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  • Title: Lecture: Spiritual Knowledge: A Way of Life
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    • This lecture first appeared in English in The Golden Blade of 1950.
    • springs from the heart of man.
    • much as take one step upon it without heart and soul being directly
    • to-day is comparatively new; it is a product of evolution. In earlier
    • thereby obliged to come into a nearer, more personal relation with
    • As we come to apprehend the truths of the pre-earthly
    • what we experienced there before we came down to earth. It is almost
    • too, we learn to understand how the lack or neglect of such truths is
    • when we have learned to apprehend sound spiritual truths, then ideas
    • possession of the self in the true sense. When man has learned to go
    • but when a man has probed to the heart of spiritual knowledge, he
    • on himself, and from this he can learn the true nature of egoism.
    • hearts and souls: impulses of which, however, we cannot say that they
    • a pre-earthly life of man, but actually to look into the spiritual
    • world in which we lived before we descended to Earth, even as we look
    • What is the secret of our bodily existence on earth?
    • Even as through the years of childhood, from birth onward, we are
    • we in like manner, throughout our physical life on earth, gradually
    • Materialism is quite right as far as earthly consciousness is
    • remain in the earthly consciousness, and so have to be content with
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  • Title: Anthroposophy as a Demand of the Times
    Matching lines:
    • bears this world of nature within himself in his outer physical
    • spiritual world, as beings who take into themselves and bear
    • soul life appears much more characteristically in a dream than
    • the dream creates initially something which appears
    • during our life on earth, reminiscences from life. This arises
    • years ago. But what there asserts itself rises up next to other
    • Occurrences which took place ten years ago are tied together
    • heart. Or we dream that we are walking past a fence. We see how
    • stove with its heat, it was a picture of our heart which was
    • said to themselves: that which we bear within us, we can only
    • like an outer object. But when we have our own heart beat in
    • though only in symbols, in the dream appear to be separated. He
    • this is masked in the dream, then the dream is wearing a mask
    • Over against this there now appears that which I always call
    • another by years. We can combine them in such a way that the
    • has learnt it in the imitation of dream.
    • research in the laboratory, the clinic and the observatory is
    • strengthened, empowered activity and in the end learns by a lot
    • ears and so on, but it now fills itself with spiritual content.
    • the present moment to which we have lived the earthly life.
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  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • My dear Friends,
    • be small, I will plunge at once into the heart of the subject.
    • the Earth is no more than a speck of dust, as it were, in the Cosmos,
    • Because this conception of the Earth as a speck of dust has permeated
    • every mind and heart, men have completely lost the possibility of
    • relating the human being to what lies beyond the earthly realm.
    • speaking to them to-day in clear and unmistakable tones, urging them
    • the last few centuries, my dear friends, materialism has found its way
    • the substances and forces of the Earth. And although there are many
    • who declare that the human being is not composed entirely of earthly
    • from earthly substances; and when people declare to-day — in all
    • generally, as you know, in pathological cases that research into the
    • the appearance of disposing at the same time bit by bit of the human
    • research. Many of those who are ready to refute materialism to-day do
    • contribute towards an understanding of the human being, we shall learn
    • Earth come together to build up muscle, bone, nervous system, blood
    • has to learn as the foundation for his work of healing. Having
    • learn about the human organism, until he arrives at the point where he
    • research, — so good indeed that the scientific lecturers are
    • we turn from these achievements of genuine and scholarly research and
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  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • My dear Friends,
    • We must, however, be clear from the outset that it is really quite
    • shadow-picture; it is, nevertheless, clear and very impressive. The
    • man still “wears” as it were, even after he has passed
    • which, to begin with, bears some resemblance to the physical form of
    • kind of physiognomy makes its appearance. But this physiognomy is the
    • will not have the same appearance as a good man. A man who has made
    • strenuous efforts during his life on Earth will not look the same as
    • appearance within the spirit-form after death and reveals whether the
    • being between birth and death — most clearly of all from the
    • very great deal. Much can also be learned by studying the forms
    • read from the appearance assumed by the arms and hands.
