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  • Title: Lecture: Spiritual Knowledge: A Way of Life
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    • on himself, and from this he can learn the true nature of egoism.
    • that we have to examine the inorganic processes in Nature in
    • fine perception of the nature of egoism, brings us right into the
    • content of the world is communicated to us through our bodily nature.
    • a harmonious soul-and-spirit nature, to form the new body in perfect
    • I need hardly say, I mean by this nothing of a mediumistic nature,
    • world of nature, with its secure and stable laws. The fact that we
    • have muscles and bones unites us with nature; our own physical nature
    • makes us feel at home in the physical nature of the world around. And
  • Title: Anthroposophy as a Demand of the Times
    Matching lines:
    • that his own true being must be of supersensible nature, that
    • bears this world of nature within himself in his outer physical
    • of it. Through this we can feel connected with physical nature.
    • We would not feel that we existed in this physical nature if we
    • between that which in outer nature is to it a brutal - as I
    • that which does not come from his physical nature, the moral
    • forces of physical nature.
    • again I must be inside, for nature as it usually surrounds me
    • them, when we have the second kind of dream, for nature does
    • able to lay hold of the actual nature of the soul in the
    • it surrounds itself with pictures of its own bodily nature and
    • of symbols of its own bodily nature. Therefore we have to
    • symbolically for us our own bodily nature.
    • nature give us symbols — strictly systematically to
    • the nature of the illusionary. One knows: You imagine nothing,
    • spiritual nature of the human being just as the usual memory
    • pictures reflect the outer nature, in this other memory tableau
    • something like the laws of nature but — you are already
    • nature.
    • the whole of nature which makes an impression on us, is
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  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • to turn their attention once again to the super-sensible nature of
  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • consider the super-sensible nature of man when his physical and etheric
    • say here that the physical body dissolves away into outer Nature, into
    • the forces of outer Nature. The etheric body also dissolves, quite
    • Beings are themselves always, by their inherent nature, physiognomy.
    • their whole nature of spirit and soul be impressed upon their
    • looks into his inner nature, knowing the while that the sure working
    • worlds. But the whole nature of the life between death and a new birth
    • explain it in its true nature. To this world that is superphysical but
  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • to-day in common with animal nature. We find, therefore, in the Moon
    • of man's nature.
    • qualities were of like nature with himself in Earthly life. This is
    • acquired free will. The wisdom was by its very nature able to speak
    • Teachers of mankind. But they, with their nature, cannot see these
    • a super-sensible nature, or whether they had understanding for the
    • second is that everything connected with the Sun and the nature of the
    • nature, makes it possible for the Michael Spirit to mediate between
    • in their own intrinsic nature. Their significance is then brought home
  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • nature to himself. I told you how he gradually changes his spirit-form
    • not anything of the nature of theory, nor indeed anything that lends
    • nature. But so far as man is concerned, the most important Beings in
    • the Mars sphere are those who in their whole nature are Cosmic Word.
    • never have a true feeling or perception of the nature of man until we
    • in some of its aspects, the spirit nature of man, his super-sensible
  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • physical and etheric bodily nature, — here too his forces extend
    • that all the loveliness and wonder of the world of nature which makes
    • they are in their real nature? There is indeed, but here again we must
    • of Nature are around us. When, in this higher state of consciousness,
    • and a new birth. The beauties of material Nature on Earth are so full
    • the being of man in health and disease, secrets of Nature are
    • hid. We hear the Beings of the Second Hierarchy speaking of the nature
    • emerge, as it were, from the bodily nature. There is no more beautiful
    • mysteries of Nature and mysteries of Spirit. For man is intimately and
    • super-sensible nature of man, anthroposophically perceived and

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