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  • Title: Lecture: Spiritual Knowledge: A Way of Life
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    • The Supersensible Human, Anthroposophically Comprehended,
    • Science as a Human and Personal Way of Life.
    • the spiritual world and of the eternal in the human being has quite
    • with the personal in the human being.
    • has brought to humanity quite remarkable blessings of a material
    • to apprehend ourselves for the first time in our full human
    • our study of the plant, of the animal and of the human being,
    • when we come to consider the deeper impulses that rise up in human
    • love another human being. And in so far as we become able to do this,
    • applied to human destiny.
    • takes hold of the entire human being. Ordinary intellectual knowledge
    • upon the whole human being. But if we try to acquire, with the aid of
    • alone but is shared in by the whole human being. It is of no
    • before him another human being.
    • get to know something of the influence of the stars on human life, it
    • rooted in a spiritual world. Every single human being, just through
    • merely man in general, but each single human being, is relied upon to
    • human and personal path in life. We feel inwardly seized and
    • Thus does this human knowledge of the spirit bring us
    • where it is given to human beings to unite in a common experience of
  • Title: Anthroposophy as a Demand of the Times
    Matching lines:
    • The Supersensible Human, Anthroposophically Comprehended,
    • The Supersensible Human, Anthroposophically Comprehended,
    • limits to human knowledge, not only temporary knowledge owing
    • humanity. One thinks that man is constituted in such a way that
    • humanity that one has to come to a halt at that which can be
    • for the sensitive human being, something tragic which today
    • which lives in many human souls in vague feelings, in all sorts
    • fellow human beings and so on. For it is gradually felt more
    • one calls a halt before human self-knowledge. Then one
    • the human being himself.
    • then we cannot accept ourselves as spiritual human beings at
    • dignified, that by which we actually are human beings, indeed
    • want to be human beings. This has another side to it. We feel
    • in this way present day humanity cannot really build a bridge
    • to full clarity what it is that the human soul has to contend
    • there the thinking human being feels safe with the content of
    • from an inmost need present humanity longs for the
    • thirst of already many human souls for supersensible knowledge,
    • is an absolutely intimate matter of the human soul, but in this
    • approached self-knowledge, knowledge of the human soul, in a
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  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture I
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    • relating the human being to what lies beyond the earthly realm.
    • who declare that the human being is not composed entirely of earthly
    • the appearance of disposing at the same time bit by bit of the human
    • human being and study him quite honestly from the aspect of what
    • contribute towards an understanding of the human being, we shall learn
    • system, the several senses — in short, the whole human being of
    • learn about the human organism, until he arrives at the point where he
    • so long as we are trying to understand the human being by the methods
    • cosmic picture of the human skin with the sense-organs. If you take
    • the skin of a human being, including with it the sense-organs, and
    • inscribes into the cosmic ether what is present in the human being
    • between the human being, on Earth, in respect to the form given him by
    • the human being in the nerves and the neighbouring glands. The
    • archetypal picture of the human skin and sense-organs is found by
    • planetary movements. If we draw an outline of the human form, we can
    • movements of the planets by drawing into our outline of the human form
    • ask ourselves: What is it we must now add to our outline of the human
    • into our picture of the human being. Here we must proceed just as we
    • and bony systems in the human being, It is just as though
    • find the human being in his totality.
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  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture II
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    • countenance, — everything that belongs to the human form, man
    • “figure” of the human being even after he has passed through
    • decomposition, is a concern only of the other human beings. It is of
    • the human being. But this spirit-form, as I will call it, is
    • This spirit-form of the human being is involved, as we said, in a
    • whole human being, not merely part of him. The whole human being, in
    • the arms and hands one can, in effect, read the biography of the human
    • his work. Such things pass unnoticed, as a rule; but human beings
    • everything becomes physiognomy. After death the human being wears his
    • Yesterday's lecture showed us how the human being is built up and
    • As human beings begin to find their way into this new kind of life,
    • they meet there other human beings with whom, in earthly life, they
    • perhaps a little commonplace, but it expresses the reality. Each human
    • It is during this period of existence that the human being who has
    • are connected by destiny. The spectacle of all the other human beings
    • man meets the other human beings who are bound to him by destiny.