    • everything becomes physiognomy. After death the human being wears his
    • they meet there other human beings with whom, in earthly life, they
    • have had a companionship of spirit, mind and heart. And no pretence is
    • whom destiny has in any way connected them in the last earthly life,
    • — or in any other earthly life. They learn to know one another
    • been speaking. Life consists, in this period, in learning to know
    • become such a “physiognomy” learns to know the Beings of the
    • Among them are, for example, some who on Earth would have preferred to
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  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • My dear Friends,
    • way in which man, here on Earth, is related to Beings and forces
    • belonging to worlds beyond the Earth. Then, in the second lecture we
    • bear this in mind in connection with all the descriptions I shall now
    • earthly life, a good man or a bad man, a wise man or a fool. These
    • thinking by which men set so much store on Earth, is by no means
    • the phenomena of the material world. It is only on Earth that there
    • to us with the very act of perception. Here on Earth we evolve
    • and planets of our system reveal to sense-perception on Earth is
    • gathered together in diverse ways at the places where the stars appear
    • that every year the Moon is coming nearer to the Earth. Most people
    • the Earth. The Moon then separated from the Earth and passed out into
    • the Cosmos. It is therefore only in the course of Earth evolution that
    • Teachers who lived among men in very ancient times of Earth evolution.
    • was given long since to men on Earth by these great, superhuman
    • Teachers. For the first Teachers of the human race on Earth were not
    • evolution than man, and in the Mysteries they appeared not in physical
    • Teachers left the Earth and passed out into the Cosmos — to the
    • is reflected thence to the Earth from the forces of the Cosmos is
    • in itself — as it were, soft and pliable. He draws near to the
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  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • My dear Friends,
    • earthly lives has been adequately presented in such a book as
    • For the early stages of study, that is quite true, but you
    • go further in our study we have constantly to bear in mind the oneness
    • however, we must not omit to make clear. We are taught in physics that
    • which has been acquired here on Earth. Science has derived this
    • knowledge from the Earth; and if the figures which apply to gravity
    • and light in the immediate environment of the Earth have to be
    • that only so long as we remain in the actual environment of the Earth
    • we are away from the Earth. When the astronomer or astro-physicist
    • the Earth, the weight of a stone in that nebula far away in the
    • says: Here on Earth things present such and such an aspect, but out in
    • the cosmos they are in reality quite different. On Earth we see the
    • Moon as it appears in the sky. In reality the Moon is a cosmic colony
    • transformed into the head of the next earthly life. It must of course
    • of return we shall hear later on; at this point we will consider the
    • you how man wears a physiognomy which expresses his good and bad
    • Spheres. He hears, in cosmic harmony and cosmic melody, the meaning,
    • spiritual faculties we possessed during earthly existence, we can
    • reminiscent of the form we bore in earthly existence has by this time
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  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • My dear Friends,
    • A study of man as he is on Earth presents an aspect in relation to his
    • super-sensible world, and let them light up again in our hearts in
    • connection with the sojourn of man on Earth.
    • Let us think, to begin with, of man as he is here in earthly life,
    • occasion of our earthly joy and happiness and also of our earthly
    • still in earthly life. Such a feeling can never be the final
    • majesty of the earthly life of the senses. Wonderful, full of poetry
    • reason. The impressions that come to man through his eyes, ears and
    • — you draw near to the world of Imagination, when, that is, as a
    • silicious rock appears to us with the transparency of glass. We feel
    • uniting with it. Here, at the outermost surface of the Earth, by a
    • whole Earth's surface. It is as though our eyes were sending out rays
    • to feel ourselves one with the whole Earth. When we have this
    • in the following words. “Thou, O Earth, art not alone in the
    • World-All! Thou, O Earth, together with me and all the other beings
    • the Earth separated from the rest of the Universe. We see the Earth as
    • in heart and soul by what they read. But the truth contained therein
    • least begun to learn, through spiritual knowledge, in how real a sense
    • man can become one with the Earth and thereby one with the Cosmos.
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