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  • Title: Lecture: Spiritual Knowledge: A Way of Life
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    • to a conclusion between truth and untruth in the realm of science we
    • which are really valid only for the physical world, are replaced by
    • or render it sick and feeble, we begin to realise how intimate is the
    • realms of the spiritual world through which man lives between death
    • real root grows a real plant; and from a real knowledge, whereby man
    • the transition to objective reality.
    • immediate reality. Let us examine a little how this comes about.
    • forces, is in reality guided from elsewhere. We come in fact
    • kingdom of reality, where the ethical impulses that inhere in our
    • life. The moral world becomes for us a reality.
    • several realms of knowledge. Each made a deep study of the field of
    • knowledge with real warmth of soul, then it will afford them the same
    • Man's own natural feeling for reality will enable him to take hold of
    • when we begin to apprehend the reality of spiritual conceptions and
    • realise this, we begin to feel as though a voice were calling to us:
  • Title: Anthroposophy as a Demand of the Times
    Matching lines:
    • so forth, namely the sense perceptible real world. This is,
    • thereby one also undermines one's real inward self-confidence.
    • in this way present day humanity cannot really build a bridge
    • might say in the spiritual realm it is just the same as with
    • will have to realize that one finds the world inside again,
    • conjures up weaving pictures of a fantastic reality which is
    • former psychologists realised that the dream ultimately doesn't
    • really senses how shadowy the abstract concepts are, how the
    • to concrete reality. But when one now rises to imagine symbolic
    • however must then be really practiced quite systematically.
    • order to realize the illusion of the dream from the point of
    • the dream to be reality, although his feeling for reality is
    • if one wants to have a say, there one must really understand
    • can otherwise experience as pain in the world is really
    • real pictures of which one knows that they reflect the own
    • just through that personality. One really looks at oneself how
    • the reality both sides in which the dream was masked flow
    • the dream becomes a fully conscious reality. It even becomes
    • body. This one sees. And then one realises, this spiritual
    • is necessary to develop a very strong sense of reality. Such a
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  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • relating the human being to what lies beyond the earthly realm.
    • realise it, even if it remain in the realm of the unconscious —
    • into our very knowledge of man. What is this materialism, in reality?
    • really quite honest. It is not a matter simply of contradicting
    • not really know what they are doing. They do not appreciate the
    • soul or the eternal part of man, we very soon realise that, apart from
    • methods of science, namely, to the founding of a real science of
    • living in time. To look out beyond the earthly realm is not possible,
    • in the realm of Cosmic Music, for it is all rhythm and melody. If we
    • health — so, in the realm of spiritual knowledge we must be able
    • have to recall to our consciousness what we have learnt in the realm
    • and realise that the earthly human being to whom we now look back as a
    • world. A real study of man should begin with the skin and the
    • muscular and bony systems, we would reach the realm of the First
    • being. Now, after death, he sees what his own form really is. The
  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • We must, however, be clear from the outset that it is really quite
    • enveloping sheaths (the word “sheath” is not really quite
    • hands and fingers, for here they divulge what they really are. After
    • perhaps a little commonplace, but it expresses the reality. Each human
    • of absolute reality, when we tell how during this period after death
    • The first period after death is really a life of memories pure and
    • Sun. It is really childish to think of the Sun as a globe of gas out
    • are, for we are telling of realities. All that was, after passage
    • Earth of a real and true togetherness.
    • come again into the realm of the Second Hierarchy, into the realm of
    • which is the real essence and self of the human being. The physical
  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • merely their outward aspect. In their inner reality they are
    • what it really means is that there, in that particular direction, is a
    • When we look back with real understanding to ancient times, we cannot
    • the physiognomy of a villain. He can do no otherwise. You will realise
    • judgements passed upon him. For man really feels the experience as a
    • being. It begins with the realisation that in the first region through
    • bound to realise that there is another world, a spiritual world, even
    • material aspect of the heavens did not really begin until the time of
    • stimulating in us a true conception of the Sun, really serve only to
    • material realms that are in strange contrast to the spiritual events
    • impression of what the super-sensible world really is and what man
  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • the cosmos they are in reality quite different. On Earth we see the
    • Moon as it appears in the sky. In reality the Moon is a cosmic colony
    • the Saturn sphere. The Saturn sphere is really the last, for Uranus
    • words to-day is really nothing but an acquiescence in convention. It
    • connected with an act of covering. “B” is really the
    • house in which I feel wonder, in which I sit.” In reality speech
    • — that numbers of people cannot really be said to
    • sphere; that is to say, his whole being is really the spirit-germ of
    • realise in clear consciousness that between death and rebirth the
    • earthly life. For it is really so, that the foundations of the limbs
    • they are really appropriate.
    • death still clearer. As a dream is to reality, so is all our life on
  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • his life will lack energy and vigour; and human love that is really
    • you will realise that the Initiates have never considered it unworthy
    • other senses. We really know nothing of our senses. Is there, then,
    • they are in their real nature? There is indeed, but here again we must
    • dream, nor to any abstract thought, but to a first actual realisation
    • insight into the real mood and feeling of the Bhagavad Gita, for
    • least begun to learn, through spiritual knowledge, in how real a sense
    • realisation of oneness with the Cosmos, a kind of “going in
    • It is indeed so, that when out of real knowledge we begin to describe
    • the ideas. In all our study of super-sensible man we must realise in
    • realise that what has been described in connection with the life
    • when we go up a high mountain is not really true. Neither do our eyes
    • expression, for it exactly accords with the reality — the
    • man realises, when he is among the Angels, Archangels and Archai, that
    • see in material existence should delight and uplift us. Its real
    • is really so, my dear friends. We learn what Anthroposophy has to
    • generally realised. The spine of the animal lies in the horizontal
    • resemblance between this process — which really constitutes the
    • world becomes one and we realise that there is no difference between
    • passes over into the other, we realise that the one is but a different
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