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  • Title: Driving Force: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • of the materialistic epoch upon the development of the souls
    • expression of the life of soul — in all this a process
    • character work in pre-earthly life on the soul, through the
    • soul and in the spirit of the human being, are still active.
    • develops gradually as a bodily expression of the soul. And
    • expressions of the soul, for example the elaboration of the
    • soul is then affected more strongly by the forces stemming
    • upon the soul from the physical body.
    • place in the spirit and soul of the human being which emerge
    • we speak, something always streams back into our soul. We
    • the content of our soul, however, the person to whom we are
    • actual fact that the element of soul we instil into our words
    • soul experiences echoes in the very sequences of the sounds
    • seventh year of life whatever echoes in the child's soul
    • — all this echoes in his soul from the time he goes to
    • sleep until he wakes; his soul is given up to what has been
    • laid into the words by the hearts and souls of those around
    • sleeping soul tries by its very nature to establish
    • contact with the actual soul-life of those in his
    • necessary for the soul during sleep to bring the echoes of
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  • Title: Driving Force: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • Experiences of the human soul during the state of sleep
    • clothed, one might also say, in spirit-and-soul, connected
    • with forces of spirit-and-soul just as through the physical
    • that his soul whispered to him, namely: ‘You should
    • indefinite feeling persisted in his soul until finally he
    • of spirit and soul takes hold of his physical and etheric
    • the human soul — ego and astral body — are also
    • The human soul lives in the very process. And if you want to
    • so that as a being of soul-and-Spirit he can establish a
  • Title: Driving Force: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • he does not possess similar organs of soul and spirit in his
    • our ordinary consciousness because we have no organs of soul
    • described how the whole disposition of man's soul in the
    • disposition of soul, describing what human beings experienced
    • cosmos, and they bestow these human thoughts upon the soul
    • human soul. When I say that this super-sensible event took
    • consciousness of the soul loses the capacity of super-sensible
    • vision and perception while the soul devotes itself to the
    • souls if light is thrown upon it from another angle.
    • post-Atlantean age. Because of this the soul element was
    • soul had a quite different relationship with the
    • feeling of what the Gods experienced in their souls.
    • conviction that we must seek to return to that state of soul
    • which will appear once again when the soul has knowledge
    • of soul which brings a deep and living understanding of what
    • enter human consciousness, for otherwise man's soul-nature
    • soul would shrivel up as a result of increasingly
    • intellectual and one-sided knowledge; his soul would be
    • dulled by the one-sidedness of art and he would lose his soul
    • upon the more profound Greek souls.
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  • Title: Driving Force: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • personality appears who stands with his soul in the conflict
    • personality whose soul is entangled in the conflict, is
    • struggles of his soul to you from many different sides. When,
    • believer — we see in this spectacle of a soul torn
    • Augustine turned to the Manichaeans while his soul was still
    • impulses brought to his soul treasures from earlier ages but
    • these treasures were no longer suitable for souls belonging
    • the personality and see how the soul-forces battle one with
    • lose their personality We see how the soul-qualities of the
    • instil into every individual human soul something that
    • himself to the nature-forces. With the activities of his soul
    • souls, if they are not presented with an abstract,
    • the lecture-course entitled The Mission of Folk Souls.
  • Title: Driving Force: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • evolution of the Consciousness Soul, namely, inner freedom,
    • him to become, his soul might progress towards freedom. How
    • through the inner efforts of his own soul, are hampered in
    • epoch of the Consciousness Soul in which we have been living
    • hold of in his inmost soul. Hence in those olden times man's
    • and attitude of the human soul were due to the fact that in
    • times and has plunged human souls into such infinite
    • of soul. And although men do not realize it in full clarity
    • everything of the nature of soul and Spirit will have become
    • man — which now arise in isolation in the soul
  • Title: Driving Force: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • astral body; until his twenty-eighth year the sentient soul;
    • until his thirty-fifth year the intellectual or mind-soul;
    • and after that the consciousness-soul. It can then no longer
    • sentient soul was over. But then, when he entered into the
    • period of the intellectual or mind-soul at that time, the
    • inner disposition of the human soul has changed since those
    • were to be no change in the attitude and mood of man's soul,
    • inner assurance and resoluteness of the soul would
    • thoughts through inner activity of soul, and then he will
    • in our waking life on Earth as far as our soul-life is
    • soul, the inner disposition of our soul, through our own
  • Title: Driving Force: Lecture VII
    Matching lines:
    • of mankind. The mood and attitude of souls in the fifth
    • soul in pre-earthly existence.
    • natural tendencies of the soul. Matters relating to
    • from his attitude of soul; from his movements and gestures,
    • earlier times man was involved with his own soul in all this.
    • ancient Persian epoch felt that together with his soul he
    • but because he felt his soul to be at home in the realm of
    • of man's own soul with super-earthly phenomena had been lost.
    • present in the sphere of soul and spirit (diagram). Later he
    • because the whole natural tendency of his soul and Body was
    • to be expressed ; but what was living in the human soul was a
    • gave rise to the group-soul consciousness. In the third
    • postAtlantean epoch, group-souls were felt to be connected
    • represents the group soul is within it; the God was attached
    • soul bound to the Earth through man's feelings, sentient
    • possessed of intellect means to have a soul with thoughts
    • soul, precisely through our thinking, we have united with the
    • eyes of soul to something that is to be found there as a
    • evolution of the human soul. The first trait to be observed
    • soul) must have a hard time
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