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  • Title: Lecture: Spiritual Knowledge: A Way of Life
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    • Lecture: Spiritual
    • This lecture is also known as: Anthroposophy / Spiritual
    • road that leads to a knowledge and understanding of the spiritual
    • slumbering: consciousness of the spiritual world and of the eternal
    • the spiritual world and of the eternal in the human being has quite
    • Knowledge of the spiritual world is not just a
    • truths of spiritual science. As we gradually find our way on this new
    • reject. In spiritual science we are not content to say of something
    • with the Spiritual Science I am representing here. We approach it in
    • a purely spiritual world — or as we take our way into the
    • realms of the spiritual world through which man lives between death
    • the spiritual world, we come to feel how, through such knowledge, we
    • are being brought together with the spiritual world, we are becoming
    • spiritual world when we have passed through the gate of death, and to
    • when we have learned to apprehend sound spiritual truths, then ideas
    • enables us to distinguish spiritual truths in yet another way, for it
    • Devotion, loving devotion to the spiritual facts of
    • spiritual knowledge. We do not, as a rule, find that the pursuit of
    • but when a man has probed to the heart of spiritual knowledge, he
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  • Title: Anthroposophy as a Demand of the Times
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    • must be found in the spiritual, in the not-sensible. If one
    • with the supersensible, with the as truly felt spiritual inner
    • spiritual world, as beings who take into themselves and bear
    • within themselves the forces and substances of the spiritual,
    • then we cannot accept ourselves as spiritual human beings at
    • content of our moral-spiritual forces, does not flow out of
    • and bones. We feel them to be coming from a spiritual world,
    • but we experience uncertainty about this whole spiritual world
    • out of the most intimate spiritual inner life as the content of
    • spiritual impulses as working in the world, when he must think
    • spiritual elemental force, what now must also be in the world,
    • might say in the spiritual realm it is just the same as with
    • me something of an independent soul-spiritual life over against
    • activity. If one wants to become a spiritual scientist and not
    • spiritual investigation is something where man gives himself up
    • which is here called spiritual investigation should not raise
    • something. — What the spiritual investigator alleges is
    • while the spiritual scientist must first develop his own inner
    • touchstone and test whether this spiritual investigation is an
    • insignificant compared with this spiritual soul pain which one
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  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture I
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    • existence, or at any rate the possibility of knowledge, of a spiritual
    • the soul and spirit, based, as was ancient spiritual knowledge,
    • upon experience in and observation of the spiritual. Such a science is
    • — methods which enable a man actually to perceive the spiritual,
    • the dot out again. This is actually what happens in spiritual sight.
    • Sun blinds and dazzles, we find it is not so with the spiritual Sun.
    • All the dazzling quickly dies away when we gaze at the spiritual Sun,
    • whole field of spiritual sight. When Saturn lies outside this line, we
    • planetary movements. Strange to say, spiritual sight does not find the
    • When we follow Saturn, for example, with spiritual sight, he reveals
    • spiritual sight in the order and grouping of the planets. We have now
    • We can now take another step forward in our spiritual observation of
    • comes to us in the course of this spiritual observation. Let us return
    • engaged in this spiritual observation, knowledge of the earthly
    • health — so, in the realm of spiritual knowledge we must be able
    • time turned towards the Earth and at another upwards to the spiritual
    • behind every part of him we see a world of spiritual, cosmic Beings.
    • birth, we gaze upon activities of the spiritual world that are
    • the activity and deeds of the Spiritual Hierarchies. Moreover, as we
    • We have, then, before us a spiritual, super-sensible picture of man.
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  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • only has, inasmuch as it is given him by spiritual forces. We need not
    • spiritual sight continue to speak of the “form” or
    • course be moral and spiritual; we shall however find that we can
    • being in its moral and spiritual inwardness. After death a bad man
    • moral-spiritual physiognomy.
    • him becomes a physiognomical expression of his moral and spiritual
    • has no means of reading their moral-spiritual physiognomy. He does not
    • how souls are received in the spiritual world by the Beings of the
    • spiritually the moral-spiritual physiognomies.
