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  • Title: Lecture: Spiritual Knowledge: A Way of Life
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    • form, as it were, a garment for our souls, has in it no moral
    • a purely formal compensatory effect. But this physical world is
    • body; and in forming it we build, from within, our own destiny. For
    • a harmonious soul-and-spirit nature, to form the new body in perfect
    • cripple, we may find ourselves able only to form and guide the new
    • spiritual world we find the formative forces that belong to our moral
    • personal experiences of the Christ Who appeared in a personal form.
  • Title: Anthroposophy as a Demand of the Times
    Matching lines:
    • picture form that which is outside too. Only as a general
    • former psychologists who have worked with dreams have developed
    • at it. When one looks at something in picture form one must be
    • outside of it. And so the former psychologists, which still
    • was a valid conviction for these former psychologists, that
    • which former psychologists said to themselves is absolutely
    • compositions of its experiences. The former psychologists have
    • formerly experienced within the body, and our own body in
    • former psychologists realised that the dream ultimately doesn't
    • forms of deprivations: in hunger, which instructs us to eat, in
    • remains, which formerly has fashioned us as a human being, the
    • rids itself of the earthly form of experiencing.
  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • movements which are performed together with the Sun in one direction
    • — this curiously formed planet, looking like a globe surrounded
    • can be perceived as form. The physical planet Saturn is only
    • where Saturn itself is blotted out and we behold the “form
    • that this form extends as far as Jupiter, where the same process is
    • ether spreads out, spreads out very far; until once again a form
    • arises in the ether, which combines with the form from Saturn to
    • come in contact with the picture formed by Jupiter. In a wonderful
    • between the human being, on Earth, in respect to the form given him by
    • forms, and builds into the ether, the archetypal, heavenly picture of
    • to us something which, in conjunction with other movements, forms
    • itself into a figure of eight, a kind of lemniscate. Into this form
    • planetary movements. If we draw an outline of the human form, we can
    • have the feeling: This outline represents the form of the
    • movements of the planets by drawing into our outline of the human form
    • of this misty picture the Music of the Cosmos begins to form
    • form, to correspond with these Cosmic Rhythms?
    • In the sphere of Art, as you know, all manner of transformations are
    • paint into the picture a definite “form,” to express what we
    • have heard in the spirit. We can indeed transform it into drawing, but
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  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • soul and spirit. The form of the brow, the form of the features and
    • countenance, — everything that belongs to the human form, man
    • spiritual sight continue to speak of the “form” or
    • who has passed through death reveals a form. In comparison with
    • first thing that strikes us about this form or figure is that it is
    • begin with, we speak of these Imaginations, these picture-forms, which
    • death from the two sheaths. It is a figure or form — a form
    • which, to begin with, bears some resemblance to the physical form of
    • the human being. But this spirit-form, as I will call it, is
    • involved in a constant process of transformation. I have spoken of the
    • This spirit-form of the human being is involved, as we said, in a
    • be described by saying: The spirit-form becomes one great
    • his spirit-form, presents a physiognomy that is the expression of his
    • the inner organs of breathing are situated. The physiognomical form
    • appearance within the spirit-form after death and reveals whether the
    • very great deal. Much can also be learned by studying the forms
    • formed” by the Cosmos and how the skin and sense-organs
    • are an expression of the form that is inscribed into the cosmic ether.
    • After death, the form that is given to man by the skin which encloses
    • thoroughly, for they behold the physiognomical forms of which we have
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  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • We tried in the first lecture of this Course to form some idea of the
    • to Imaginative vision in a spirit-form. You must understand, of
    • spirit-form, of his head gradually fades away. On the other hand, the
    • whole of the rest of his form becomes “physiognomy,” a
    • rest of the form, which grows more and more like a physiognomy, allows
    • Try to form a living picture of how, with his moral — or immoral
    • their lovely form — cannot, to begin with, come into the
    • its vicinity Ahrimanic Beings. Ahrimanic forms are to be seen there.
    • seem, to his despair, to resemble the Ahrimanic forms that appear in
    • forms into which he cannot yet find his way again. He sees other human
    • beings in forms that are all differing expressions of evil, and he
    • notes the resemblance of these to the Ahrimanic forms. This, then, is
    • yourself resemble the Ahrimanic forms! Once again is a stern judgement
    • has to perform an act of will whenever he wants to perceive anything.
    • For he must form. and fashion himself in accordance with what he wants
    • physiognomy of evil and has gradually come to resemble the forms of
    • transformed into the upper being in preparation for the next earthly
    • life. The legs are wrought into the spirit-form of the lower jaw, the
    • arms into the spirit-form of the upper jaw and cheek-bones, and so on.
    • Cosmos to form the cosmic colony of the Moon. But in later times we
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  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • this region the spirit-form of the lower part of the human being is
    • transformed into the head of the next earthly life. It must of course
    • begins to be transformed into the upper man. The limb structures are
    • transformed — spiritually, of course, at this stage — into
    • has to be performed in the Cosmos in order to bring into being the
    • nature to himself. I told you how he gradually changes his spirit-form
    • fix our attention on his spirit-form or figure, and describe that. But
    • existence between death and a new birth, our spirit-form has already
    • fallen away and we have come to resemble in form the cosmic sphere
    • itself; our form has undergone metamorphosis into what will become
    • reminiscent of the form we bore in earthly existence has by this time
    • corrupt. In none of its European or American forms to-day is speech a
    • signify forms; vowel sounds express feelings, the inner
    • tongues, speech was born from perception of feeling and of form
    • feeling in the vowel, form in the consonant. To-day these elements are
    • spirit-form, for by this time he is wholly changed; he has become a
    • “earthly.” Cosmic memory is transformed again into the germ
    • transformed on the path of return into the faculty to conceive human
    • forming of the human head is like the creation of a whole world. For
    • must be built and formed.
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  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • Our senses give us information of all that is around us; they are the
    • the different planetary regions, where the forming of the
    • living organism, in quite a different form.” Thus do the veins of
    • forming and shaping of the Cosmos. We are able now to see how these
    • we look deep down in the Earth and behold in what earthly forms the
    • in the whole artistic form of the poem, so is it possible for us,
    • the human being building and forming himself in the sense world. We
    • see the formative forces working calmly and quietly within him.
    • the fire, then we can perceive there, in its spirit form, the force by
    • form of the other. When the soul is deepened by this knowledge, then

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