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  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture I
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    • look away from the Earth to the Earth's cosmic environment. When
    • or another in cosmic space. Such are the results that can be attained
    • cosmic picture of the human skin with the sense-organs. If you take
    • inscribes into the cosmic ether what is present in the human being
    • — the Cosmic Rhythms become audible for us in the spirit. And we
    • form, to correspond with these Cosmic Rhythms?
    • in the realm of Cosmic Music, for it is all rhythm and melody. If we
    • — and the form is what the melody sings to us! Cosmic Rhythm
    • Cosmic Melody. When we have completed the picture, we have
    • before us Cosmic Music made perceptible in space, the Cosmic Music
    • the Cosmic Music we learn how to draw these organs of secretion, and
    • Something new arises out of the Cosmic Music. The tones begin to blend
    • meaning in this Cosmic Music. The Cosmic Music changes into
    • speech — Cosmic Speech that is spoken forth by the
    • as the Cosmic Word becomes audible. We must now draw something else
    • must express the meaning of the single Cosmic Words. We find that when
    • we give expression to these Cosmic Words and bring that expression
    • someone were to tell us something which we then write down. Cosmic
    • From the world of the planets has come the human form in its Cosmic
    • Archangels and Angels, are working and weaving at this cosmic
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  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • are an expression of the form that is inscribed into the cosmic ether.
    • imposing — in the Cosmic Music. It comes from what the souls of
    • of it now that it resounds as Cosmic Music. This form of man
    • whole Universe is reflected, expresses in cosmic tone man's outer form
    • had a visual idea of man; we receive in cosmic sound the idea of the
    • As time goes on, man becomes a part of the Cosmic Word itself. What at
    • into articulate parts of the Cosmic Word. Man “speaks forth”
    • the spoken Cosmic Word in its very being. There, men live in and with
    • that he spoke forth in the Cosmic Word becomes once again the Music of
  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • perception the Moon mirrors a vast number of cosmic forces. And what
    • Venus sphere. For here the forces of cosmic love pour down upon him.
    • forces of cosmic love flood his being in the Venus sphere if, on
    • is the great cosmic meeting-place of all those Spiritual Beings who
    • Cosmos to form the cosmic colony of the Moon. But in later times we
    • to the domain of Mars. The strongest cosmic influence working upon
    • In our time we are learning what cosmic battle is. We can
    • mysteries; but we know that in cosmic existence war is being waged
    • earlier periods of civilisation. This cosmic iron, in its spiritual
    • with this iron Michael arms Himself for His task in the cosmic war.
    • that in our age we can learn how Michael takes the cosmic iron, which
    • human blood, and therewith also a cosmic significance.
    • people the cosmic colony of the Moon.
  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • happening in some nebula out in cosmic space, it is just the same as
    • Moon as it appears in the sky. In reality the Moon is a cosmic colony
    • leads him still further out into the cosmic expanse, out into the wide
    • called living his way into the Cosmic Music, the Music of the
    • Spheres. He hears, in cosmic harmony and cosmic melody, the meaning,
    • cosmic harmony and cosmic melody. It is chiefly the life of feeling
    • cosmic melody and cosmic harmony vibrating through his entire being.
    • fallen away and we have come to resemble in form the cosmic sphere
    • Earth into the Cosmic Music when man enters the Sun existence after
    • spiritual image of the great cosmic sphere. On and on leads the path,
    • Hierarchies from whose entire being Cosmic Speech sounds forth
    • into universal space. For man is now in the region where Cosmic Music
    • becomes Cosmic Speech. At first he hears it; then he is himself
    • interwoven into the Cosmic Speech. Instead of the imitative speech of
    • consists of Beings who are the Knowers of the Cosmic Speech. There are
    • the Mars sphere are those who in their whole nature are Cosmic Word.
    • They are the Guardians of the Cosmic Speech.
    • the Beings who are the guardians of the Cosmic Thoughts. These
    • Picture to yourselves that man becomes a kind of image of the cosmic
    • through Mars he becomes part of the Cosmic Speech, he grows one with
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  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • an ether-sphere, emerging from the sphere of the cosmic ether.
    • substance into a cosmic eye through which man gazes out into the wide
    • something; they become for us cosmic memories.
    • out into the cosmic spaces; in this new experience it is as though you
    • with our whole being, since it is they who are then our cosmic
    • prose, but as cosmic poetry, — let me rather say, when we
    • ourselves rise to the level of cosmic poetry. At first we listen in
    • been built up by the smelting and fusing of metals in the cosmic fire.
    • In the smelting of the metals by the cosmic fires, we see the deeds of
    • reveals the kinship of the cosmic fires by which the metals are
    • microcosm. The majestic flames of cosmic fire that rise up from the
    • molten metals stream out to the boundaries of cosmic space — for
    • these cosmic fires in which the metals are being smelted and made
    • volatile. What is thus made volatile streams out into cosmic space, to
    • And what thus returns from cosmic space enables the tiny child who
    • descending cosmic forces, as they work in the universe, and of their
    • what was burning in it, was sent forth into cosmic spaces to the Gods
    • utterance to the cosmic mysteries in the midst of which man stands.

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