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  • Title: Man's Being: Lecture I: On the Nature and Destiny of Man and World
    Matching lines:
    • man's being, within the realm of earth-life, is connected not
    • the things contributed by the heavenly realms, by the divine
    • in the daytime (it really does not matter when; but I
    • the heavenly realms to earth. Hence, if we fall asleep, for
    • real sleep, we actually become children again with regard to
    • backward is only an illusion. In reality, our ego and astral
    • our real ego were identical. Our everyday ego, however, is not
    • the same as our real ego; that remains standing at the
    • the mirrored image of the real ego. And what we see is
    • the mirrored image of the real ego reflected back to us, from
    • “ego,” which is only the mirrored image of the real
    • present moment to the real ego and astral body, both of
    • becoming realities which acquire ever greater expansion. Two,
    • must remember that our real ego and our real astral body are
    • not really feel as if our earth-life were ended, until three
    • might be said — from the heavenly realms. Actually we go
    • advance after death. In reality, however, we retrace our steps
    • dwelling outside of the divine realms.
    • children” who stand again within the heavenly realms, we
    • now the human being beholds what he really is. Just as
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  • Title: Man's Being: Lecture II: Life between Death and a New Incarnation
    Matching lines:
    • will realize that the human being, while continuously occupied
    • etheric body, feels himself to be at this time in the realm of
    • spiritual moon forces. We must realize that all the world
    • eye. We are in the realm of these entities while retracing our
    • dwell in the realm of the moon.
    • moon realm.
    • soul world into the spirit realm. This is connected with the
    • see the sun in its real aspect: not from the side turned
    • fully see that it is a spiritual realm.
    • Thus we enter the realm of the spiritual world. For it does not
    • or be incorporeal men dwelling in the spiritual world. And now
    • incorporeal human beings, we weave the woof and weft of
    • this, however, is not true. In reality, the ovum consists of
    • spiritual beings could really be viewed as individualities. The
    • cosmos, we grow later into real, concrete human history. And
    • and a new birth. Yet you will have realized what a wealth of
    • spiritual beings. It is really wonderful to discover in the
  • Title: Man's Being: Lecture III: Our Experiences at Night, Life after Death
    Matching lines:
    • realize that on sinking into slumber we do not stand still at
    • duration of our sleep does not really matter. Although it
    • When the human personality enters the realm of sleep with his
    • divine-spiritual element. This is our real experience when
    • The human being does not always realize whence he derives his
    • new birth. What we really undergo every night is not an actual
    • can be comprehended only by someone having real insight
    • stood at their side, helping them to become real human
    • comprehension of what the Mystery of Golgotha really
    • When we enter the realm of sleep, our whole world becomes
    • ego and astral body. Here the moral world order appears real,
    • would seem something real, something secure; and the physical
    • physical realm of natural law.
    • we could acquire no real conception of the spiritual world.
    • is impossible to become a real anthroposophist without
    • This spiritual science is to become real science which leads to
  • Title: Man's Being: Lecture IV: Man's Being, His Destiny and World Evolution - 1
    Matching lines:
    • And only mental activity, thinking, is a matter of real
    • means of our ordinary consciousness, the real nature of will.
    • accidental. And it really seems as if the two persons had been
    • having real insight into human life cannot help but say that,
    • penetrated by spiritual reality and essence; intuition, when we
    • stand amid spiritual reality and essence.
    • attain imagination, real spiritual knowledge of the life lived
    • karma that will be realized in our next earth-life is being
    • might believe that those able to fathom the realm of sleep
    • begin to realize how stupid we have become since our childhood.
    • parents. If we once realize how the child, in a karmic
    • earthly realm, they are able to foresee who their parents are
    • becomes so powerful that it is really able to sink down during
    • perception transposes what is really a continuous course of
  • Title: Man's Being: Lecture V: Man's Being, His Destiny and World Evolution - 2
    Matching lines:
    • realized that the so-called apprentice had to be treated
    • reality — for all these reasons their physical body from
    • physical body did not really belong to him, but more or less to
    • real feelings, they could say: “It is speaking within
    • was really the case that people after attaining the forties
    • realm of the shades.
    • penetrated by a knowledge that can be really understood by
  • Title: Man's Being: Lecture VI: Man's Being, His Destiny and World Evolution - 3
    Matching lines:
    • however, was no longer really understood by him.
    • relation to the Festivals. You will realize how much less
    • have become from man's real being. Anyone inwardly connected
    • real consequences will not appear before the person in
    • correct way. We must realize one thing: What experimental

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