in the present phase of the evolution of humanity will
    • humanity as a whole could achieve the inner, active
    • the basic condition of human freedom is
    • humanity. Moral impulses had then to be imparted together
    • earlier humanity.
    • and attitude of the human soul were due to the fact that in
    • times and has plunged human souls into such infinite
    • not see how man, in order to preserve his true human dignity,
    • its bounds. It is not important whether you or humanity in
    • facing modern humanity; it arises because man is obliged to
    • for an older humanity. An older humanity felt that its moral
    • direct concern of human life (green) but of the cosmos
    • humanity, he is to undergo his evolution rightly in the
    • never be able to excuse ourselves if we had confused human
    • freedom with the furtherance of human comfort by indulgent
    • active everywhere. I could imagine — the human
    • of men arise, not directly from the innermost core of human
    • — so that it may be recognized that when a human being
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  • Title: Driving Force: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • real nature of human thinking. In the present age, since the
    • thereby acquired our freedom, our self dependence as human
    • human beings there is more than one scientist or, at least,
    • The human being
    • from the twenty-eighth to the thirty-fifth year in human life
    • twenty-eighth and thirty-fifth years, human beings
    • processes operating in the physical body of the human being
    • inner disposition of the human soul has changed since those
    • phenomenon in human civilization, this materialism, is in
    • are consumed as foodstuffs by animals and human beings and
    • assimilated into the animal and human organisms. And now we
    • animal and human organisms as do other plants.
    • the animal and human organisms. If we eat plants that are not
    • pronounced.Now suppose some human being has a brain with a
    • those substances which neither the human nor the animal
    • connection with what, in a quite different part of the human
    • to the human and animal body is different from that of a
    • whole of human existence possible.
  • Title: Driving Force: Lecture VII
    Matching lines:
    • the more clearly is the progress of humanity expressed in the
    • whole appearance as a human being. In those olden days men
    • did not strive for any more definite knowledge of human
    • height of a human being must be such and such ... and then,
    • of having simply enveloped himself in this external human
    • knowledge. And in human intercourse the aim of reciprocal
    • physical human being. — That was the very first
    • individual human being.
    • so — great importance was attached to whether a human
    • when they send a human being down to the Earth, this
    • allocated to a human being. This was in the second
    • human life and meteorological phenomena. In the ancient
    • thought of events — and the birth of a human being was
    • come to understand human nature as it was in the second
    • constellations the conditions under which a human being had
    • human being with the divine-spiritual Beings was no longer
    • there was still something thoroughly human in
    • to be expressed ; but what was living in the human soul was a
    • does it signify for us as human beings that we become
    • significant products of human culture. And our feelings
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