    • that a man can perceive and understand. Human souls to whom he is not
    • destiny which gives one the power to see. If it were the fate of human
    • fellowmen at all. For after death our sight of other human souls
    • and Archai receive the spirit-forms of human beings, — or again,
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  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • spoke of the life of the human being in the super-sensible world
    • We have seen that when a human being has passed through the gate of
    • When a human being has passed through the gate of death, the
    • nothing to be hid. We have, moreover, to remember that when a human
    • The first sphere into which the human being passes after death is the
    • was given long since to men on Earth by these great, superhuman
    • Teachers. For the first Teachers of the human race on Earth were not
    • themselves human; they were Beings standing higher in the scale of
    • connected with all that is sub-human in man — with what man has
    • This is the first region the human being enters when he has passed
    • — physiognomy, a human being comes into the region of the
    • he sees himself and other human beings each with his physiognomy. He
    • to you in the following way. A human being comes into the vicinity of
    • capable of seeing other human beings who in respect of their moral
    • the first impression that is experienced by the human being, the first
    • only among human beings who are like yourself! It is so, indeed. Man
    • neighbourhood of the human being. For the Moon is the heavenly body of
    • And so it comes about that when a man sees other human beings in
    • forms into which he cannot yet find his way again. He sees other human
    • The third experience makes an impression which never leaves the human
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  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • this region the spirit-form of the lower part of the human being is
    • infinite grandeur and sublimity. Those who study the human head merely
    • spirit-germ of the human head, — which later on will unite with
    • experiences through which the human being passes, after his time in
    • describe the human being up to the stage of the Sun existence we must
    • expression in human speech and language as it is to-day, that they
    • humanity will be able to find its way back to what was contained in
    • waves of the Cosmos. In the Mars region the human being lives among
    • The inhabitants of Mars are discovered to be either discarnate human
    • humanity, he hearkens to a speech that is creative, a speech out of
    • human being builds the spirit-germ of his future head. But, to begin
    • Thoughts. Cosmic Thoughts and Cosmic Speech find a home in the human
    • human being has learned to know the names of the wonderful and
    • upon the human being what I will call Cosmic Memory — for
    • Fixed Stars. Here the work upon the primal germ of the human head, the
    • of the faculty of human memory. And in the Jupiter sphere, all that
    • transformed on the path of return into the faculty to conceive human
    • human being working upon another, in accord too with the Beings of the
    • forming of the human head is like the creation of a whole world. For
    • speaking, each single human head is seen to be a wonderful world,
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  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • his life will lack energy and vigour; and human love that is really
    • incompatible with the dignity and nobility of human existence, but
    • starry heavens, mean so little in human life that they must be
    • enhancement of the dignity of human life, you will find that the words
    • permeates it with the human soul itself, making this hard rocky
    • in which the whole feeling-content of the human soul is united with
    • hard to bear. But for one who is conscious of the deeply human quality
    • super-sensible forces in the human being during earthly life, then we
    • Inspiration we can follow the human being in his whole journey through
    • system was a living organism of soul, and human beings indwelt this
    • Earth, clothing himself in a physical, human body and partaking in the
    • us only when we have first studied the human being in health and in
    • process in the human head. In days of yore these connections were
    • Earth and the sickness and health of the human being, then indeed he
    • teach us not merely for the sake of satisfying human curiosity, but in
    • in the Universe, — that moral life in which not only human souls
    • Think of the human being in relation to the animal. (I have frequently
    • have the right orientation for human life on Earth, we are then
    • the human being building and forming himself in the sense world. We
    • great riddle — the riddle of the working of karma, or human
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