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  • Title: Driving Force: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • individual himself passes into obscurity between the moments
    • human being evolves to a stage of greater self-dependence.
    • aspect which in our epoch presents itself from the other side
    • spiritual Beings has insinuated itself into the state of
    • spiritual, it is repudiating itself for it consists of both
    • he feels: As a child I have to accommodate myself to what has
    • the Earth itself. We see man, as a member of a nation or
  • Title: Driving Force: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • adjusts itself to the more purely supernatural relationship
    • 15th century man was a self-sufficient being to a greater
    • itself that in sleep man's ego and astral body stretch out
    • that Goethe inherited, as he himself says, ‘the delight
    • here the drawing itself is made by an ego and an astral body,
    • ancestors — for himself. For the trend that had
    • gradually insinuated itself into the intellectualistic world
    • health. It is not the substance itself that promotes health
    • activity what is imparted; it simply impresses itself into
    • necessary to understand anything about the organism itself.
    • a whole man, not only to surrender himself to
    • is not objective, that is I myself, I myself am formulating
    • the head is able — it does not move but lets itself be
    • carried — the head is able to give itself up passively
  • Title: Driving Force: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • thought forces, taking the thoughts into itself. Accordingly
    • someone in the days of ancient Greece adapted himself to the
    • vision and perception while the soul devotes itself to the
    • thoughts himself.
    • into himself, as it were, what had formerly presented itself
    • it were submerged itself in man's inner nature, so that in
    • musical experience he was no longer outside himself. In the
    • himself in the experience of music. In the age of the third,
    • himself when he experiences music. He embraces music with his
    • minor moods, musical experience links itself with the
    • unites himself with his experience of the world. In olden
    • such that it took him immediately outside himself. He could
    • experienced within himself but a major and minor expressing a
    • Lemurian times, when he was quite outside himself in
    • knowledge of the ancient Mysteries which of itself passes
    • Earth's evolution, itself reveals to us this inner unity of
    • man experienced himself as man when, in carrying out the most
    • important human activities, he passed out of himself and
  • Title: Driving Force: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • then man himself, and then animals, plants and minerals.
    • the factor of individual personality had not asserted itself
    • Beings, thrust itself, as it were, into that wild turmoil and
    • himself to the nature-forces. With the activities of his soul
    • abstract Divinity is there at war with itself, engaged in a
    • self conflict.
    • between death and a new life, by the individual himself who
  • Title: Driving Force: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • self. We know, of course, that human evolution on Earth was
    • precisely that man shall unfold his thoughts himself in inner
    • activity, and that out of these self-evolved thoughts which
    • myself? These were the great religious questions of an
    • thoughts himself. How can this be? It can come about for the
    • took the cosmic thoughts into himself and willynilly felt
    • himself. But man was an unfree being within the cosmos! Today
    • sun and planets took shape, and then man himself. Do we not
    • which man feels himself yoked? And on the other hand, do we
    • to quicken in himself the thought of a moral world-order so
    • say to himself: Here is the world of natural law, having
    • your own individuality; you are yourself the elaborator of
    • it and so has to accommodate himself to the idea. It is still
    • this: a man scorns the normal Archai and simply lends himself
    • Spirits of Form makes itself felt in the one-sided,
    • true mission of the Spirits of Personality shall make itself
    • camel is being described, or man himself, or anything else,
    • the divine-spiritual world-order itself: What is the
    • allow itself to be fructified by the findings of clairvoyance
    • infantile, youth will ally itself, will harmonize quite
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  • Title: Driving Force: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • thereby acquired our freedom, our self dependence as human
    • is deceiving himself. He observes this germinating force only
    • observes the germinating force itself as something that is
    • today and believes that he should not allow himself to look
    • itself in the sphere of thinking and knowledge in the form of
    • be said that he develops but that he himself is
    • being developed, for the Spirit Self which will evolve only
    • himself to be a living member of the world.
    • with their dead thinking, men make this life itself into
    • thoughts only by instilling life into them himself. And the
    • vivify himself inwardly. He must himself impart life to dead
    • astrality but only allows itself to be touched by it. The
    • itself — in an uncoordinated state, of course, for if
    • feeding on what is living, man must kill it within himself.
    • us and adapts itself to the organism in a remarkable way.
    • plant that has sucked astrality into itself and consequently
    • other also goes. So you may find yourself in the remarkable
  • Title: Driving Force: Lecture VII
    Matching lines:
    • we find that in those days a man felt himself to be far
    • citizen of the Earth itself. And if we study the details of
    • of having simply enveloped himself in this external human
    • cosmic environment expressed itself in the fact that men
    • in the post-Atlantean epoch who felt himself to be wholly a
    • In the first post-Atlantean epoch man felt himself to be the
    • felt himself to be the product of divine Thoughts manifesting
    • calculation itself. The calculation was different for one who
    • out the calculation itself but the man felt the effects of
    • culture-epoch man felt himself to be primarily a creature of
    • Earth-man. The Greek felt himself to be a man belonging
    • itself, with its inner forces, which kills our thoughts when
    • submits himself to this life and is living in a naive
    • Earth-element only. However, the nature of man himself is
    • the way brought about by mankind itself.
    • they will take effect in life itself if mankind does not

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