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  • Title: Man's Being: Lecture I: On the Nature and Destiny of Man and World
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    • astral body and our ego, withdraw from the physical and etheric
    • body when man falls asleep; they enter the spiritual
    • world, penetrating the physical and etheric body again only
    • which, although known to everybody, is generally too
    • astral body) during the night as though similar to the
    • from which we descended after acquiring a physical body by
    • Hence, while the physical and etheric body are lying in bed,
    • the ego and astral body have gone back across time to an
    • body while we are awake?
    • body have not emerged, even during our waking day-time
    • grasp the idea that ego and astral body have, initially, no
    • etheric body. We thus, even when waking, leave our ego and
    • astral body at the point marking the beginning of our
    • body and, in a certain way, with the etheric body. Our physical
    • body alone becomes old. As for the etheric body, it connects
    • and astral body have come to a standstill at the moment
    • of his birth. The physical body has reached the age of
    • twenty-three; and the etheric body connects the moment at which
    • not possess an etheric body, we would awaken every morning as a
    • newborn babe. Only by entering the etheric body before
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  • Title: Man's Being: Lecture II: Life between Death and a New Incarnation
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    • hindered by the physical body, they judge earthly events much
    • etheric body, feels himself to be at this time in the realm of
    • Immediately after the etheric body has been discarded by us in
    • Here on earth we carry a body made of bones, muscles,
    • spiritual body, formed out of our moral qualities. A good man
    • acquires a moral body radiating with beauty; a depraved man a
    • moral body radiating with evil. This is formed while we are
    • living backward. Our spirit-body, however, is only partly
    • of the spirit-body received by us in the spiritual world is
    • mother's body is only an image of the spiritual germ — we
    • body.
    • the spiritual weaving of the human body. For nothing more
    • body a temple. The greater the insight we gain into the science
    • Christ-impulse. We must embody within us this package of
    • destiny. But while embodying within us the package of destiny
    • lose the tissue woven by us out of our physical body. The
    • spiritual germ of the physical body has already descended
    • spiritual germ of the physical body. This has already arrived
    • spiritual germ of the physical body down to earth and remained
    • behind as a soul (ego and astral body), we draw etheric
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  • Title: Man's Being: Lecture III: Our Experiences at Night, Life after Death
    Matching lines:
    • while we are asleep, our ego and our astral body return to the
    • duration, we take into account only our physical body and our
    • etheric body. Utterly different time-conditions prevail for
    • that which is undergone by our ego and astral body. Hence the
    • streams back into the body's interior. This is an objective
    • daily conscious life, within the physical body. What we
    • body's surface to its inner parts. Thus an objective process
    • of our consciousness, occurs in our astral body.
    • experience this objective process in the astral body as an
    • spirit descended to earth and was clothed in a physical body.
    • being in the body of Jesus of Nazareth, passed through
    • disciples who were permitted to behold Him in His etheric body
    • physical body, by natural laws. The laws working outside in
    • ego and astral body. Here the moral world order appears real,
    • immerse himself again into his physical body and etheric
    • body.
    • of the human body are changed at this time. The child, by
    • body.
    • approach the ego and astral body, approach the entire human
    • for his etheric body. The angels, bringing down these forces,
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  • Title: Man's Being: Lecture IV: Man's Being, His Destiny and World Evolution - 1
    Matching lines:
    • effect of preventing by the fire within our body — if I
    • namely, the inner secrets of his ego and astral body as they
    • state as our thinking, we experience in the etheric body, the
    • formative-force body. All that happens at a deeper level
    • in the astral body and the ego can be experienced only by
    • body and the ego when they have separated themselves from the
    • outward thoughts contained in the etheric body. In the
    • his body, his physical organism; what he does not want to
    • back, with our ego and astral body, into the spiritual world;
    • astral body are weaving our future destiny.
    • When the ego and astral body return again to the physical body,
    • In the etheric body, he had left behind his thoughts. We only
    • astral body dwell outside our thoughts. Thinking is an activity
    • of the etheric body. You can easily observe this fact even in
    • continue to vibrate within your etheric body. These vibrations
    • present, you would be aware only of the etheric body's
    • the day-time. If the etheric body, which is in harmony with the
    • While our ego and astral body are outside our physical and
    • What as ego and astral body lives and weaves outside us
    • physical body.
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  • Title: Man's Being: Lecture V: Man's Being, His Destiny and World Evolution - 2
    Matching lines:
    • of the body. And, if we observe these things without prejudice,
    • body also at a later age lasting until the twenties, although
    • less independent of the body once he has reached a certain age.
    • dependent upon his body as would a child were it to pass in
    • dependent on his body. Of course, on reaching a venerable
    • the influence of the body. This, however, is not ascribed to a
    • genuine parallelism of body and soul. People of today feel
    • dependent on his body as does a child's soul today remain
    • dependent on its body between the change of teeth and puberty.
    • separation of the physical body from spirit and soul. He felt
    • body, in this approach of the physical body to the
    • considering the body merely as a garment, he felt its
    • that the body had to be discarded, delivered to the
    • through this process of discarding the body.
    • conception of having a physical body that is slowly becoming a
    • corpse. Ancient man, however, did not think of his body as a
    • full of life. Yet the physical body, at the age of fifty,
    • physical body than we do. Today man crawls into the very core
    • of his physical body, the experiences of which he shares. Thus
    • body. And we must undergo a common destiny with whatever is
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  • Title: Man's Being: Lecture VI: Man's Being, His Destiny and World Evolution - 3
    Matching lines:
    • means of his physical body, his etheric body, his astral body,
    • himself related to the transformation of his physical body into
    • body into the earthly element, this perception of the earth by
    • means of the physical body enabled him to recognize, in the
    • springtime. But the human soul, which was tied to the body,
    • learning to think of the earth as a rounded body, one
    • body, and continually destroy it.”

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