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  • Title: Lecture: Spiritual Knowledge: A Way of Life
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    • knowledge without its affecting him in his innermost soul. Here we
    • much as take one step upon it without heart and soul being directly
    • life of man — the life he had as a being of soul and spirit in
    • immortal soul, finding our way to what we shall experience in the
    • into the flesh and blood of his soul, developing in him an
    • higher man, the man of soul and spirit. Spiritual knowledge leads
    • hearts and souls: impulses of which, however, we cannot say that they
    • speak — lose ourselves in our body; soul and spirit are
    • that we carry in our soul are there as a result of earlier lives on
    • form, as it were, a garment for our souls, has in it no moral
    • himself up to error he becomes a cripple in soul and spirit.
    • death, then there is no longer anything to prevent our soul and
    • as soul and spirit, are strong and well-developed, or crippled and
    • a harmonious soul-and-spirit nature, to form the new body in perfect
    • knowledge with real warmth of soul, then it will afford them the same
    • of his soul. Such an experience is, however, in large measure denied
    • activity of soul, and takes but a few first steps towards an
    • “Make not yourself a cripple in soul and spirit!” For not
    • eternal man, the soul and spirit of our being.
  • Title: Anthroposophy as a Demand of the Times
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    • which lives in many human souls in vague feelings, in all sorts
    • to full clarity what it is that the human soul has to contend
    • but insecurity of the whole soul life, insecurity apparent
    • but in the whole tenor of soul, in the confidence and
    • capability of the soul life. That is the inner tragedy which
    • can actually be noticed in the depths of every soul, even of
    • thirst of already many human souls for supersensible knowledge,
    • is an absolutely intimate matter of the human soul, but in this
    • approached self-knowledge, knowledge of the human soul, in a
    • tried to achieve knowledge of the soul in a different way. This
    • soul, so that we can understand one another about the knowledge
    • of soul which I actually mean. But I mention beforehand that I
    • only start from this other knowledge of soul in order to
    • Those who at some stage have sought knowledge of soul through
    • soul life appears much more characteristically in a dream than
    • me something of an independent soul-spiritual life over against
    • there they caught something of the soul in a condition where it
    • with our experiences of soul when we dream. In so far that
    • able to lay hold of the actual nature of the soul in the
    • the soul — for the dream is this mask. — Up to here
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  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • soul' Or what sense is there again in allowing intuitive feelings or
    • religious tradition to speak of the immortality of the life of soul,
    • and then, when a man is ill in his soul, be unable to think of
    • psychologists, to those who set out to understand the life of soul, we
    • soul or the eternal part of man, we very soon realise that, apart from
    • which lead nowhither. If out of the deepest needs of his soul a man
    • the soul and spirit, based, as was ancient spiritual knowledge,
  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • standing man in his soul and spirit.
    • incorrect to speak of the physical being of man apart from the soul
    • soul and spirit. The form of the brow, the form of the features and
    • “external”. Our idea of man in his soul and spirit must of
    • their whole nature of spirit and soul be impressed upon their
    • that a man can perceive and understand. Human souls to whom he is not
    • fellowmen at all. For after death our sight of other human souls
    • how souls are received in the spiritual world by the Beings of the
    • what impression human souls make upon those Beings of the Hierarchies
    • Then comes another period. The souls who have been learning to know
    • all that is taking place between the souls of men and the Beings of
    • together,” a veritable “growing together” in soul and
    • As the soul passes on further in this phase of existence, what was on
    • with the eyes of the soul, which we have after death, looking upon it
    • there, in among the spiritual Beings, move the human souls who have
    • destinies. And this whole “system” of human souls, together
    • imposing — in the Cosmic Music. It comes from what the souls of
    • ourselves and in connection with other human souls.
    • those souls who are bound to us by destiny, going about among them in
    • And then our interest begins to awaken in souls other than those with
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  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • spiritual, super-sensible world, the more does our life of soul become
    • draw near to the souls of human beings in the Moon sphere and goad
    • lies heavy on his soul: “Those who gave the human race its first
    • the state in which the souls of the dead find themselves in this
    • If we are healthy in soul and spirit during our life on Earth, we are
    • impulse of freedom would still be able to arise in our souls, but we
  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • fallen right away. But the faculty of soul that enabled us to speak,
    • connected with the inner life and experience of the soul. To speak
    • sound springs from astonishment or wonder in the soul. When we utter
    • life and being of the soul. The “b” sound is primordially
    • of a wonder that is felt in the very depths of the soul. The
    • is filled through and through with soul; man's inner experience of
    • soul streams into and permeates it.
    • be man's guide and show him how the life of soul and spirit can be
    • point when speech is so little articulated — let alone, ensouled
    • as it is to-day is certainly not born from the life of soul! It is
    • no longer any soul in them, any life, — nay, are not even
    • souls or Beings of the Hierarchies, but above all those of the
    • concentrated all that we are morally, all our qualities of soul and
    • moral being of soul and spirit out in the Cosmos; only later does this
    • moral being of spirit and soul — which man now feels living
    • concentration, in the germ of the heart, of his whole soul-and-spirit
    • at one with his whole being of soul and spirit. The moral being of
    • soul and spirit which he has become at this moment of his experience
    • spirit-and-soul pour the words of the Exusiai, Kyriotetes, Dynamis,
    • spiritual, macrocosmic heart, in this human being of soul and spirit.
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  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • able to find at least a partial solution to the riddle, his soul will
    • such a deep impression on our souls, all the beauty of plants, of the
    • rich in primeval silicious rock. Forces of soul will be readily
    • silicious rock. Certain inner faculties of soul can, as it were,
    • faculties of soul have pressed forward to the stage of which I have
    • in heart and soul by what they read. But the truth contained therein
    • permeates it with the human soul itself, making this hard rocky
    • in which the whole feeling-content of the human soul is united with
    • with the living soul of the Earth herself. The metallic ores tell us
    • Think for a moment how it is with you when in quietude of soul
    • inwardly active quietude of soul — you let old memories rise up
    • “Now I am one with the inmost beat of the soul and heart of the
    • system was a living organism of soul, and human beings indwelt this
    • whisper softly into our souls: “We take our share too in the
    • in the Universe, — that moral life in which not only human souls
    • but the divine souls of all the Beings of the Hierarchies are
    • of soul begin to lie open before us.
    • we want to penetrate into the spiritual world healthy in soul and
    • then if we can receive deep into our soul the impression of this
    • form of the other. When the soul is deepened by this knowledge, then
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