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  • Title: Lecture: Spiritual Knowledge: A Way of Life
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    • possible in our time to travel on this road, but there is in the man
    • times, anything to which man felt he owed acknowledgement and assent
    • to apprehend ourselves for the first time in our full human
    • weak. Then, later on, comes the time for us to resume a physical
    • that are beyond space and beyond time, they seem like a dream, and
    • was reading for the first time in an old book. Please understand me
    • initiation knowledge. Such societies exist even in our time, but they
    • takes, not ten years, but a lifetime to explore in detail even a few
    • of earlier times provision was always made for the receiving of
    • and at a particular time, is rooted in, and belongs to, a
  • Title: Anthroposophy as a Demand of the Times
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    • Anthroposophy as a Demand of the Times
    • to the fact that one had not achieved everything in the time
    • endeavours of the past centuries and of the present time, which
    • One describes, at least hypothetically, how once upon a time
    • One imagines this whole system which exists in time as somehow
    • a part of these forces at a certain time. Electricity,
    • can seem paradoxical in the present time, there arises the
    • That is why in the Middle Ages, in the times when one
    • one's own body, one feels, one feels it sometimes painfully
    • during the time between going to sleep and awakening when we
    • time, nay sometimes much longer time of inner work than any
    • unified spiritual organisation — but living in time, not
    • we now look into a time perspective.
    • before us in a time tableau, but in a living time tableau. But
    • experience of this time tableau.
    • described. — Imagine that at a certain time of day you
    • your soul, so that you start at the certain time and now trace
    • sleeping through it in dreamless sleep. The empty time which
    • and time — the eternal-spiritual one gets to know, how it
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  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • time now there has been no mention of super-sensible man, not even
    • the appearance of disposing at the same time bit by bit of the human
    • living in time. To look out beyond the earthly realm is not possible,
    • that Saturn, for example, with its immense orbit, takes a long time,
    • time; Mars still less, and so on. Let us say, we look out into the
    • to go and needs the longest time in which to complete his orbit. The
    • picture, arising this time from the movements of the planets. The
    • Universe. At the stage of Intuition, what was known in earlier times
    • is thus at a later period after death — that is to say, some time
    • archetype of the being of man. This time we do not move onward in the
    • time turned towards the Earth and at another upwards to the spiritual
    • In ancient times men visualised this movement of the planetary bodies
    • picture — a purely spiritual but at the same time definite
    • conscious of it, but it was there all the time within his physical
  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • point of view. By bringing together what is given at different times,
    • being; and it remains so for a considerable time.
    • them. The first period of the life after death is thus a time when we
    • learn to know one another; and during this time we learn also to know
    • the Third Hierarchy; nevertheless we are living all the time in a kind
    • of remembrance of earthly life. But now comes a time when we begin to
    • were from the past on to the future. At this time the human being is
    • spiritual hearing, becomes a note, a motif — oftentimes grand and
    • Having lived for a time in this phase of existence, we pass gradually
    • between death and new birth, enter for the first time our sphere of
    • for a long time after one has entered upon this sphere of existence;
    • As time goes on, man becomes a part of the Cosmic Word itself. What at
    • being of the man in question. When this point of time has been reached
    • but were at the same time his very being. Such is the intercourse of
    • human beings in the middle period of the time between death and a new
    • birth — we spoke forth our being. That is a time when in very
    • Having lived through this period of time, man enters upon another,
    • experience during the middle period of time between death and rebirth.
  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • Cosmos; there was a time when the Moon and its substance were within
    • Teachers who lived among men in very ancient times of Earth evolution.
    • When we look back with real understanding to ancient times, we cannot
    • mankind, and at the same time, together with them, the animal forces
    • from this that for a certain period of time after death a man is only
    • of many powerful impressions that are at the same time like so many
    • and is no longer understood. Once upon a time, in the old
    • By this time — and often at the cost of great suffering —
    • All this time man is coming, by degrees, to resemble the Beings that
    • Cosmos to form the cosmic colony of the Moon. But in later times we
    • — and the influences change with each succeeding epoch. As time
    • material aspect of the heavens did not really begin until the time of
    • time indicates that we have passed out of the region where men feel
    • susceptible to what follows. After the time spent in the Sun man comes
    • In our time we are learning what cosmic battle is. We can
    • shooting stars. They did so in earlier times as well, but in our time
    • said how in earlier times it was the purely spiritual impulses in the
    • starry system that were particularly at work. In our time it is the
    • in our time he reaches to what lies behind outer sense-existence. When
    • was cast out also in former times, into His service. And we ourselves,
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  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • outwardly in the relationships of space and of time that exist between
    • world that is beyond space and beyond time, plays into space and into
    • time; and as man's thinking and ideation have necessarily to be in
    • terms of space and time, the imagery of the stars in the heavens is an
    • and Neptune do not come into consideration here. During all this time,
    • the time comes for him to take the path of return. Then, going back
    • experiences through which the human being passes, after his time in
    • working together of the stars, which is at the same time an expression
    • reminiscent of the form we bore in earthly existence has by this time
    • back to the origin of the word, to the time when it was still
    • suffered, showing them too at the same time how the right forces and
    • spirit-form, for by this time he is wholly changed; he has become a
    • The time has now come for man to take the path of return. He comes
    • the return journey through Saturn, Jupiter and Mars. All this time his
    • For the second time man passes through the Venus sphere and the
    • At the moment of entrance for the second time into the Sun existence
    • — all these happenings and processes take a very long time, and
    • At the time when this cosmic heart is bestowed upon man, he is living
    • of time between death and a new birth it is given to man, as a grace
    • second time. And in his passage through the cosmic colonies of Venus
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  • Title: Supersensible Man: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • experience, beginning at the same time to feel ourselves one with the
    • across the ages from a literature born in the time when mankind was
    • Many a time the mood of such a song will have been born from a
    • being, between death and a new birth — we can at the same time do
    • memories of earlier times, of ages when she was not yet the Earth we
    • herself as she is to-day. I remember the time when the whole planetary
    • Living thus in the Earth's memories, we feel for the first time the
    • In our life after death we pass consciously, after a time, into the
    • the time with that which gives to the Earth her memories —
    • of men, for it is of the greatest importance. In times gone by it was
    • which in days of yore was connected with the science of those times,
    • Thus, as we listen to the words of the priest of olden time, who is

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