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  • Title: Lecture: Spiritual Knowledge: A Way of Life
    Matching lines:
    • meets with general acceptance to-day.
    • of the present day a deep need — yes, a hunger — for
    • acquire to-day by the activity of the intellect — and all
    • present-day knowledge is so acquired, whether it be based on
    • concerned. And I want to-day to speak of the results for the life of
    • continuation or extension of the knowledge that prevails to-day;
    • feature of the knowledge that has made such advances in our day and
    • of civilisation, somewhat heavily cancelled out! Present-day
    • seek rather to keep our personality out of the decision. If yesterday
    • we were in error on a certain matter, and to-day are no longer so,
    • to-day is comparatively new; it is a product of evolution. In earlier
    • origin of the word “true”. And so to-day we have this
    • connection of ideas with life. The knowledge of the present day we
    • a familiar everyday experience. Normally, man takes nourishment, and
    • to-day, useful though it be, and by no means to be disparaged. From a
    • present-day knowledge, we tend to be proud of the fact that it has no
    • We are actually, at the present day, in a peculiar
    • that is how the position is to-day. One earnestly hopes it will soon
    • inwardly. As things still are, however, mankind remains to-day a
    • Initiation-knowledge of the present day has perforce
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  • Title: Anthroposophy as a Demand of the Times
    Matching lines:
    • today of limits of perception, limits to knowledge for
    • for the sensitive human being, something tragic which today
    • which today has been so successfully explored? Only because he
    • in this way present day humanity cannot really build a bridge
    • day creatures out of which man is supposed to have developed.
    • From this there come to man today not only theoretical doubts
    • philosophers and natural scientists today want to prove more
    • would like to speak to you today. But I do not want to speak to
    • today one often wants to achieve in a very easy way, but I
    • initially not as abstract as the thoughts we have in our day
    • with others which took place the other day. The most removed
    • Today one usually underestimates what actually happens there
    • possibility one day to develop the capacity of soul with which
    • science today. Those who want to gain knowledge about that
    • described. — Imagine that at a certain time of day you
    • up. If you try hard, the course of the day up to this moment
    • of the day in such a way before your soul that you start with
    • so on, but if you place the course of the day backwards before
    • place the course of the previous day before your soul.
    • day people. It is even something which is not all that easy to
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  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • of the way in which man is regarded at the present day. For a long
    • Something is, however, speaking to men to-day, even if they do not
    • speaking to them to-day in clear and unmistakable tones, urging them
    • from earthly substances; and when people declare to-day — in all
    • research. Many of those who are ready to refute materialism to-day do
    • everything that can be known to-day. (For, when we turn to the
    • However God-forsaken are many of those who expound science to-day,
    • turns to-day to psychology or philosophy, he will not merely be bored,
    • attention to what cannot, in our day, be attained by the accustomed
    • at all! It is powerless to do so. To-day, therefore, I want to begin
    • in science to-day, we direct our gaze to what lies beyond the Earth,
    • proceed in ordinary everyday writing, where we express something by
  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • In our lecture yesterday, we tried to relate man to the Cosmos. Our
    • the super-sensible being of man. To-day, I want to carry a little
    • I propose, therefore, to give to-day — dealing more externally as
    • adequate idea of it. To-day I propose to speak from still another
    • Yesterday's lecture showed us how the human being is built up and
    • not propose to speak to-day — men live together with those with
    • environment. Many of those who are devoured to-day by a passion
  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • to-day in common with animal nature. We find, therefore, in the Moon
    • as it was. Even to-day, when a man has passed through the gate of
    • yourselves. People of to-day can hardly yet succeed in this, but you
    • speaking to-day — the great primeval Teachers of the human race.
    • Sun-existence between death and a new birth. We to-day are much more
    • humanity to-day is the impulse which comes from Mars existence. We can
    • to-day between all manner of good and evil spirits. And here the Sun
    • exceedingly difficult to-day for the results of spiritual insight to
    • the Sun in regard to the Earth to-day? I will indicate one only of its
    • These things can be known to-day through Spiritual Science, It is not
    • Beings who afterwards took their departure to the Moon and to-day
    • many ways. Yesterday I described them to you in another way; now I
  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • are we justified in applying the scientific knowledge of to-day. Just
    • expression in human speech and language as it is to-day, that they
    • corrupt. In none of its European or American forms to-day is speech a
    • happens when one learns Eurythmy? To-day we lightly utter words
    • words to-day is really nothing but an acquiescence in convention. It
    • To speak in such a way seems to us almost absurd, for nowadays no
    • In days of yore this was felt and known. In the original, primitive
    • feeling in the vowel, form in the consonant. To-day these elements are
    • Eurythmy in the future be something more than it is to-day; it will
    • borne along on the surging waves of speech. To-day we have come to the
    • as it is to-day is certainly not born from the life of soul! It is
    • So it comes about that in our day a shrill discord sounds up from
    • learned to follow in his thought — not little everyday problems
  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • study to a certain conclusion to-day, to take the indications that
    • have been given in the last few days concerning the mysteries of the
    • myths to-day, and like to persuade themselves that they are uplifted
    • the sorrows and joys of days gone by.
    • the Earth, those ancient days when the Earth was one with the other
    • herself as she is to-day. I remember the time when the whole planetary
    • process in the human head. In days of yore these connections were
    • spoken of a great deal. Nowadays people read what was written long ago
    • spoken of this.) Anatomical comparisons, such as are made to-day,
    • which in days of yore was connected with the science of those times,

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