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  • Title: Anthroposophy as a Demand of the Times
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    • connected with the rising sun, with all the impressions one has
    • through the rising sun and so on — and that which one has
  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture I
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    • which man thinks he has discovered to be movements around the Sun,
    • similar to the movement of the Earth around the Sun, and also in
    • movements which are performed together with the Sun in one direction
    • thirty years, to move around the Sun; Jupiter needs a much shorter
    • happens again. Then we come to the Sun. Whereas the outer, physical
    • Sun blinds and dazzles, we find it is not so with the spiritual Sun.
    • All the dazzling quickly dies away when we gaze at the spiritual Sun,
    • Venus and Mercury, moving in spiral forms. Then comes the Sun. The Sun
    • where the Sun is working. It is where the spine begins to show a
    • only, here it is to be understood in the etheric sense. The Sun shines
    • may stand in the Sun for as long as he will, his hair and so forth
    • will be lighted up by the rays of the Sun, but not his good and evil
  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture II
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    • the Third Hierarchy, figures radiant and shining like the Sun. The
    • when human beings who belong together approach the spiritual Sun, The
    • planetary forces bring them into the spiritual Sun; and now all the
    • Sun. It is really childish to think of the Sun as a globe of gas out
    • there in the universe. This is merely the aspect of the Sun that is
    • from without in the great Universe, the Sun shows itself as a
    • passed into the spiritual Sun, not merely each with his own
    • To form a true conception of the Sun, we must think along the
    • following lines. If we look at the Sun from the surface of the Earth
    • inspect the Sun from high above the Earth, it would have exactly the
    • sense-perceptible picture of how the Sun looks to spiritual vision, we
    • should have to show spiritual radiations pouring out from the Sun into
    • of the Sun which shines towards the Earth. But something now appears
    • death. All this is carried into the Sun existence and radiates thence
    • the Sun. The words sound strange, but facts must be described as they
    • speaking spiritually — in the Sun, he has himself become a
    • planetary forces into the spiritual Sun existence, where we unite with
    • our own Sun existence has made us feel one with the whole Cosmos, we
    • souls bound together by destiny experience during their spiritual Sun
    • that is shaped in the likeness of the Sun, and is a mirror wherein the
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  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • of the Moon reflects merely the light of the Sun. But for a finer
    • into the sphere of the Sun. In the Sun sphere the forces work chiefly
    • feeling. What the Sun shows us, when we look up to it with our
    • physical eyes, is its outward aspect only. In its inner aspect the Sun
    • The Sun is, above all, the colony of the Beings of the Second
    • entering the Sun sphere man lives only among human beings with whom he
    • wider and wider. This takes place in the sphere of the Sun. Here, too,
    • but which he must tread again. In the Sun sphere, as you have heard,
    • spiritual Beings! There, in the sphere of the Sun (using the word in
    • earthly life. But during existence in the Sun sphere between death and
    • a new birth, it is the other way round. In his Sun existence, an
    • rule it is that period between death and rebirth when, in the Sun
    • existence, then Venus and then the Sun. Of what follows we shall speak
    • Greek culture, continuing on into the Latin, when the Sun influences
    • a new birth man entered the Sun sphere, he felt an urgent desire to
    • experience the Earth from the Sun. That is one factor. The
    • second is that everything connected with the Sun and the nature of the
    • Sun had a very strong influence upon the Greeks. All that the forces
    • of the Sun give to the Earth had a deep meaning for them, especially
    • Spartans. Yet everywhere in Greece the Sun, in its spiritual aspect as
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  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • life between death and a new birth, man passes into the Sun sphere. In
    • into the Mercury sphere, the Venus sphere and the Sun sphere. That is
    • as far as we came in our description. In the Sun sphere the lower man
    • the physical embryo. After this work has been begun in the Sun sphere,
    • Sun, he comes again at length to the sphere of the Moon. Of the path
    • the region of the Sun is over.
    • Before he reaches the Sun sphere, man's experiences are for the most
    • describe the human being up to the stage of the Sun existence we must
    • having entered the Sun region man undergoes an experience which I
    • in the Sun existence. Every experience man has is like
    • the super-sensible, superphysical world. When we pass into the Sun
    • reason of the fact that man carries right up into Sun existence the
    • brought by man into the Sun existence becomes the basis for the work
    • Earth into the Cosmic Music when man enters the Sun existence after
    • the head as it will be in his next life on Earth. In the Sun
    • Man comes then again to the Sun. The second passage through the Sun
    • first sojourn in the Sun existence, man has passed through the spheres
    • the Sun, he begins to shut himself off more as an individual being.
    • At the moment of entrance for the second time into the Sun existence
    • ourselves in the Sun sphere the first germ of the physical heart is
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