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  • Title: Lecture: Spiritual Knowledge: A Way of Life
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    • acquired, he is, of course, ready to be himself — to be man —
    • body; he begins, so to say, to devour himself. Certain illnesses are
    • truths leave man to feed upon himself.
    • sound knowledge is related to selflessness in man — not
    • the selflessness that loses the self but that leads rather to the
    • possession of the self in the true sense. When man has learned to go
    • out of himself and into the world, becoming in this way not empty but
    • inclination to selflessness, to love. He comes also to understand
    • on himself, and from this he can learn the true nature of egoism.
    • little the complete man who knows what true selflessness —
    • selfless love — is, and what egoism is, and from this
    • impulse, where it is right, to be selfless; or again, where he
    • self-observation, and into the way it is led over into deed and
    • selflessness, of that loving devotion to the matter in hand, without
    • undergo in himself a development wherein the body acts as a
    • Only a selfless, love-imbued faculty of cognition can grasp this
    • we recognise that when man devotes himself to moral truth, he becomes
    • himself up to error he becomes a cripple in soul and spirit.
    • thought that what he has to say concerns himself alone! In any case,
    • hold of the traveler in his entire being; but then, it wrests itself
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  • Title: Anthroposophy as a Demand of the Times
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    • successes to the fact that it has limited itself to the
    • one calls a halt before human self-knowledge. Then one
    • the human being himself.
    • thereby one also undermines one's real inward self-confidence.
    • Whereby does man feel himself to be part of the natural world
    • bears this world of nature within himself in his outer physical
    • all. But then we must lack the self-confidence towards that
    • contracting, constituting itself out of natural substances and
    • — then man has no stand to say to himself out of that
    • deludes oneself about the deepest questions of civilization.
    • of science itself.
    • striving for self-knowledge and asks oneself: What is there,
    • yourself, what is there actually inside you? — Then one
    • itself onto our life of concepts, of feeling. We experience as
    • thoughts, ideas and sensations as an I, as a self. But that is
    • approached self-knowledge, knowledge of the human soul, in a
    • self-observation during the ordinary consciousness, but one
    • when one merely looks into oneself and, as one often says,
    • wants to observe oneself. You have observed the dreams and have
    • years ago. But what there asserts itself rises up next to other
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  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • concerns itself with whatever it is in man that does not originate
    • acquainted himself with certain preparatory sciences, he passes on to
    • science herself has the co-operation of good Spirits. When, however,
    • be explained in and from itself. Even here we are led, perforce, to
    • applied to the being of man himself. This kind of observation has
    • then the Earth herself, Venus, Mercury, Moon — regarding the Moon
    • where Saturn itself is blotted out and we behold the “form”
    • itself into a figure of eight, a kind of lemniscate. Into this form
    • itself to us as the heavenly picture of what comes to expression in
    • world or substances from within the body itself — at these points
    • we must paint a form which attaches itself in some way to the channels
    • knowledge, and the better he has prepared himself — as he can
    • prepare himself — during earthly existence, the easier it will be
    • form and figure, he can look at himself in a mirror, or he can have
    • for himself or in regard to his fellowmen. After death he has to look
    • Earth and receives into itself earthly forces and substances. This
    • looked into a mirror or at a photograph of himself, is no longer
    • objectively. We know that it is our own self, and that we must
    • Anthropology. Supersensible man, who merely permeates himself with
  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • reveals itself to Imaginative perception in regard to this existence
    • been thus laid aside, something releases itself from these two
    • from without in the great Universe, the Sun shows itself as a
    • spirit-form, of course, — has himself already assumed the form of
    • speaking spiritually — in the Sun, he has himself become a
    • whole destiny of the man, the destiny he is undergoing and has himself
    • As time goes on, man becomes a part of the Cosmic Word itself. What at
    • first was all a blending of melodies, of harmonies, forms itself now
    • perceptible to divine and spiritual Beings — of what he himself
    • other and itself determining the connection there will be between them
    • were an expression of himself, were not alone a manifestation of him,
    • which is the real essence and self of the human being. The physical
    • and permeate himself with them.
  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • death and come into the super-sensible world, he reveals himself there
    • the Moon has become a dwelling place in itself for Spiritual Beings.
    • he sees himself and other human beings each with his physiognomy. He
    • in itself — as it were, soft and pliable. He draws near to the
    • other being, and at once tries to give himself a physiognomy similar
    • possible. Despite all his efforts he would continue to give himself
    • qualities were of like nature with himself in Earthly life. This is
    • impression: As those others are, so are you yourself; you can move
    • only among human beings who are like yourself! It is so, indeed. Man
    • does not see those who are different from himself; to begin with, he
    • which the Earth has rid herself; she has, as it were, put it out into
    • that he is seeing himself along with them, then he and they
    • yourself resemble the Ahrimanic forms! Once again is a stern judgement
    • also to the Earth itself; they want to hold it fast at a given point
    • only to the instincts of men, not to clear, self-conscious
    • Will becomes itself perception, becomes man's whole world of life. He
    • For he must form. and fashion himself in accordance with what he wants
    • within them from out of their will. Man sees himself in a
    • events that happened several centuries ago. You say to yourself:
    • existence. Earth life presented itself to you then as a
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  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • part closely connected with himself. In the last lecture I told
    • nature to himself. I told you how he gradually changes his spirit-form
    • itself at all to expression in words. What we need is to feel —
    • itself; our form has undergone metamorphosis into what will become
    • a sound, by itself — they are expressing something which as pure
    • consonantal sound of “t” expresses a settling oneself down,
    • “d.” The whole experience is contained in the word itself.
    • the “population” of Mars — if I may so express myself.
    • becomes Cosmic Speech. At first he hears it; then he is himself
    • sojourn in the Saturn sphere he received into himself the planetary
    • between death and a new birth, he has good reason to say to himself:
    • You have no great cause to pride yourself upon your present condition;
    • substance from out of which, later on, the human Ego manifests itself.
    • memory of the whole planetary system. He has felt himself one with the
    • the Sun, he begins to shut himself off more as an individual being.
    • Macrocosm, through his macrocosmic spiritual heart, he feels himself
    • World-All are the circulation that now centres itself in this
    • from them. And just as the blood-stream on Earth centres itself in the
    • being feels himself living in very truth within the spiritual heart of
    • born on Earth, he has united himself with the line of generations
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  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • has to be made to man to interest himself in knowledge concerning the
    • consciousness, cannot in itself afford him satisfaction. And for this
    • must renounce itself. It must be completely transparent if the
    • your physical being and this first super-sensible member begins itself
    • “catch” yourself at a stage that lies between ordinary
    • permeates it with the human soul itself, making this hard rocky
    • with the living soul of the Earth herself. The metallic ores tell us
    • to the wonderful story told by the metals, you say to yourself:
    • Earth herself. I have memories which are not my own personal memories;
    • memories of the Earth herself are sounding into my being, —
    • herself as she is to-day. I remember the time when the whole planetary
    • Earth, clothing himself in a physical, human body and partaking in the
    • themselves to him, precisely because he has prepared himself in this
    • the human being building and forming himself in the sense world. We

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