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  • Title: Lecture: Spiritual Knowledge: A Way of Life
    Matching lines:
    • the intellect. We make a point, do we not, of being logical and of
    • Let me illustrate my point by comparison once again with
    • case is very different. There comes a point where he has to
    • think, to describe at this point what is, on the face of it, an
    • consequence whether later on one refers to these notes: the point is,
    • length to a point where the word of reproach rings out: You were
  • Title: Anthroposophy as a Demand of the Times
    Matching lines:
    • come to this supersensible perception there is a point of view,
    • dream but from a point of view which may perhaps be from
    • order to realize the illusion of the dream from the point of
    • point of view of waking; the dreamer imagines the content of
    • point of not bothering with that which is present in him as
    • point you here to an activity of soul which must absolutely be
    • one lives just as one gets to the point of developing the
    • reality to the point that it cannot happen to him that he
    • memory tableau of one's earthly life up to this point, to that
  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • good faith from their point of view — that the eternal in man
    • Let us then take this for our starting point. We will look at the
    • learn about the human organism, until he arrives at the point where he
    • is beyond the Earth does not, in point of fact, get beyond the Earth
    • clearer and tells a marvellous story. If we have reached the point
    • following manner. If you were to start from a certain point lying in
    • the Cosmos. Having reached the point where we obtain a picture of the
    • certain points we are obliged to go beyond the line and paint a
    • world or substances from within the body itself — at these points
    • corresponds approximately to the middle point of the life between
    • — although even from a superficial point of view there is not
    • very point where ordinary observation ends. Yet it is this kind of
    • of the skeleton. We can even indicate a definite point in the spine
    • the spinal vertebrae transformed. At the point where the bones of the
    • essential point for us is that the animal does not copy the forms
  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • different points of view, for only so is it possible to develop an
    • point of view. By bringing together what is given at different times,
    • This physiognomy I see before me reveals such and such, it points back
    • features alter: something comes to view there now which points as it
    • being of the man in question. When this point of time has been reached
  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • human point of view it is of course quite understandable that men will
    • the Earth fast at a certain point in its development and not allow it
    • “The evolution of human beings has reached a certain point, and
    • have resolved that human beings shall harden at this point and
    • also to the Earth itself; they want to hold it fast at a given point
    • them on by pointing to the great primeval Wisdom and saying:
    • veils of existence. And the iron which, even to the point of physical
    • experiences there. This was the point I wanted to reach in the present
  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • positions of certain stars in the heavens can be taken as viewpoints
    • The lectures so far have brought us to the point where, during his
    • of return we shall hear later on; at this point we will consider the
    • point when speech is so little articulated — let alone, ensouled
    • heart where it is unconsciously experienced by man, so at this point
    • Teachers of the human race, to the starting-point of earthly
    • come to pass, in order that the human being at a certain point of his
  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • vanishing away from us. It seems to be just a point within us, a
    • spiritual point, capable of saying little more than the mere word
    • point of view, standing there in his physical body, enclosed by his
    • without understanding a single word. Approaching it from the point of
    • Then, if we can get beyond the utilitarian point of view, wonderful

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