    • have spiritual understanding, when we begin to grasp — in the
    • manner of the spiritual world, of course — what these moral and
    • spiritual physiognomies of our fellowmen signify. We learn to
    • spiritual mist. In proportion as the head thus disappears from view, a
    • when human beings who belong together approach the spiritual Sun, The
    • planetary forces bring them into the spiritual Sun; and now all the
    • too of future experience, are carried with them into the spiritual
    • spiritual Being, or rather as a colony of spiritual Beings. And
    • there, in among the spiritual Beings, move the human souls who have
    • passed into the spiritual Sun, not merely each with his own
    • sense-perceptible picture of how the Sun looks to spiritual vision, we
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  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • course, that perception of the spiritual is quite different from
    • are endowed with the faculty of spiritual vision will say: “Yes,
    • of it.” The phenomena of the spiritual world are not spatial in
    • being passes into the spiritual world, his whole relation to the
    • prized yonder in the spiritual world. No value is attached in the
    • spiritual world to the faculty of which the head is the instrument; it
    • spiritual, super-sensible world, the more does our life of soul become
    • the thoughts; yonder in the spiritual world the thoughts are revealed
    • man has to undergo comes to him, in the spiritual world, in
    • which help us to describe the spiritual world in which man lives
    • something quite different; they are hosts of Spiritual Beings who have
    • colony of Spiritual Beings in the Cosmos. The physical star we see
    • is a colony of Spiritual Beings.
    • Spiritual Beings who have their dwelling-place in the Moon. What kind
    • the Moon has become a dwelling place in itself for Spiritual Beings.
    • And for what kind of Spiritual Beings?
    • these high Spiritual Beings who were once the primeval Teachers of
    • physical and spiritual radiations of the Moon and how, to begin with,
    • to freedom, to free inner spiritual activity; they would not have
    • are present in the spiritual Cosmos, and he is gradually passing on
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  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • whence we may behold this journey of man through certain spiritual
    • spiritual regions in terms of heavenly bodies, we are using a correct
    • heavens. It ought not therefore to surprise us when Spiritual Science
    • transformed — spiritually, of course, at this stage — into
    • of the working together of the Spiritual Beings that are in these
    • in its spiritual metamorphosis that is quickened and stimulated
    • spiritual faculties we possessed during earthly existence, we can
    • certain Spiritual Beings the degeneration that earthly existence has
    • spiritual image of the great cosmic sphere. On and on leads the path,
    • Beings who people this region. The spiritual population of Mars
    • made acquainted with the mysteries of the spiritual Universe. We shall
    • in the Saturn sphere dwell those Spiritual Beings who preserve the
    • spiritual spheres — which is the spirit-germ of his future
    • pouring in from infinitudes of spiritual worlds.
    • course always be remembered that these germs are spiritual; the whole
    • process is a spiritual process. As man passes again through Mars
    • existence, the lofty spirituality with which he was imbued during his
    • experience the cosmic Word, is now transformed into spiritual
    • substance of a somewhat lower order — into that spiritual
    • germ of the future body, the heart in man is a spiritual being, a
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  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • Divine-Spiritual worlds have sent him down to this world of the
    • of the senses into spiritual regions, and it might well seem that the
    • tendency of Spiritual Science would be to lead to an undervaluing of
    • outcome of Spiritual Science. It can only serve to bring home to us
    • things in their spiritual aspect if we were obliged to tell ourselves
    • regarded as beneath our notice in comparison with spiritual-scientific
    • to speak of the development of spiritual life in imagery drawn from
    • spiritual point, capable of saying little more than the mere word
    • least begun to learn, through spiritual knowledge, in how real a sense
    • spiritually sharpened perception which we owe to the super-sensible
    • Beings of the Second Hierarchy are entrusted by the spiritual
    • earthly life we are in the company of spiritual Beings who are
    • will carry up into the spiritual world through the gate of death
    • spiritual science can bring us into a right relation, between death
    • and a new birth, to those Spiritual Beings whom we must needs contact
    • relation to the great spiritual world, it is with us now as it is here
    • will only be true when, in the spiritual world, we can hear it, not as
    • we want to penetrate into the spiritual world healthy in soul and
    • born in the spiritual knowledge that has awakened within us; we shall
    • activity. They speak to us out of that spiritual world into which we
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